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Luke Skywalker leads a mission to rescue his friend Han Solo from the clutches of Jabba the Hutt, while the Emperor seeks to destroy the Rebellion once and for all with a second dreaded Death Star.

MPAA Rating PG

Status Released

Release Date 1983-05-25

Runtime 135 minutes

Budget $32m

Revenue $0.6b


TMDB 7.9


Brian DeWeese's profile image

briandeweese shared a tip "Been a fan since 1983"

Jonathan Kent's profile image

jonathan_kent_6341 shared a tip "Just a great movie!"

abigail_weh shared a tip "Nothing like the original trilogy 👌🏼"

Dorian Adams's profile image

dorian_adams shared a tip "I love everything about this movie except the Ewoks."

Joshua Smith's profile image

joshua_smith_3234 shared a tip "A worthy end to this trilogy."

Kendall Malone's profile image

kendall_malone shared a tip "The entire galaxy partying in the finale now........😬"

DuckReviews 's profile image

DuckReviews shared a tip "The best finale in all of star wars"

mark_shepherd_7464 shared a tip "Fantastic end to a great trilogy. Lots of surprises and nail-biters galore."

Peter Cathey's profile image

Petrosman_1978 shared a tip "Fun movie, Ewoks were a bit much for me. Weakest of the original three, but better than any of the second trio"

Keira 's profile image

keiralikesmovies shared a tip "It’s a StarWars movie... what else is there to say"

Blake Benton's profile image

blake_benton shared a tip "Got it"

Kenzie 's profile image

chamomilebee shared a tip "Omg Luke Skywalker ❤️"

Willie Entrekin's profile image

willie_entrekin shared a tip "Absolutely recommend the Star Wars trilogies!"

Edyta Maziarz-Mierzejewski's profile image

edyta_maziarz-mierzejewski shared a tip "Conclusion to one of the trilogies."

Patricia Reese's profile image

patricia_reese shared a tip "Duh!"

Kyle Dutson's profile image

kyle_dutson shared a tip "My top 3 Favorite Star Wars film! So good!"

Allyssa DiNetta's profile image

allyssa_dinetta shared a tip "It's great definitely a classic. I highly recommend"

Monty Sharp's profile image

monty_sharp shared a tip "LOVE the entire series!"

Katie Collins's profile image

katie_collins_5208 shared a tip "The best"

Bee Morgan's profile image

bee_morgan shared a tip "It is always a good watch"

Greg Elder's profile image

greg_elder shared a tip "Great movie could watch any time."

maddy_vicknair shared a tip "My favorite movie in the OT every aspect is amazing in this, definitely worth watching"

Tristian Ruiz's profile image

tristian_ruiz shared a tip "Its star wars, you dont really need an essay on why its a masterclasd movie"

Hannah Skinner's profile image

hannah_skinner_9833 shared a tip "It was the finale and the good guys won."

Geoff Caddell's profile image

geoff_caddell shared a tip "VI, V & VI are Star Wars ... The rest were afterthoughts."

Katharine Kerr's profile image

ClassyBeulah shared a tip "Sick day. Binge the whole original series."

sherri_morgan shared a tip "Han Solo"

T-Rooskie 's profile image

troye_tisdale shared a tip "First movie I can remember seeing in a theater."

Angel 's profile image

angel33 shared a tip "👍💙😇"

glorie_meixell shared a tip "The Sarlac pit for sure!"

Kerry Batten's profile image

kerry_batten shared a tip "Just to see Carrie Fisher in a brass bikini is worth a couple hours of Ewoks and lightsaber action!"

susan_chestnut shared a tip "This will always be my favourite Star Wars movie. One word: Ewoks."

holly_gorrell shared a tip "Lucas at his best before he forgot what made a good movie."

Jason Greer's profile image

jason_greer_9211 shared a tip "When luke goes to rescue princess Leia from jabba the hut."

goomba 2's profile image

goomba_2 shared a tip "a timeless classic"

casey_franco shared a tip "The visuals as well as the unmistakable stamp of John Williams"

amanda ade's profile image

AA1114 shared a tip "The original 3 are amazing."

Cassius LaTier's profile image

cassius_latier shared a tip "@paigelilovesbooks favorite Star Wars movie is The Empire Strikes Back!"

maya 's profile image

mayaism shared a tip "classic"

ripley_sage_casajuana shared a tip "I love this series but this movie is probably one of the best."

nick_diodato shared a tip "Great close to the original trilogy with action and a father-son story to keep you interested."

Ricardo 26fs's profile image

ricardo_26fs shared a tip "No i don’t I love the entire movie"

Loraxian Prime's profile image

loraxian_prime shared a tip "Bc yes"

Smashalee Jerkface's profile image

smashalee_jerkface shared a tip "I'm a softy so the "someone who loves you" Leia and Han Carbonite scene is one of my favorites."

Emily Witteveen's profile image

emily_witteveen shared a tip "Everyone deserves a happy ending"

Isaac Will's profile image

isaac_will shared a tip "Its an amazing story..its Star Wars"

Brooke Fenton's profile image

brooke_fenton shared a tip "I love the Ewoks 😂"

jennifer_e._mcgowan shared a tip "It's good. It answers questions that the first two movies pose."

Jimmy Jacob's profile image

jimmy_jacob shared a tip "One of the originals!"

katrina_sim shared a tip "Is there really a need for an explanation? Its star wars lol"

Marty Funk's profile image

marty_funk shared a tip "I mean... watch the first two first though"

Lynnette 's profile image

lynnettemorales shared a tip "5*"

Jessie Jones's profile image

jessie_jones_9251 shared a tip "Very good movie"

Sally 's profile image

sally_5656 shared a tip "This is an old classic. Personally I enjoy it enough to have watched it several times!"

Rebekah Ruiz's profile image

rebekah_16 shared a tip "Yes you definitely should !!!"

Oscar Delatorre's profile image

oscar_delatorre shared a tip "Really good movie!"

Dee Villamere-Brown's profile image

dee_villamere-brown_694 shared a tip "All the Star Wars are amazing!!"

dallas_core shared a tip "5/5 there’s nothing that compares to the original trilogy"

baily keesling's profile image

baily_keesling shared a tip "It’s pretty good. I really recommend the original two star wars trilogies"

baylee_matthews shared a tip "The one me and you could make 😘"

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