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Mia Thermopolis is now a college graduate and on her way to Genovia to take up her duties as princess. Her best friend Lilly also joins her for the summer. Mia continues her 'princess lessons'- riding horses side-saddle, archery, and other royal. But her complicated life is turned upside down once a

MPAA Rating G

Status Released

Release Date 2004-08-06

Runtime 113 minutes

Budget $40m

Revenue $0.1b


TMDB 6.7


Annemarie Dupnick's profile image

annemarie_dupnick shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

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heather_sinclair_7593 shared a tip "I think they should be on Netflix in the second one and they should not take it off and if they do, how dare  they?"

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bigmike shared a tip "Honestly a classic"

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lexi_taylor_9247 shared a tip "Not like the books if you read the books PLEASE DO NOT WATCH , the movie just disappoints you"

Stephanie 's profile image

limonade shared a tip "an icon of the early 2000s tbh"

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beadzombie shared a tip "Good, light movie."

bh_5496 shared a tip "4/5"

Cyma 's profile image

cyma shared a tip "Such a classic- a special place in my heart for life"

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lofiellie shared a tip "loneliness i feel it"

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rachel_durant shared a tip "Love all the princess diaries movies"

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tellybelly shared a tip "ICONIC!!! Absolute fav for me!!!"

sharilyn_poole shared a tip "Childhood nostalgia and Callum Blue"

sherie_smith shared a tip "Loved it"

Bee Morgan's profile image

bee_morgan shared a tip "I loved watching it growing up"

ava_van_hauwaert shared a tip "This movie is amazing!"

jayda_bowen_2987 shared a tip "Bc"

sarah_claire_hults shared a tip "Iconic"

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samantha_hill_8935 shared a tip "The original was better, but this was still great!"

Melissa Morrison's profile image

melissa_morrison_9535 shared a tip "This is my favorite between the 2. I'm a sucker for a love story and this movie is just so cute"

Aglaen Alvarado's profile image

aglaen_alvarado shared a tip "I loved it! And you?"

Kristina Louise's profile image

kristina_louise_4560 shared a tip "Not as good as the first, but still a cute movie to watch."

Mylani Latson's profile image

mylani_latson shared a tip "I loved these movies as a kid and still do"

Ellysa Harris's profile image

ellysa_harris shared a tip "Love this franchise"

maddy_ shared a tip "The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement is a great movie to watch!"

maddy_ shared a tip "The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement is a great movie to watch!"

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michelle_fisher_2110 shared a tip "Hearing Julie Andrews sing again...makes me cry every time"

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ashley_smith_3901 shared a tip "This is a good movie"

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jessica_blake_341 shared a tip "very funny and also some drama"

air_6389 shared a tip "Comfort movie"

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vicky_rouse shared a tip "Funny"

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moira_tierney shared a tip "Just awesome"

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mackenzie_davis_2780 shared a tip "ONE OF THE BEST DISNEY MOVIES!"

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venuz_mendoza shared a tip "Loved it it's just perfect"

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dawn_nichols shared a tip "It was very suspenseful"

Jun Bird's profile image

jun_bird shared a tip "Of course the main character"

Katie Collins's profile image

katie_collins_5208 shared a tip "It's corny and predictable, but a nice diversion. No inappropriate scenes"

Laurence Boudreau's profile image

laurence_boudreau shared a tip "Everything ❤️❤️"

janine_herrmann-mcl shared a tip "Honestly one of my favourite movies, I think I’ve seen it 6 times"

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maya_lee_5256 shared a tip "It has great coming of age and romance"

TickTock Room's profile image

ticktock_room shared a tip "It was nice but less interesting then the book series"

Megan:) 's profile image

mgn_trrnc_ shared a tip "Funny, dorky, cute and just the right amount of romcom"

Lily Oddo's profile image

lily_oddo shared a tip "When Lilly jumps out of the closet and scares Mia"

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m_bryant12 shared a tip "This 1 is just as good as the first 1!!!"

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chaghetti shared a tip "Delightful."

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rebecca_turner_8989 shared a tip "Watched growing up with my best friend over and over again. Funny and comforting movie."

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allhail_dragon shared a tip "I was a kid when watching these but I still love them today as an adult. But I'm naturally into the romantic lifestyle."

anne 's profile image

sodavalentine shared a tip "@mattnelsonsurfs hmm I’m not sure i love the while movie 😅"

Anna 's profile image

dannalove75 shared a tip "The og"

Celesse Cundiff's profile image

celesse_cundiff shared a tip "Probably liked this one more then the first but they are both still good!!"

Bianca Reed's profile image

bianca_reed shared a tip "Fun hearted humor"

Camryn Veale's profile image

camryn_veale shared a tip "the parts with chris pine 😍"

Alyssa hi's profile image

alyssa_hi shared a tip "I liked it"

carof shared a tip "I absolutely love the princess Diares movies! A must see! #romance #comedy #disney"

evelyn_charolette_g shared a tip "It was really funny"

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sophie_myers shared a tip "Chris pine will forever have my heart"

Liz Jones's profile image

liz_jones_5148 shared a tip "It was heart warming"

cassandra_1826 shared a tip "It was a fun sequel. Plus this one has Chris Pine in it."

sophia_bix shared a tip "These movies where my child hood"

chels. shared a tip "I loved the sequel!!"

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victoria_8306 shared a tip "Childhood movies are the best"

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darla_soto shared a tip "Where she fell in the water"

danielle_head_8879 shared a tip "Love it"

nathaly__1110 shared a tip "Good for movie night"

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etwon_brown shared a tip "It a good night movie"

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alyssa_zitona shared a tip "Everything"

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amandas_ambitions shared a tip "Both have great moments. That's a tough one for me. Um probably the second."

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nataliejanne shared a tip "It’s a little extra nostalgia for me, and gives me a good sense young magic."

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amber_holguin shared a tip "Love this movie! I can watch this a million times. I love this movie more than the first."

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lacy_hurst shared a tip "Omg hi"

kara_serrien shared a tip "I think they are both adorable!"

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moonlight_sky shared a tip "ITS BEEN SO LONG BUT THIS MOVIE IS GOLD"

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emily_zoda shared a tip "S"

allison_lopez_8079 shared a tip "I can watch this 100 times and still love it"

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shannon_willenburg shared a tip "No not reallly. I like 1 as well"

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stacey_powell shared a tip "Cute!"

madrenna shared a tip "Perfect family film"

el despac1t0 's profile image

el_despac1t0 shared a tip "One of the best live action Disney originals. Up there with Lizzie McGuire and the Cheetah Girls"

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sunglassesgirl shared a tip "It's a VERY good movie"

layla_rodriguez_6542 shared a tip "Good sequel"

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jl_peterson shared a tip "So much fun. Great for one for movie night."

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gwen_inman shared a tip "It's a perfect movie idk"

Sally Bauer's profile image

sally_bauer shared a tip "Even better than the first"

ciara_mcclure shared a tip "It was funny and had love in it"

zachi_evangelista shared a tip "fav"

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