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Ricky is a defiant young city kid who finds himself on the run with his cantankerous foster uncle in the wild New Zealand bush. A national manhunt ensues, and the two are forced to put aside their differences and work together to survive.

MPAA Rating PG-13

Status Released

Release Date 2016-03-31

Runtime 101 minutes

Budget $2.5m

Revenue $24m


TMDB 7.7


madison_2504 shared a tip "Love this one ! Heartwarming and hilarious"

2GMike 's profile image

2gmiguel shared a tip "Really funny and something different from your usual plot lines."

michael_daugherty_5898 shared a tip "Definitely a weird but good storyline. Worth the watch."

MeYou0 's profile image

ls_7040 shared a tip "Hilarious!!"

Kathy Clyne's profile image

kathy_clyne shared a tip "It's an ok movie I thought it would have been better"

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wine_bar shared a tip "Absolute hidden gem alert. Hilarious and heartwarming."

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becca_sangwin shared a tip "Watched this last night and loved it! Hilarious and heartwarming."

bethany_slater_ shared a tip "9.4.22"

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amber_gates_332955 shared a tip "The songs still stuck in my head πŸ₯² #funny"

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gin__comics shared a tip "Loved it so much I made fan-art."

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yumi shared a tip "So funny and heartwarming at the same time. Another unique great Waititi movie, itβ€˜s ”magestical”!!"

Melissa Hays's profile image

melissa_hays shared a tip "#Majestical"

codi green's profile image

codi_green shared a tip "I always have the birthday song stuck in my head."

franniegirl shared a tip "Better than expected. Good pace, endearing and entertaining"

Deena 's profile image

deena_c shared a tip "Sad and sweet"

jla 's profile image

plutes shared a tip "will-der people"

amelia_clark_3355 shared a tip "Lighthearted dark comedy charming story"

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SoylentGreene shared a tip "Cute"

Clara 's profile image

clara.h shared a tip "Hunt for the Wilderpeople is a masterpiece. It brings me joy every time I watch it. Highly recommend."

carly_roy_5020 shared a tip "Beautiful irreverent funny"

Makeda Ahava's profile image

makeda_ahava shared a tip "Funny and interesting look at life in New Zealand."

Kat Schamel's profile image

kat_schamel shared a tip "A really great adventure movie with a whole lot of heart."

Denham Passmore's profile image

denham_passmore shared a tip "Probably my favorite comedy."

Aman Tugnawat's profile image

aman.tugnawat shared a tip "It's a great family night out comedy movie!"

Angela Gray's profile image

thedarkfields shared a tip "One of the greatest unknown comedies ever made"

Kevin Brown's profile image

kevin_brown_2328 shared a tip "Great story. Unexpected."

Nicky Snyder's profile image

nicky_snyder shared a tip "Laughter and tears and good people doing stupid things. Perfect!"

jenny_b_4282 shared a tip "Heartwarming and sweet, I highly recommend this under-the-radar gem."

Madison Friesen's profile image

madison_friesen_3882 shared a tip "A fun, hilarious, and unique story!! In my top 10 favourite movies!"

toddie_ shared a tip "Best movie I've seen in several years."

chad_680 shared a tip "Soooooo funny!"

Alyssa Blake's profile image

alyssa_blake shared a tip "One of my very favorites."

Nathan Carley's profile image

nathan_carley shared a tip "Several but I thought the car chase scene was pretty funny."

Betsy Broadwater's profile image

betsy_broadwater shared a tip "Amazing"

Gina Best-Neylon's profile image

auntgigi shared a tip "Cute, funny, sweet, tween and above family movie"

Gina Best-Neylon's profile image

auntgigi shared a tip "Loved it, funny, sweet, silly, deep, all the feels!"

MoeButtons 's profile image

moebuttons shared a tip "I'm fairly certain this movie actually has a soul, the odd couple for our generation."

john_slack shared a tip "Delightful little movie. I want to see this young man in more stuff"

Velia Ramos's profile image

velia_ramos shared a tip "Love this movie. It’s so smart and funny. I highly recommend it for anybody over 10 years old. It’s so good."

Victoria Whitlock's profile image

victoria_whitlock shared a tip "Hilarious and heart warming. Highly recommended."

52dannyd .'s profile image

52dannyd_. shared a tip "A sudden surprise! I didn't think I would like it that much but ended up laughing and loving it. Great movie."

Shelly Simmons's profile image

shelly_simmons shared a tip "Great movie to watch with your kids. 9 year old son loved this and laughed most of the way through."

Ann Neumann's profile image

ann_neumann shared a tip "Laughter and beautiful scenery!"

donalee_katz shared a tip "Great Movie! Beautiful and touching"

Meghan Young's profile image

meghan_young_7316 shared a tip "Fantastic movie"

Marlena Dyrcz's profile image

marlena_dyrcz shared a tip "Suuuper cute and hilarious!"

altmo shared a tip "Genius director. Lively movie."

Lexie GΓΆekler's profile image

lexie_gekler shared a tip "Something weird and heart warming"

cc_8218 shared a tip "This one is a must-see. Too funny!"

shayla mazer's profile image

shayla_mazer shared a tip "taika waititi once again proves that he is just the best."

Priya Moraes's profile image

priya_moraes shared a tip "The birthday song but really any part of this movie is gold"

Julia Miller's profile image

julia_miller_9969 shared a tip "Yes! Loved it. New Zealand humor, surprising, endearing. Kinda like Up but in the woods for adults lol."

mihg_maramigs shared a tip "Feel good and funny"

Mister Darthy's profile image

mister_darthy shared a tip "One of the best movies of all time. A dog dies and it's still one of the best movies I'll always recommend."

Leah Vallis's profile image

leah_vallis shared a tip "Hilarious and heartfelt."

Julie Metz's profile image

julie_metz shared a tip "Lol funny and poignant, quirky"

TJ Sedgwick's profile image

tj_sedgwick shared a tip "Plenty of twist and turns, Taika Waititi is a genius"

Paige Lewis's profile image

paige_lewis_8191 shared a tip "Best movie ever. Great comedy and a great plot. I love it!!!"

Lucy Picco's profile image

lucy_picco shared a tip "It’s a great movie@netflix"

katie_zam shared a tip "Unique and funny"

m.a._p. shared a tip "I love, love, love this story! Great understated humor. The birthday song is exquisite!"

Lydia Theobald's profile image

lydia_theobald shared a tip "The perfect balance of emotion and comedy. Heavy in all the right places and a perfect, fresh, funny light in all the rest."

kim_barbeau shared a tip "It made me laugh til I cried."

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royo_drawinz shared a tip "Based off the book wild pork and watercress,great book,great film!"

Holly McComas's profile image

holly_mccomas_943 shared a tip "This is one of the best movies ever."

janice_eddington shared a tip "Yes!"

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jivan_kaprielian shared a tip "It's one of he best comedies I've ever seen, and is criminally underrated #comedy"

ellen_baum shared a tip "This was both funny and heartwarming"

Eric AcuΓ±a's profile image

eric_acua shared a tip "Such a fun movie for the family, we all loved it!"

carol_contos shared a tip "Could've been the next Napoleon Dynamite, but didn't quite make it. Still a super great movie though."

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milan_orozco shared a tip "Hilarious"

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