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After being held captive in an Afghan cave, billionaire engineer Tony Stark creates a unique weaponized suit of armor to fight evil.

MPAA Rating PG-13

Status Released

Release Date 2008-04-30

Runtime 126 minutes

Budget $0.1b

Revenue $0.6b


TMDB 7.6


Moriah Deatley's profile image

moriah_deatley shared a tip "Of all the Marvel franchise's I think Iron man's my favorite."

Henchmann shared a tip "The mandarin part, when Stark blew up all the suits for Pepper... How it all formed fireworks"

Jason Morrison's profile image

jason_morrison_7743 shared a tip "This is a great start but he is such a jerk character here that the rest of them really show his development."

Ivan Segura's profile image

ivan_segura shared a tip "All 3 of them"

🄲🄰🅂🅂 🇨🇦's profile image

CassyRafuse shared a tip "All this b*tch wants are cheeseburgers (jk honestly mood)"

Addie Anderson's profile image

addie_anderson_6277 shared a tip "I remember liking this when it came out."

Sarri Koziol's profile image

sarri_koziol shared a tip "It definitely had some twists and turns, but it was good."

Steven Kasik's profile image

steven_kasik shared a tip "The 1st one was good"

Ytoz Thegamer's profile image

ytoz_thegamer shared a tip "WATCH THESE MOVIES IN ORDER"

Kaitlyn Bittmann's profile image

kaitlyn_bittmann shared a tip "2 and 3"

Carisa Haber's profile image

carisa_haber shared a tip "Robert Downey Jr belongs as Iron Man"

MAHALA PEARSON's profile image

mahala_pearson shared a tip "Any movie with Robert Downey Jr is good"

lawrence_omole shared a tip "Robert Downey."

Luc van Kerkvoort's profile image

luc_van_kerkvoort shared a tip "I think Iron man 2. I'm a big fan of Jeff Bridges"

jackie_adams_853 shared a tip "Iron man all through it lol he’s funny"

Dusty Gnop's profile image

dusty_gnop shared a tip "When iron man came out if the cave and kicked everbodies asses"

Delaney Burns's profile image

delaney_burns shared a tip "I mean I don’t really have one I just love how he  evolves as a human and just all of the character add-ons."

Aly McVan's profile image

aly_mcvan shared a tip "Not when it first came out! Probably in like 2014"

severesharky 1's profile image

severesharky_1 shared a tip "I didn't like it"

Orly Alkaslassy's profile image

orly_alkaslassy shared a tip "All Spider man and avengers endgame"

scott_smallwood shared a tip "Number 3"

Lindsey Dionne's profile image

lindsey_dionne shared a tip "Tony Stark is the man!"

Kayle Esposito's profile image

kayle_esposito shared a tip "4/10 on iron man the ending was anticlimactic. The villain of the movie wasn’t my favorite and I predicted it from the beginning"

brandy waddell's profile image

brandy_waddell shared a tip "Of this one movie or end game?"

Nina egeler's profile image

nina_egeler shared a tip "After you watch this, you’ll be hooked and have to watch every other marvel movie"

Fady Ghali's profile image

fady_ghali shared a tip "I’d have to go with the first one. I loved the origin story"

Nico Snyder's profile image

nico_snyder shared a tip "Iron Man"

Nico Snyder's profile image

nico_snyder shared a tip "When Elon Musk Showed up"

Tom Bates's profile image

tom_bates_2174 shared a tip "3 is my fav"

Jace Eliason 's profile image

jace_eliason shared a tip "The 3rd"

tyler_walker_640 shared a tip "Iron man 3 for sure"

addison_3575 shared a tip "Lol all of it"

Cheyanne Magoon's profile image

cheyanne_magoon shared a tip "Tony Stark"

stefany_7982 shared a tip "#🥰#"

sonya_ingram shared a tip "Love it"

Samantha Norris's profile image

samantha_norris shared a tip "Way more intense of an action film than you would expect from marvel. So so good"

Lorena Widow Wuornos's profile image

lorena_widow_wuornos shared a tip "Love almost all the superhero movies. Iron Man/Tony is pretty funny."

ket_6846 shared a tip "Best fiction movie"

William Paup's profile image

william_paup shared a tip "Yes"

joselyn carmen's profile image

dreamvillejoss shared a tip "the best marvel character 😍🥰"

Estefania Fajardo's profile image

estefania_fajardo shared a tip "In my opinion the best Marvel movie ever made🤩"

Macht Reneru's profile image

macht_reneru shared a tip "Funny and it"

Melissa Goza's profile image

melissa_goza shared a tip "Iron Man of course"

Christina Caskey's profile image

christina_caskey shared a tip "I completely agree"

ItsKCsworld KC's profile image

itskcsworld_kc shared a tip "It was really good"

Rakhi Marwaha's profile image

rakhi_marwaha shared a tip "I live this movie"

Lydia Sillies's profile image

lydia_sillies shared a tip "Yes!"

Keisha St-Jacques's profile image

keishastjacques shared a tip "3/23"

Jacky Reyes's profile image

jacky_reyes shared a tip "@debra_wolf, I don’t have a favorite, this is just really good movie"

Jenny Hall's profile image

jenny_hall_2774 shared a tip "First one also it think I've only seen one and maybe the second."

Salomi Nyong's profile image

salomi_nyong shared a tip "Nice"

Steven Stone's profile image

steven_stone_2401 shared a tip "I am Iron Man.""

Kim Kinney Kennedy's profile image

kim_kinney_kennedy shared a tip "The perfect Avengers Movie"

amayah_cochran shared a tip "Same"

carol_shepherd shared a tip "Great movie"

john_llompart shared a tip "It’s iconic, nothing much to say, it’s the start of a universe"

Laurel Posey's profile image

laurel_posey shared a tip "Talk about a comeback. Robert Downey Jr. is fabulous, the story is great, and I didn't even mind Gwyneth Paltrow."

Life with Qai's profile image

life_with_qai shared a tip "It ma marvel"

Shauna Niksch's profile image

shauna_niksch shared a tip "I’m the mcu or in general? Lol"

abby tuer's profile image

abby_tuer shared a tip "Iconic, RBJ🙌 the sarcasm and action *chefs kiss*"

Audi S's profile image

audi_s shared a tip "Toni stank"

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