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Major Benson Winifred Payne is being discharged from the Marines. Payne is a killin' machine, but the wars of the world are no longer fought on the battlefield. A career Marine, he has no idea what to do as a civilian, so his commander finds him a job - commanding officer of a local school's JROTC p

MPAA Rating PG-13

Status Released

Release Date 1995-03-24

Runtime 95 minutes

Revenue $30m


TMDB 6.3


Quaisha Ladyboss Thornton's profile image

quaisha_ladyboss shared a tip "Very funny movie. I believe this movie is also on Amazon Prime and/or Tubi."

bridget_fitzgerald_5807 shared a tip "Funny"

Juliet Johnston's profile image

juliet_johnston shared a tip "Classic"

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nintyoneys shared a tip "This movie when it dropped was iconic"

Tamara Sewell's profile image

tamara_sewell shared a tip "Humorous; keeps you engaged. Able to watch with whole family"

Alex Alvarez's profile image

heyalexalvarez shared a tip "Just a hilarious movie from the 90's with so many one liners you'll be quoting for ages."

Camuel Bush's profile image

camuel_bush shared a tip "Peak Damon Wayans. Rewatchability is a solid 7 out of 10"

cindi_monks shared a tip "My son quotes scenes from this all the time!"

Julian seals 's profile image

julian_seals shared a tip "😂 🤣 😂"

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tha_chain_snatcher shared a tip "Payne’s not here, he’s in our a**. Got a butt so tight, he can’t pass gas…"

Abigail D. 's profile image

tmnt_fan shared a tip "I love every part of this movie, it is just so funny!"

Denise Himes's profile image

denise_himes shared a tip "A funny movie"

Dennis Rexford Jr's profile image

dennis_rexford_jr shared a tip "One of those movies you could watch over n over and you still will laugh."

louella adams's profile image

louella_adams shared a tip "A good one to watch"

Liz Carpenter's profile image

liz_carpenter shared a tip "😂"

Chris  Garcia 's profile image

chris_garcia_464 shared a tip "If you haven't seen it watch it. If you have watch it again I promise you that you forgot alot of hilarious parts."

Urcoochiestank 's profile image

urcoochiestank shared a tip "Dis very nice and old and funny."

Ashton Haskell's profile image

ashton_haskell shared a tip "Yeah"

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jkyia_clayton shared a tip "This is a classic 👌🏿"

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paige_h_2163 shared a tip "So hilarious 🤣 #romance #comedy #family #netflix #hilarious #military"

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