The Cabin in the Woods poster


Five friends go for a break at a remote cabin, where they get more than they bargained for, discovering the truth behind the cabin in the woods.

MPAA Rating R

Status Released

Release Date 2012-04-12

Runtime 95 minutes

Budget $30m

Revenue $71m


TMDB 6.6


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queer-giraffe shared a tip "How hard is it to kill a bunch of nine year olds?"

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the_girl_abides shared a tip "Finally saw this. Ridiculous but lots of fun, as intended"

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darlene_stelly shared a tip "Not sure what this was ...."

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damien_scott shared a tip "Making fun of the genre while creating a standout story in the genre. Great fun."

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abs shared a tip "Voted best modern film rotten tomatoes 🍅"

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Yolken shared a tip "Excellent and bizarre."

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thomas_gagne shared a tip "This movie did NOT go where I thought it would. It surprised me and I like it."

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jennifer_sied shared a tip "Really smart, funny film. As much a commentary on horror as it is horror."

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neil_flanders_9545 shared a tip "This movie is so so good. Not scary but a true film made for horror fans."

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addyson_hodge_5172 shared a tip "I just like the cliches in it"

heather_1315 shared a tip "One of my favorites"

d_805 shared a tip "Added to watchlist"

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neil_flanders shared a tip "Very clever and well done. Light hearted homage to horror."

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bree_piers shared a tip "Really funny with a great cast."

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hymtheria shared a tip "Very underrated movie. I enjoyed it the second and third watch more than the first."

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justin_huddleston shared a tip "this is actually really compelling because it lures you down one path only to show you it's a completely different story"

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nadia_simmons shared a tip "A classic black comedy horror movie. It's a good time"

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mairen shared a tip "Personally this movie has it’s horror movie moments, but is reallu fun to watch!"

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l_a_6904 shared a tip "Good horror movie doesn’t take itself too seriously but also doesn’t act like it’s up it’s own ass"

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deena_c shared a tip "Not what you're thinking - hacker/slasher. Not exactly, there is actually a good story to go with some gory. 🙂"

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radicalkrista shared a tip "only comedy horror movie i’ve ever liked. very creative & well made."

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elizabeth_sanders_5655 shared a tip "Great movie"

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hunteri_heroici shared a tip "the twist was pretty wild"

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scott_gisborne shared a tip "This is one of my favorites of all time! Acting is baaaaad at times, but the message is so deep! 👍👍"

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macyhorvath shared a tip "Best scary movie ever. Complex yet understandable, good mind game"

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lyndon_bray shared a tip "This was very well done. Great mix of comedy monster horror and slaher. What's there not to love? 😀👍"

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knowledgeable_bro shared a tip "Best horror movie of all time"

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charles_h._piatt shared a tip "Love this film. Probably the best horror movie in the last 10 years."

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lex_hun shared a tip "So funny!"

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jaredparmenter shared a tip "Still one of my favorite horror films of all time!"

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jankyB13 shared a tip "One of my favorite horror movies of all time"

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kim_taylor_1381 shared a tip "One of my favorites! Can watch over and over again! It’s just perfection!"

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freemon_jackson shared a tip "Original"

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unfinished_sentenc shared a tip "Not particularly scary, but the concept is super cool. I really liked this movie alot."

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willow_martin_6982 shared a tip "funny good proper ending too"

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whiteyvandam shared a tip "Not your typical horror movie but it might seem familiar"

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RaRaLilMonster shared a tip "Not for weak stomachs"

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ams_odd shared a tip "A fabulous take on the horror trope."

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cassandre_fournier shared a tip "This was unexpected"

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brian_geier shared a tip "As stated by many before me, an enjoyable film that carved out its own spot in the genre by making fun of it."

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angie_b shared a tip "A good horror movie"

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brooke_schrader shared a tip "Probably one of my most favorite horror movies of all time because how ridiculous it is, and actually quite funny."

azria_amazon shared a tip "Funny, Gory, smart with different twists ! Whatever you think is going to happen does not happen"

kasie_menie shared a tip "One of my favorite horror comedies of all time"

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jason_scheer shared a tip "Bliss!! One of My Favorite Movies!!"

franklin_roman_martinez shared a tip "This movie is such a fun watch."

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greg_elder shared a tip "Very good movie, highly enjoyed it."

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tiffany_stover shared a tip "Best mash-up of your everyday horror movie plots with a brilliantly funny twist."

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charsi_smith shared a tip "If you love a good laugh with some gøre this is the one"

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troy_pennock shared a tip "More humour than scary"

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nicola_wright shared a tip "Such a great turn on the horror trope"

olivia_mooney shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️"

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lumberjack_wizard shared a tip "Top notch satire"

richard_wittkohl shared a tip "Awesome movies worth a 2nd viewing for the sheer irony of it all"

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maxkenzie_peterson shared a tip "One of my favorite scary movies. It’s very different but I absolutely love the concept and the ending is a huge twist."

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curlyjess shared a tip "Love the horror movie cliches that shape this movie, so good!"

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mae_souza shared a tip "Good horror great cast. I hope this never happens in real life, like hunger games."

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mae_souza shared a tip "I hope this never happens like hunger games I don't want to live in this world. Good horror could of swore this was a remake."

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serfy2_. shared a tip "Great horror satire, and somewhat meta commentary on movie viewers."

kelsey_chase_2645 shared a tip "A clever movie that dismantles the horror tropes in an enjoyable way."

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aaron_nail_7639 shared a tip "Subversive."

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sunday_kruse shared a tip "Th list of monster options"

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diamond_painting shared a tip "It’s a great movie for people for horror movie lovers"

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jane_doe_7413 shared a tip "One of the best movies ever"

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josh_henderson shared a tip "An interesting comedic twist on generic horror tropes. Lots of fun."

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shanna_pankey shared a tip "Amazing movie."

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jolynn_gardiner shared a tip "It is sooooooo good! Definitely a fave of mine."

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jane_couples shared a tip "Honestly, I loved it! It made me laugh so much, but it is definitely NOT for the young ones."

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Ward68 shared a tip "An brilliant movie full of surprises and unexpected laughs."

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ESKABOB shared a tip "Very creative twist."

laure_roy shared a tip "Actually super funny, if you like gore..."

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shawn_bedford shared a tip "Trick or treat"

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billie_wyatt shared a tip "Very good"

elisabeth_derricott shared a tip "Good!"

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robert_jones_5417 shared a tip "Loved it!! Not at all what i expected"

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keni_biggar shared a tip "ONE OF A KIND!!! This movie will have your brain going crazy afterwards, especially if you like conspiracy!"

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mehrnush_ti shared a tip "such a breath of fresh air, new/different take on horror"

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alexandra_kaufman shared a tip "This is a great, underrated, b-feel, fun ride."

dwayne_bosman shared a tip "One of the best plot twists I’ve seen in a horror film."

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mandy_early shared a tip "Wonderful spin on the college kids die in the woods trope."

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staci_reed shared a tip "One of the best movies I have seen that has perfectly combined humor and horror in one!"

Kayelani Civitella's profile image

kayelani_civitella shared a tip "Unexpected turnabout"

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chris_brooks_6644 shared a tip "Its a great B grade IMO. Its so stupid/funny that noone could be scared, but has its fantastic moments."

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taylor_raghu shared a tip "I absolutely love this plot twist of this movie."

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guacaroni_jr shared a tip "What better than all this?"

monica_stamper shared a tip "One of my favorite movies of all time"

Christie L.C. Ellis's profile image

christie_l.c._ellis shared a tip "Scary, funny, and unique- the less you know going in, the better!"

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dallas_haas shared a tip "So much surprise"

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zac_hunter shared a tip "Probably the best comedy horror out there."

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cindy_prentice shared a tip "It was a good movie until the ending."

laura_wischnewski shared a tip "I love a lot about it. The betting on which scenario would happen is so unique I'd have to say that. How about you?@aliwang1990"

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shondraha_cockrell shared a tip "Super funny and super scary!"

rachel_mccrary shared a tip "I didn’t know what to expect - but I loved it! So good! Definitely worth a watch."

paulina_enck shared a tip "It is a funny and subversive take on the horror genre, perfect for those who love movies, especially scary movies"

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michael_saylor shared a tip "Amazing."

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dom_rangel shared a tip "So good, it’s funny with some good scares."

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nicole_raimo_5504 shared a tip "My favorite horror-comedy combo ever"