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When Earth is taken over by the overly-confident Boov, an alien race in search of a new place to call home, all humans are promptly relocated, while all Boov get busy reorganizing the planet. But when one resourceful girl, Tip, manages to avoid capture, she finds herself the accidental accomplice of

MPAA Rating PG

Status Released

Release Date 2015-03-18

Runtime 94 minutes

Budget $0.1b

Revenue $0.4b


TMDB 6.8


Kyle 's profile image

kyle_movies_123 shared a tip "Really great kids movie! 💯"

Samantha Blizzard's profile image

samantha_blizzard shared a tip "Great kids movie, so cute. Great message."

vivi 's profile image

vivivv shared a tip "it’s such an underrated movie. definitely one of my favorites."

Mandi Gard's profile image

mandi_gard shared a tip "Very cute movie"

Leah Rose's profile image

leah_rose_7496 shared a tip "Watched this with my friend and her friend's daughter yesterday it was so good will definitely watch again."

Evelyn Birnbaum's profile image

evelyn_birnbaum shared a tip "One of my favorite movies"

Gaby P.'s profile image

gaby_p shared a tip "One minute I’m drawing, the next this movie comes to mind and I’m like, omg it’s you!"

Sarah Stone's profile image

sarah_stone_6926 shared a tip "Quirky Alien!!! Loved the girl as well!! Beloved classic."

Leslie Abram 's profile image

leslie_abram shared a tip "Just watched this last night.. my 4 yr. old nephew took pictures of me crying 🙄 needless to say I loved it."

Ryan Mann's profile image

ryan_mann_2193 shared a tip "A very cute family movie"

Makenzie Pelletier's profile image

makenzie_pelletier shared a tip "Awesome soundtrack!"

maddy_ shared a tip "Home is a great movie to watch!"

maddy_ shared a tip "Home is a great movie to watch!"

Tray Way's profile image

tray_way_2182 shared a tip "Really good movie i remember when i really wanted to see this movie back in 2014."

Amanda Wingert's profile image

amanda_wingert_5809 shared a tip "This movie gives me chills every time I watch it it’s so emotional"

Skake 's profile image

twjeong.c0m shared a tip "Favorite movie ever"

Kelsie Porter's profile image

kelsie_porter shared a tip "Funny, heartwarming and emotional."

Bee Morgan's profile image

bee_morgan shared a tip "I adore this movie one of my top favorite movies"

emma 's profile image

willowsighn shared a tip "Most likely “The Circle.” It sounds really good!"

GachaGirl4000 LOL's profile image

gachagirl4000_lol shared a tip "Tip! She strong and smart"

Haha Haha's profile image

haha_haha shared a tip "The cat because it is so cute🤩"

k <33's profile image

kty shared a tip "so cute! def recommend"

Angelica Saljay's profile image

angelica_saljay shared a tip "Amazing and funny"

katie_jia shared a tip "Thank you I loved the seen where they meet the mom"

Jordan Ball's profile image

jordan_ball shared a tip "How do I watch it I am deleting app"

official.nelly103 shared a tip "When i was watching this it was kind of sad"

Lady Cupcake's profile image

lady_cupcake shared a tip "Oh! Everytime I go to Target with my kids they ask to go into the out. That line is iconic for them."

yzechiel shared a tip "Cause it was funny happy sometimes sad sometime suprized"

Emily Aguilar's profile image

emily_aguilar_4035 shared a tip "how do u watch the movie?!?!??"

Sydney 's profile image

sydney_3386 shared a tip "Very cute and heartwarming family/kid movie. Great soundtrack!"

Kara Demetropoulos's profile image

kara_demetropoulos shared a tip "Such a sweet and fun film. Sheldon is amazing as the main alien.. fun for the whole family"

Jena Gardner's profile image

jena_gardner shared a tip "It is a very cute movie"

Kate Beaver's profile image

kate_beaver shared a tip "Cute!"

Shannon Hensley's profile image

shannon_hensley_5414 shared a tip "Cannot recommend enough."

jodi_johnson_6740 shared a tip "It's a cute movie."

alejandra_dominguez_1789 shared a tip "La mejor película del mundo tiene un buen mensaje la película y además es divertida"

Keila Engstrom's profile image

keila_engstrom shared a tip "Such a cute movie, and the oof I felt when they explain Oh's name 😢"

Dean Mosher's profile image

dean_mosher shared a tip "Mitchell and the machines was not too bad, good dinosaur, meet the robinsons..."

brian_cruz_9619 shared a tip "Great family movie."

Ria Samata's profile image

ria_samata shared a tip "I don't have a favorite, I love them all too much."

Kim Eve's profile image

kim_eve shared a tip "Beautiful movie about the importance of friendship and family in a very comical way."


Lauren Falkenstein's profile image

lauren_falkenstein shared a tip "So cute and the soundtrack is amazing!"

Jazmin Umana's profile image

jazmin_umana shared a tip "Rihanna"

Sara Casten's profile image

sara_casten shared a tip "I could not have imagined a better actor for Oh than Jim Parsons!"

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