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An other-worldly story, set against the backdrop of Cold War era America circa 1962, where a mute janitor working at a lab falls in love with an amphibious man being held captive there and devises a plan to help him escape.

MPAA Rating R

Status Released

Release Date 2017-12-01

Runtime 123 minutes

Budget $20m

Revenue $0.2b


TMDB 7.3


Brendan Tate's profile image

Brendan.Tate shared a tip "Best fish porn of 2018"

Ivette Baez's profile image

ivette_baez shared a tip "Definitely the most bizarre love story I’ve ever seen. But well written and produced."

Michelle Davison's profile image

michelle_davison_7921 shared a tip "This is a beautiful story and film. I was completely emersed in the storyline."

Kimberly Thorn's profile image

kimberly_thorn shared a tip "Unusual fairytale come to life. Just watch it"

Joshua Smith's profile image

joshua_smith_3234 shared a tip "Great modern fairytale."

Nancy Smith's profile image

nancy_smith shared a tip "Strange, but I still loved it and cried too."

Nancy Smith's profile image

nancy_smith shared a tip "If someone would have told me that the heroine would fall for a sea monster in advance, I would have missed a super movie."

Jennifer Smythe's profile image

jennifer_sied shared a tip "The fish man is hot, but you should watch this movie for the excellent story and social commentary."

Freemon Jackson's profile image

freemon_jackson shared a tip "Sex with a fish..."

Corey Howard's profile image

corey_howard shared a tip "It's good, but I don't care about it"

Corey Howard's profile image

corey_howard shared a tip "Good, but could've been a lot better if it explored it's idea more."

Justin Macosky's profile image

justin_macosky shared a tip "One of my top 20 favorites!"

Anita John's profile image

anita_john shared a tip "Beautifully shot. One of my favourite romance films. 🧜"

Ava Voth's profile image

ava_voth shared a tip "Dont watch this with your dad like I did😬"

DENISE PUCKETT's profile image

denise_puckett shared a tip "This movie shocked me and was gripping..I would have never thought it would be so good"

Natan Bekele's profile image

natan_bekele shared a tip "Beautiful cinematography. One of my favorite visually stunning pictures"

akira_marin shared a tip "It’s carried suspense in such a unique way It became one of my favorite movies!"

anna giannicchi's profile image

anna_giannicchi shared a tip "Different"

hilda_alvarez-strang shared a tip "Loved it"

Kai 's profile image

warmestmachine shared a tip "pheesh"

Amanda Carter Wilkerson's profile image

amanda_carter_wilke shared a tip "Beautiful cinema"

r_kafka shared a tip "It is unusual, but it’s the most romantic movie I’ve ever seen. And your significant other might also think so."

alejandra gonzalez's profile image

alejandra_gonzalez_6760 shared a tip "This movie is so deep that you have to have an open mind to understand it fully."

Lydia Arnold's profile image

lydia_arnold shared a tip "Love story. Accepting others as they are. And nice to see ASL in movies."

Adriana Chavira's profile image

adriana_chavira_5679 shared a tip "It's a little different. But a love story between t two different people"

Rose Griffin's profile image

rose_griffin_6351 shared a tip "Good"

Jack Havok's profile image

jack_havok shared a tip "Has to be one of my favourite movies of all time. A modern fairy tale, beautiful and dark. #mustsee #modernfairytale"

Erica Sepulveda's profile image

erica_sepulveda shared a tip "Yes it was such a great movie!"

denise_5684 shared a tip "Creative, intriguing and different!"

Leta Grieves's profile image

leta_grieves_1429 shared a tip "Not the same old thing. New and intriguing. Kept my attention."

Jasmine Marsh's profile image

jasmine_marsh shared a tip "A love you'd never think possible and a connection undeniable"

Caelin Brooks's profile image

caelin_brooks shared a tip "MY FAVORITE MOVIE- the art, the filming, the characters, the plot is all amazing!"

Kristin Cushing's profile image

kristin_cushing shared a tip "A twist to a love tale that was a little odd to watch but well told story"

Julie Annis's profile image

julie_annis shared a tip "Pretty different story line but you get a soft spot for the fish guy"

Tayler Tate's profile image

tayler_tate shared a tip "Very interesting kept me on the edge of my seat and surprised 4 sure lol"

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