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Sutter, a popular party animal, unexpectedly meets the introverted Aimee after waking up on a stranger's lawn. As Sutter deals with the problems in his life and Aimee plans for her future beyond school, an unexpected romance blossoms between them.

MPAA Rating R

Status Released

Release Date 2013-08-02

Runtime 95 minutes

Budget $2.5m

Revenue $6.9m


TMDB 6.6


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the_girl_abides shared a tip "Miles Teller is way too talented. I didn’t love this movie, but he’s great in the lead."

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jonathan_kent_6341 shared a tip "Just a fun and very good movie,well written too!"

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alannah_rodriquez shared a tip "A teen drama with heart. Great cast too 🤎"

linda_sherrin shared a tip "Loved this Movie !!"

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kburke4676 shared a tip "LOVED IT"

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laura_perez_9003 shared a tip "Mostly for miles teller"

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lina_chen_171 shared a tip "the book was way better"

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mike_mullins shared a tip "Good coming of age movie. A little different than most."

ashweena shared a tip "one of my HS favorites, will rewatch every few years"

nikayla_moses shared a tip "One of tbe best movies"

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SashaMcB shared a tip "The ending actually. I was glad that he was able to see that it was only himself standing in his way. What was yours?"

mitch_burns shared a tip "Love a good coming of age story, and anyone else who enjoys those sort of movies should watch this one and Boyhood"

navkamal shared a tip "Sass"

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george_bovetas shared a tip "Miles teller"

helen_lara shared a tip "Really great chick flick for anyone to watch. Unique and fresh."

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brilee_ford shared a tip "I watched this on the 23rd"

Jakarta Nobles-Vanderbush's profile image

jakarta_nobles-vand shared a tip "Probably the ONLY book to film adaptation where the film is WAYYY better than the book"

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stacy_donahue shared a tip "I enjoy it! Entertaining and both really good actors"

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elisee shared a tip "i absolutely loved this movie. shailene and miles are both such amazing actors."

kandee shared a tip "This is on Netflix too"

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kyle_plourde shared a tip "I love the leads. Already one of my favorite actors and actresses. So together, it was just really great."

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kyle_plourde shared a tip "How she falls for him. The unlikely guy, getting the beautiful smart girl."

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keishla_ocasio shared a tip "You think this beauty's in some classroom or some textbook, and it's not"

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suzanne_miller_4373 shared a tip "I don't know the director. Must be good movie great. I will do my research on director, want to see more from them."

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fin_mac shared a tip "Excellent"

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taylor_dambrosia shared a tip "Have you watched it yet? Literally love it"

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ZUFO shared a tip "rlly good"

annette_lanoie shared a tip "I just like Miles Teller"

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jaidyn_lee_336 shared a tip "You totally should!"

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