Iron Man poster


After being held captive in an Afghan cave, billionaire engineer Tony Stark creates a unique weaponized suit of armor to fight evil.

MPAA Rating PG-13

Status Released

Release Date 2008-04-30

Runtime 126 minutes

Budget $0.1b

Revenue $0.6b


TMDB 7.6


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annemarie_dupnick shared a tip "⭐️⭐️"

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jonathan_kent_6341 shared a tip "Just a fun superhero movie!"

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bella_nicole_7663 shared a tip "Best franchise opener for MCU. Love it to pieces. RDJ was perfect for this role. Also, the soundtrack goes so hard"

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Russ_MN shared a tip "The MCU as a whole."

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michelle_mcdonald_6180 shared a tip "Love Iron Man. Great action & Sci-Fi. Robert plays him extremely well."

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riley_8227 shared a tip "Literally the main character is played by Robert Downey jr. Must I say more??"

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raven__gacha shared a tip "I love Tony stark"

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haleycolangelo shared a tip "masterpiece"

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craig_koffler_114 shared a tip "Iron man debuts in the first movie to kick off the MCU and one of my personal favorites"

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emma_pimer shared a tip "CLASSIC <333"

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carmella_talerico shared a tip "This was the movie that got me hooked on all things Marvel."

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mr._smasher shared a tip "Best Iron Man movie. Hands down."

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drew_lyons shared a tip "It’s one of the best in the franchise mate! RDJ becomes an icône and revitalizes his career all in this one film"

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raely_strahan_6790 shared a tip "Amazing story"

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lobo_beifong shared a tip "War Criminal Elon Musk toes up against bestie The Big Lebowski, with help with Goop Girlboss Girlfriend (3.5/5 stars)"

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moriah_deatley shared a tip "Of all the Marvel franchise's I think Iron man's my favorite."

Henchmann shared a tip "The mandarin part, when Stark blew up all the suits for Pepper... How it all formed fireworks"

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carisa_haber shared a tip "Robert Downey Jr belongs as Iron Man"

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jason_morrison_7743 shared a tip "This is a great start but he is such a jerk character here that the rest of them really show his development."

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addie_anderson_6277 shared a tip "I remember liking this when it came out."

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coralie_lawrence shared a tip "Really funny"

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ivan_segura shared a tip "All 3 of them"

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CassyRafuse shared a tip "All this b*tch wants are cheeseburgers (jk honestly mood)"

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sarri_koziol shared a tip "It definitely had some twists and turns, but it was good."

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brad_cow57 shared a tip "Really good starter to the mcu"

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robert_wasson shared a tip "classic bro big-dick, pro-military, anti-foreigner, recruitment fantasy. it's fun though if you don't think to much about it"

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Wo1fLink shared a tip "Big smarts guy in robot suit beats the living hell out of terrorists, and I love it."

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trish_farrish shared a tip "Robert Downey, Jr."

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ernesto_marrero shared a tip "Incredible portrayal of a character. His 10 year character arc is the most tear-jerking satisfying moment in all the MCU"

maddy_3 shared a tip "tony <3"

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rebecca_patrizio shared a tip "So good"

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ronnie_ferguson shared a tip "I loved every part of it. Especially when he's putting the suit on"

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abby_rose_7080 shared a tip "All the Iron Man movies are awesome:)"

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ytoz_thegamer shared a tip "WATCH THESE MOVIES IN ORDER"

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steven_kasik shared a tip "The 1st one was good"

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severesharky_1 shared a tip "I didn't like it"

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kaitlyn_bittmann shared a tip "2 and 3"

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orly_alkaslassy shared a tip "All Spider man and avengers endgame"

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lindsey_dionne shared a tip "Tony Stark is the man!"

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kate_stone_8429 shared a tip "Hands down best Iron Man movie out of the three! Love it!"

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cameron_mccorkle shared a tip "Great movie its very fun to watch and the twist at the end was amazing"

caeden_goering shared a tip "Great start for the MCU. Superhero movies before they felt stuffy, or obligatory. Fun, but still has something to say."

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lena_moore_3239 shared a tip "its marvel, whats not to like"

jayda_lomas shared a tip "My fave 🫶"

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mahala_pearson shared a tip "Any movie with Robert Downey Jr is good"

lawrence_omole shared a tip "Robert Downey."

jackie_adams_853 shared a tip "Iron man all through it lol he’s funny"

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luc_van_kerkvoort shared a tip "I think Iron man 2. I'm a big fan of Jeff Bridges"

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dusty_gnop shared a tip "When iron man came out if the cave and kicked everbodies asses"

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delaney_burns shared a tip "I mean I don’t really have one I just love how he  evolves as a human and just all of the character add-ons."

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aly_mcvan shared a tip "Not when it first came out! Probably in like 2014"

scott_smallwood shared a tip "Number 3"

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naomi_4713 shared a tip "ifykyk"

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Project_X_4612 shared a tip "It's amazing! I recommended watching the second and the third after."

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reece_loftin shared a tip "Iron man, he is the best superhero, because he risks his life to save people.. and he’s rich 🤑"

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lilly_skogsberg shared a tip "This is such a good movie. And it kickstarted a fantastic studio that is now so much for so many people. 10/10 watch this."