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A mentally unstable Vietnam War veteran works as a night-time taxi driver in New York City where the perceived decadence and sleaze feed his urge for violent action, attempting to save a preadolescent prostitute in the process.

MPAA Rating R

Status Released

Release Date 1976-02-09

Runtime 114 minutes

Budget $1.3m

Revenue $28m


TMDB 8.2


Katrice Masters's profile image

katrice_masters shared a tip "Love this movie Great actor"

Zach Gallegos's profile image

zach_gallegos shared a tip "Amazing cinematography and darker than I expected"

Andrew Abbey's profile image

andrew_abbey shared a tip "Interesting to see a young de niro"

Andrew Abbey's profile image

andrew_abbey shared a tip "Interesting to see a young de niro"

Amy Santi's profile image

amy_santi shared a tip "The One Scene Is Everything A True Robert Deniro Fans Favorite"

Christian Bell's profile image

christian_bell shared a tip "This is a movie that is in almost everyone’s top 100 films."

J.ANTHONY .'s profile image

j.anthony_. shared a tip "This is what inspired Joker,so if you loved Joker this will blow you away!"

Marcus Manthey's profile image

Oldgray shared a tip "A tour de force. For my money, DeNiro's finest (yes, better than Raging Bull)."

Jonathan Kent's profile image

jonathan_kent_6341 shared a tip "It's just as good as I thought it would be!"

Jeremy Quesada's profile image

jeremy_quesada shared a tip "Lol I'll have to see it again to chose a favorite part! Haven't seen it in a while."

Juan Jones's profile image

juan_jones shared a tip "Dark you talking to me !!!? Classic"

Addie Anderson's profile image

addie_anderson_6277 shared a tip "Need to rewatch this!"

Jennifer Jacobson's profile image

jennifer_jacobson shared a tip "Intense."

Rick McMichael's profile image

rick_mcmichael shared a tip "Amazing movie with an amazing performance by Robert De Niro."

samoltoe shared a tip "Not that fun to watch, but very good and important for cinaphiles!"

Lucas Parks's profile image

lucas_parks shared a tip "Great movie full of exceptional performances and a very dark vibe."

samuel_2218 shared a tip "Awesome movie.Really dark and gritty. 9/10"

Kody Hynek's profile image

kody_hynek shared a tip "It's far from Scorsese's best, but the influence of this film is far reaching. 🤡"

Sarah 's profile image

sarah_1509 shared a tip "GREAT movie. Game changing, fantastic, acting was SUBERB."

nate_s shared a tip "Haunting and powerful"

Tom Phann's profile image

tom_phann shared a tip "Classic, dark, old school."

judith_cayton shared a tip "Difficult and good acting"

Lucas Rassbach's profile image

lucas_rassbach shared a tip "What a rollercoaster"

Daniel A's profile image

danielsan shared a tip "Classic!"

David Hepburn's profile image

david_hepburn shared a tip ""You talkin' to me?""

Jaime Jr Aguirre's profile image

jaime_jr_aguirre shared a tip "Amazing movie, This has always been one of my personal favorites."

Michael Ellis's profile image

michael_ellis shared a tip "Classic a must watch but dark."

Steven Hendrickson's profile image

steven_hendrickson shared a tip "Classic & A MUST SEE, young Jodi Foster"

Peter Leighton's profile image

peter_leighton shared a tip "The mirror scene -"

J Wilson's profile image

jwilson_2631 shared a tip "He's a prophet...he's a prophet and a pusher, partly truth, partly fiction. A walking contradiction.' I ❤️ u Robert"

John Salanger's profile image

john_salanger shared a tip "Twisted. Reminds me a lot of the joker .. or vise versa"

cherry_7616 shared a tip "love that it shows the real 1970s New York"

Lori McMasters's profile image

lori_mcmasters shared a tip "It's a great Robert De Niro flick...enjoy!"

David Salem's profile image

david_salem shared a tip "That's a tough ask. Maybe No Country for Old Men?"

Ethan Cherney's profile image

ethan_cherney shared a tip "Hard to say. The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford is top five for sure. You?"

Louis Valenzuela's profile image

louis_valenzuela shared a tip "I thought the ending was a great way to show how in depth he truly was to helping"

john  lohr's profile image

john_lohr shared a tip "You talkin' to me?"

Sara Buchiere's profile image

sara_buchiere shared a tip "Director"

sandi_kaiser shared a tip "Classic, scary"

Raquel Peterson's profile image

raquel_peterson_5923 shared a tip "Not really."

brian_loudermilk_ shared a tip "Made me become cab driver"

Richard Goodwin's profile image

richard_goodwin shared a tip "This is real life so much In common"

Tony Diaz's profile image

tony_diaz_5124 shared a tip "Foundational for any Cinaphile."

JL3 Gaming's profile image

jl3_gaming shared a tip "Crazy suspenseful, great score and cinematography and amazing performance by Robert De Niro, highly recommend"

Evans McGowan's profile image

evans_mcgowan shared a tip "Intense but good!"

m_k_7264 shared a tip "Deniro at his best"

Pati Gonzales's profile image

pati_gonzales shared a tip "Deniro’s best performance"

dennis_coates shared a tip "I liked most of Taxi but the ending was so pollyannaish it ruined it for me."

 Diegotron  Diegotron 's profile image

pussyslayer303 shared a tip "Yeah I like this movie because of the character development. I ate a steak quesadilla while watching this."

Deuces Anders's profile image

deuces_anders shared a tip "I luv the cab"

Monti Seas's profile image

monti_seas shared a tip "A stark take on the society of urban America and the hero complex some people had in 70s New York."

Khonsu Rastafari's profile image

khonsu_rastafari shared a tip "Classic"

Sandi Kaiser's profile image

sandi_kaiser_824 shared a tip "Creepy classic DeNiro. One of his best roles."

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