Frozen II poster


Elsa, Anna, Kristoff and Olaf head far into the forest to learn the truth about an ancient mystery of their kingdom.

MPAA Rating PG

Status Released

Release Date 2019-11-20

Runtime 103 minutes

Budget $0.1b

Revenue $1.5b


TMDB 7.3


Brian DeWeese's profile image

briandeweese shared a tip "What a fantastic sequel! It exceeded all expectations. Great music! Moving story. Lots of laughs."

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weish shared a tip "Vastly different than the first movie in tone, but still entertaining and a joy to watch!"

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aniya_nilay_duncan shared a tip "It's a good movie to watch with your kids"

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katie_holland_2689 shared a tip "Predictable but fun."

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stefani_marie shared a tip "Not as good as the original but not bad."

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evelyne_blanchet shared a tip "Stunning visual ❣️"

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bianca_tailor shared a tip "The first movie was really good but this one is super funny and I love this one"

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kelly_saulnier shared a tip "Great movie💗"

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mia_cabrera shared a tip "It's even better than the first one which is quite rare"

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ivan_segura shared a tip "Mostly as good as the first one, but I felt the ending was disappointing"

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naomi_d_3465 shared a tip "My favorite movie"

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trisha_howson shared a tip "I like this one better than the first one"

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alison_curtis shared a tip "I liked this one, but it is a bit different from the first one"

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riya_korde shared a tip "Little sister and cousins loved it"

jamiela shared a tip "🎵into the unknown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🎵 so yeah... love it"

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dayana_7343 shared a tip "Yes loved it for sure especially the songs."

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emma_forster shared a tip "The music, the animation, the plot, I live everything about this movie and is a close 2nd to the 1st!"

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carisa_haber shared a tip "Good sequel to the #1 Disney movie."

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waiting.for.vienna shared a tip "the animation in the movie is seriously so stunning. (shockingly enjoyable to watch while zooted too btw)"

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cathie_krzywon shared a tip "Go see this!!"

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caroline_jensen shared a tip "Better than the first👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻"

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xana_collinsworth shared a tip "The Kids love it"

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rebekah_smith_6668 shared a tip "Original storyline and a great message. Very catchy songs. My daughter loves it and I thoroughly enjoyed it too."

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ethen_verge shared a tip "When Elsa was singing into the unknown"

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zhan_fields shared a tip "I like them both but maybe the 2nd one"

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katie_collins_5208 shared a tip "Blah, should've stopped at one"

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keera_hanks shared a tip "Yeah my favorite part was when olaf was in the woods and he kept saying “Samantha?”"

Toby 's profile image

TobyTon shared a tip "The story was nice but it's not nearly as impactful as the original. Loved the magic, the outfits, and the ending!"

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alejandra_alvarado_8968 shared a tip "Great animation and just an overall amazing story!"

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heather_toomey shared a tip "Relatable, beautiful, good romantic example for people, good for people who are grieving"

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Garrus86. shared a tip "Way better than the first in just about every way."

catherine_duffy shared a tip "#family_friendly"

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enoryt_seeney shared a tip "Tt"

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catie_mclane shared a tip "Was so cute:)"

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will_enzor shared a tip "Beautiful animation and pretty funny. May be more enjoyable than the first if you're tired of the first frozen soundtrack"

siobhan_kalfur shared a tip "If you loved the first movie you will love the second one!"

brianna_huttsell shared a tip "I might be an adult but this movie was really good."

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tracell_king shared a tip "The part of adventure I love adventures And when when else was free and Anna when she was queen 😊😊"

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alyssa_perrego shared a tip "Amazing Movie!!"

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the_coding_geek shared a tip "Ok, not a huge frozen fan, BUT THE MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!"

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natasha_rachamsetty shared a tip "I feel this is what the first one should have been. Loved this one, really disliked the first."

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alyssa_1999 shared a tip "I think it's better then the first, the songs how more emotional weight."

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rebecca_keating shared a tip "Olaf"

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alejandra_castillo_205 shared a tip "Nice"

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hannah_elliott_7320 shared a tip "I love the Romance that Anna and Kristoff have and its just so cute. I love how he really loves her. Its an Amazing movie."

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rick_4721 shared a tip "Loved the lore building!"

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anna_a. shared a tip "One of my favorite movies ever"

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addy_hoyer shared a tip "Not as good as the first"

emily_b_4897 shared a tip "I'm mildly obsessed with this movie 😂"

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timmitytom shared a tip "The best part was the credits, and Brendon Urie's singing at the end."

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pearl_gold shared a tip "It incredible"

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zubor shared a tip "Kristoff kicks ***!"

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lyhowl shared a tip "Glad they involved the parents’ history, but some things need to be added. And Olaf’s storytelling is on point 😂 👌🏼"

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sandra_usa shared a tip "This is my favorite movie"

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ben_rodriguez shared a tip "I havent seen the first one"

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megan_schmidt shared a tip "heart warming disney movie"

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samantha_lizzio shared a tip "Not as good as the first but pretty good. The main song is a banger, and there are a lot of laughs."

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morina_hey_mo shared a tip "Trttttt"

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roxy_jones shared a tip "Its amazing and fun"

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cade_fritz shared a tip "For sure the first"

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hayley_anderson_5356 shared a tip "Amazing movie!!"

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sharon_hall_7148 shared a tip "Definitely first one better!"

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charlerica_jean shared a tip "Olaf is the better singer"

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sunshiine.babe shared a tip "I think this was better than the first one and I’m not sorry about it."

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beautifuldarkskinnesahh_christal shared a tip "Love this move"

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aj_sheldon shared a tip "Amazing perfectly awesome, animation- great, music- beautiful, plot- great. Love this for literally everyone"

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victoria_harvey shared a tip "actually I don't really pay much attention to the people behind the movie as much as I do the movie itself"

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nina_puddin shared a tip "This movie had me rolling! Another one I saw in the movies um hands down Olaf stole the show thats all im gonna say!"

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dautofor shared a tip "Much better than I had anticipated"

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kienna_van_shaar shared a tip "Possibly my favorite movie ever"

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mary_rybak shared a tip "A sequel that out did the first in my opinion."

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amelia_camarena shared a tip ":)"

kiara__5043 shared a tip "Vcvbcb"

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musarrat_khalid shared a tip "Amazing movie!!! If you're a frozen fan or a disney fan highly recommend it"

erika_klages shared a tip "I think the music was better in the first one, but this one was still very good."

kylee_pitchford shared a tip "One of the few sequels even better than the first!"

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hayley_parnell shared a tip "The next right thing had me IN TEARS"

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kim_rymer_4986 shared a tip "Yea I like that a princess can be queen and doesn’t need a man"

bob_bird shared a tip "This had a more adult theme than the first"

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nita_hauschildt shared a tip "I might be one of the few people that liked it better than the first. I enjoyed watching them find their own paths as leaders"

miriam_taylor shared a tip "Even better than the first one"

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sayler_walls shared a tip "I like the comedy in the second one better and the animation is gorgeous!"

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kaylee_banta shared a tip "It’s so good to watch for when you are babysitting little kids!"

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ash_a_8575 shared a tip "Really good"

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nada_rachid shared a tip "I can’t seem to watch it"

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fernanda33 shared a tip "It's funny and romantic"

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glory_riser09 shared a tip "cool movie love it"

clara_b_2066 shared a tip "love, kinda sad"

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itsjustbryan shared a tip "Good and funny"

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sammmy shared a tip "Kristoff is 💯"

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siana_sanders shared a tip "This movie is amazing. It makes you laugh, it make you cry, it makes you smile. The music was amazing."

janett_aguilarjaime shared a tip "I like the second one better"

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elizabeth_hartman_1280 shared a tip "Second one"

katie_1186 shared a tip "Olaf hbu"

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dancer..jenna shared a tip "Great for a family movie night!🍿"

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deleted_user_1604516553160 shared a tip "I love the second"

hailey_davis_275 shared a tip "My Favorite movie"

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itz_dat_wolfgirl_03 shared a tip "Love it its the best love the music everything UwU"

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nicolette_anderson shared a tip "Watched with my four year old granddaughter- we loved it!"

kaliah_hicks shared a tip "Idk"

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candy_cringe shared a tip "Its sogood"

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leslyann_khan shared a tip "It is the most date movie ever"

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harlyy_valentine shared a tip "#family"

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og_tsuiseki_yt shared a tip "Funny and makes me feel really young and happy"

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emily_thoelke shared a tip "It may be even better than Frozen I. The music is fantastic."

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clare_seibert shared a tip "The music and the animation was wonderful!"

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melissa_handlin shared a tip "I love the fire lizard! He's so cute!"

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meli_brady shared a tip "Great movie for kids"

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courtney_nicole_5617 shared a tip "I like this one better than the 1st one."