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The origin story of former Special Forces operative turned mercenary Wade Wilson, who, after being subjected to a rogue experiment that leaves him with accelerated healing powers, adopts the alter ego Deadpool. Armed with his new abilities and a dark, twisted sense of humor, Deadpool hunts down the

MPAA Rating R

Status Released

Release Date 2016-02-09

Runtime 108 minutes

Budget $58m

Revenue $0.8b


TMDB 7.6


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shemdani shared a tip "This movie is hilariously adventurous!"

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Russ_MN shared a tip "I was surprised that Deadpool was not suggested by anyone."

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beadzombie shared a tip "Hilarious! And, Ryan Reynolds. Need I say more?!?!"

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rebecca_bella shared a tip "One of my all time favorites with Ryan Reynolds."

sarah troo's profile image

sara_true shared a tip "Needs more negasonic teenage warhead"

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mlhawkins shared a tip "🙌"

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jamie_malos shared a tip "Hilarious and entertaining"

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bubby1 shared a tip "Best movie ever!"

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dorian_adams shared a tip "They couldn’t have done the merc with a mouth more justice."

andrew_5280 shared a tip "Such good writing delivered so well."

Octavia_Skiripa 's profile image

elle-valentine shared a tip "By far the funniest movie I’ve ever seen!!!The tiny hand part made me laughing ten minutes straight😂🤣😂"

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selina_granger shared a tip "Him saying he didn't want a green or animated suite"

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carisa_haber shared a tip "Super funny and really good sorry; #highlyrecommended!"

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skyesaige shared a tip "😂😂😂"

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addie_anderson_6277 shared a tip "So funny! Love it"

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kimberly_simmons shared a tip "Kinda cray but loved it anyways. Good actor"

Sarri Koziol's profile image

sarri_koziol shared a tip "It was funny"

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mae_nelson shared a tip "It was just a really funny movie"

Kristy H's profile image

kristy_h shared a tip "Love it"

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tami_campbell_1828 shared a tip "Hilarious and witty. Perfect for Ryan Reynolds"

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angelo_ann shared a tip "NOT FOR KIDS. THIS MOVIE IS CLASS A RATED R"

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mitch_turitz shared a tip "#superheroes #antiheroes #action #adventure #comedy #marvel_movies"

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justin_huddleston shared a tip "I feel like it's mediocre forced comedy that isn't that funny. It's still an okay movie."

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drewthepan shared a tip "My best friends favorite movie"

Robin Newton's profile image

robin_newton shared a tip "Love this movie"

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alexis_rieck shared a tip "Fun, but not the best of comedy. I don’t think I’ll watch again but it was worth this watch. ⭐️⭐️⭐️"

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shirley_seiler shared a tip "One of my favorite movies. This movie makes me laugh so hard."

Kyle Hammer's profile image

kyle_hammer shared a tip "Killing and spelling out francs’s name yourself"

Ann Close's profile image

ann_close shared a tip "I liked both, but I think the first one a little better."

Jennelle Kondraski's profile image

jennelle_kondraski shared a tip "Him getting the girl at the end."

Ayden Dust's profile image

ayden_dust shared a tip "Were he cuts of his hand"

Lady Myisha Sutton's profile image

lady_myisha_sutton shared a tip "I just love Ryan Reynolds"

Alejandro Garcia's profile image

alejandro_garcia_318 shared a tip "Dead in a pool"

Julie Carpenter's profile image

julie_carpenter shared a tip "My absolute favorite Superhero of all time!"

jack kenouf's profile image

jack_kenouf shared a tip "Dunno yet"

kara_biber shared a tip "i loved it! super funny, would recommend"

Abdul Jazairy's profile image

abdul_jazairy shared a tip "First one"

Chris Hayes's profile image

chris_hayes_8301 shared a tip "Absolutely, I love Mr Pool 😁"

terry_domaska shared a tip "Good movie"

jakiya_tyler shared a tip "Both Deadpool’s were good but the second one might be my favorite"

asher_1675 shared a tip "There both pretty close but I think I’ll have to say the first one just because I feel the storyline was a bit better."

malika_white shared a tip "Amazing!!! So funny!!!"

Emmanuel Kebede's profile image

emmanuel_kebede shared a tip "Top their movie"

Katelyn Alexander's profile image

katelyn_alexander_9670 shared a tip "Funny."

Marlene Valentin's profile image

mxvlene shared a tip "@marta_burger i definitely like the first one better. what about you??"

Poophie LaPew's profile image

poophie_lapew shared a tip "I thought Venom was good"

chels. shared a tip "I liked this film, I just can’t admit this to my siblings."

Amelia Bones's profile image

amelia_bones_9997 shared a tip "Best comic to show adaption I've seen recently."

Skylar Keahey's profile image

skylar_keahey shared a tip "Really funny movie"

Aaryan Darji's profile image

aaryan_darji shared a tip "Why can’t I watch it"

Notkaren1676 's profile image

notkaren1676 shared a tip "Funniest superhero. Ryan Reynolds is a local hero here in BC."

benjamin Quinones's profile image

benjamin_quinones shared a tip "Funny adult humor"

John Harlock's profile image

Thomas_Truxell shared a tip "One of the best super hero movies, great performance and downright hilarious!"

tiffany_poitras shared a tip "The first one 😊"

daltonp shared a tip "8.9/10"

hunter_glidden shared a tip "Sorry to take so long! I enjoy the first one over the second. The jokes just landed better with me."

Ashley N Anders's profile image

ashley_n_anders shared a tip "1st"

Virginia Stills's profile image

virginia_stills shared a tip "So funny"

Breigh Rudolph's profile image

SanctifyWaffles shared a tip "This movie is the reason I started to care about the MCU (and Tom Holland)"

Alex Dix's profile image

alex_dix shared a tip "Haha...tough one...I guess I'd go with 2 due only to more characters"

kaylin_aardal shared a tip "I’m just a fan of Deadpool, so the movie was enjoyable throughout for me."

Amber Low's profile image

amber_low_7600 shared a tip "Yes, good closure of that story line, but left it open for sequels"

aastha shared a tip "iron man"

zay__2706 shared a tip "yes it’s hilarious"

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paul_tusa shared a tip "Yes!"

Holly 's profile image

holly_3587 shared a tip "Yes it was awesome too"

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kbus_1108 shared a tip "Literally every scene with Al but the baby hand is my absolute favorite"

DeAngelo Fernadez's profile image

deangelo_fernadez shared a tip "Lame"

DeAngelo Fernadez's profile image

deangelo_fernadez shared a tip "Lame"

victoria_rodrigue shared a tip "@jeff_lenz I did, enjoy the hell out of that one too"

Elizabeth Schaeffer's profile image

elizabeth_schaeffer shared a tip "I did, but I think I may watch it again... Thanks!"

Stacey Mulligan's profile image

stacey_mulligan shared a tip "Unexpectedly hilarious"

Abbyloraine 's profile image

abbyloraine shared a tip "It is so funny"

Kyle Scheinhaus's profile image

kyle_scheinhaus shared a tip "Ryan Reynolds was perfect"

Ronald Moss's profile image

ronald_moss shared a tip "I watch all the superhero movies some are better than others but always entertaining."

elisha_goodwin shared a tip "There is a deadpool 2"

Madeline 's profile image

madeline_4707 shared a tip "Ryan Reynolds is hilarious. Great movie. Although not for kids.. Oops"

Beverly Fisher's profile image

beverly_fisher shared a tip "All of it! RR is hilarious!"

Farhin J.'s profile image

farhin_j. shared a tip "It's funny. Ryan Reynolds plays a sarcastic and self-deprecating superhero"

Kim Flores's profile image

kim_flores_8450 shared a tip "Pretty good, & funny."

kai_m. shared a tip "Hilarious!"

Nicole Fitzgerald's profile image

nicole_fitzgerald_2850 shared a tip "I've watched it sooo many times, and see things I missed each time. Hilarious!!"

Caitlin Borjesson's profile image

caitlin_borjesson shared a tip "Princess Bride is my all time favorite, followed by What About Bob? Totally different from Deadpool but both excellent!"

Kamyron Lambert's profile image

kamyron_lambert shared a tip "If you’re needing a good laugh, that is the one movie I would recommend."

Elisha Marie's profile image

elisha_marie_7162 shared a tip "All of it. 🤣"

briana_davis_9864 shared a tip "I love this movie it's hilarious😂😂😂😂😂"

hannah_mckernan shared a tip "It was a super funny and amazing movie. I laughed every second."

Tim Dykens's profile image

tim_dykens shared a tip "Great."

Chan Schaffer's profile image

chan_schaffer shared a tip "Funny with a very twisted sense of humor!"

Ana Pena's profile image

ana_pena_7408 shared a tip "I'd recommend checking out the Marvel series, and Boss Level with Frank Grillo."

Mark Pelini's profile image

mark_pelini shared a tip "Great movie..funny."

shannon_maciborski shared a tip "I loved the whole movie."

Cheitian Burris's profile image

cheitian_burris shared a tip "Classic. Ryan Reynolds at his best."

marilyn_teague shared a tip "Funny - so MARVEL can do comedy A new kind of rebel hero. Sentimental. Romantic. Action! Fun ride!"

Key Chain's profile image

key_chain_3488 shared a tip "Hard to pick just one but if i had to choose, it would probably be either hellboy or pacific rim(the first one)"

jared_lenfest shared a tip "I love Deadpool. Ryan Reynolds did a great job."

sean_jacobson shared a tip "Funny, good action"

Jackelyn Trejo's profile image

jackelyn_trejo shared a tip "This movie is just so so funny"

thelolofdistrn patrick's profile image

thelolofdistrn_patr shared a tip "It's great, was funny but had some dark humor so if you don't mind that definitely watch it!"

Dawson 's profile image

dawsonw shared a tip "Favorite movie of all time"

Kerestel Leonard's profile image

kerestel_leonard shared a tip "Very funny and off the wall if you like dark humor!"

Lee 's profile image

hadley_dewey shared a tip "It’s so good. I love marvel films and any movie with Ryan Reynolds is a great one."

Jessica Hughes's profile image

jessica_hughes_4522 shared a tip "It's hilarious! Lots of adult humor!"

Nala 's profile image

sev2toya shared a tip "Too many to choose from ☺️"

Nathan Consiglio's profile image

nathan_consiglio shared a tip "Dark, irreverent comedy, gritty, carefree, aggressive."

deejay munoz's profile image

deejay_munoz shared a tip "Pt 2 is good too"

jillian_sherwood shared a tip "Kickass is pretty good but deadpool is really a league in its own. The comics are awesome too ^.^"

l_lk shared a tip "So good, but a VERY different Marvel “Don’t call me a superhero” movie."

Vera Fraley's profile image

vera_fraley shared a tip "It's comedy, action, adventure, Ryan Raynolds what else can you ask for!?"

awesome_user_401968 's profile image

sita_gupta shared a tip "Funny, violent, and entertaining #goodtime"

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