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In a near-future Britain, young Alexander DeLarge and his pals get their kicks beating and raping anyone they please. When not destroying the lives of others, Alex swoons to the music of Beethoven. The state, eager to crack down on juvenile crime, gives an incarcerated Alex the option to undergo an

MPAA Rating R

Status Released

Release Date 1971-12-19

Runtime 137 minutes

Budget $2.2m

Revenue $27m


TMDB 8.2


Amanda Shipman's profile image

birdsbeesflowersandthetrees shared a tip "One of my favourite stories of all time. I love the book but I like the movie ending better. It just makes more sense to me."

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elizabeth_sanders_5655 shared a tip "This. Was a strange movie. But it was a good movie to"

Amy Santi's profile image

amy_santi shared a tip "This Movie Has Depth And bizarreness"

Christian Bell's profile image

christian_bell shared a tip "A bizarre story best watched with chemicals."

Bouwer Marc's profile image

bouwer_marc shared a tip "One of Kubrick’s best movies extremely violent great soundtrack"

Brendan Huff's profile image

brendan_huff shared a tip "I'm not entirely sure what Kubrick was aiming for this time. A satire on the injustices of the prison system, I think?"

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ashbrown shared a tip "Viddy well, little brother."

jonathan_4800 shared a tip "Magnificent insight into the changing mores of culture"

steve_geffner shared a tip "I can’t figure out how to un-recommend a movie :("

steve_geffner shared a tip "I don’t recommend this. Too dark and violent for me."

shelby koning's profile image

shelby_koning shared a tip "Thought provoking, ultra-violent, controversial, over the top."

eileen_mchenry shared a tip "So anarchic!"

Sheri Kendall's profile image

sheri_kendall shared a tip "Seriously? That's awesome"

Cassandre Fournier's profile image

cassandre_fournier shared a tip "Will never look at milk the same"

Frank Morales's profile image

frank_morales_9752 shared a tip

ilka_baret shared a tip "Crude and mind blowing"

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Ryansmoviereview shared a tip "The first 2/3 or 1/2 of this movie are a work of art, I think it loses steam and creativity as it goes on."

Taylor Seals's profile image

taylor_seals_8528 shared a tip "This movie was seriously disturbing. I only watched it because it had been mentioned on an episode of Criminal Minds."

Chad Mitchell's profile image

chad_mitchell_3628 shared a tip "It’s okay. It’s a bit overrated."

Tushar Saxena's profile image

tushar_saxena shared a tip "Just a classic Kubrick film. To not watch this means you have no clue what good cinema is..."

*Luka Flowers's profile image

luka_flowers shared a tip "Absolutely a banger"

John Parrish's profile image

john_parrish shared a tip "Great classic movie! Definitely one of the best movies of all time!"

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betty_wojnar shared a tip "Very interesting vibe"

Heather Rogers's profile image

heather_rogers shared a tip "Not for the faint of heart. The epitome of Kubrick."

Rowena Lovegood's profile image

rowena_lovegood shared a tip "Don't watch if you don't like heavily weird stuff. Also, there is rape in this."

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D0NMIL04k shared a tip "Classic."

sandi_kaiser shared a tip "A classic. Super creepy"

des_d shared a tip "One of my fave movies ever! The book is great too!!"

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nathan_markel_5835 shared a tip "Stanley Kubrick's best movie."

Isabella G's profile image

isabella_g_6702 shared a tip "I miss my innocence before watching this"

ms_7837 shared a tip "What’s best... Book. Movie... Both!"

ms_7837 shared a tip "Surreal…"

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mitchell_hecke shared a tip "If you like this movie, let's be friends."

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jessi_jones shared a tip "Cult classic"

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crista_lyn shared a tip "One of my faves!"

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star_torres_5450 shared a tip "Unique ans crazy"

Dee Montgomery's profile image

dee_montgomery shared a tip "Cause im crazy"

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noel_riviezzo shared a tip "It’s chaotic and psychologically captivating. An excellent film and very thought provoking."

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curtis_hutchings shared a tip "The surrealist nature of the film makes it difficult to place a time period, which makes it feel cautionary and foreboding"

caleb_wilson_6331 shared a tip "Filthy. And I loved every minute of it 😏"

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acole_2018 shared a tip "This is such a cool movie. Kubric does a good job #classic"

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tanya_boudreau shared a tip "Cult classic, a must see."

jack_9813 shared a tip "Alex"

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pablo_martinez_8679 shared a tip "It's twisted, original for it's time, and very unique and scary."

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kristine_bailey shared a tip "This movie is very well done. ⚠️ very disturbing."

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