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Peter Parker and his friends go on a summer trip to Europe. However, they will hardly be able to rest - Peter will have to agree to help Nick Fury uncover the mystery of creatures that cause natural disasters and destruction throughout the continent.

MPAA Rating PG-13

Status Released

Release Date 2019-06-28

Runtime 129 minutes

Budget $0.2b

Revenue $1.1b


TMDB 7.5


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emilio_rios shared a tip "I saw this at the movies it was awesome to see it"

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grrrlikestaquitos shared a tip "It’s a great movie"

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jim_badger shared a tip "Parts had me scratching my head saying "how...?" Then I remembered, it's a comic book...enjoy!"

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jason_mercer_9118 shared a tip "So much heart! Loved dealing with the loss of Tony Stark / father figure"

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sophdog101 shared a tip "A great follow up to Avengers: Endgame that looks at a world post Iron Man"

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CHBcabin6 shared a tip "One of my favorite Marvel Sequels. I lover Peter and M.J."

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kc_kc shared a tip "tom holland + zendaya 💞🤩"

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CassyRafuse shared a tip "Aunt May passed the vibe check when she found out Peter was Spiderman"

samoltoe shared a tip "The ending makes it worth the wait for any Spider-Man fan!:)"

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chiya_amin_2149 shared a tip "I still don’t know if I like this movie more than homecoming but I love this movie SO MUCH."

a_i_5453 shared a tip "I loved the big plot twist where you didn't really know who the villain was, super great movie!"

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bill_hinshillwood shared a tip "Best MCU end credit scene. JK Simmons as J Jona Jameson meets Alex Jones was perfect!!"

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carisa_haber shared a tip "Tom Holland - do I need say more?"

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alexandra_butts shared a tip "No way NO WAY #spiderman"

astrid_salazar shared a tip "Love that they finally brought in mysterio into a Spidey movie!"

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makenna_6659 shared a tip "It’s really good! If u like other marvel movies you’ll certainly love this one.😉"

mckenna_chuck shared a tip "This is a great movie I would definitely recommend this movie"

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malaya_valencia shared a tip "This movie is a great movie to watch if you like marvel"

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deshawn_smith shared a tip "Don’t really have a favorite part I just like the movie in general it’s great"

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jholder47 shared a tip "Tough ending on the bridge. Really shows that Peter is still a kid! And is still in high school"

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sophia_slaven shared a tip "I liked Spider-Man Homecoming"

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w_h_5822 shared a tip "Completely different type of movie, but I really like Your Name"

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lily_blair_6764 shared a tip "So good! There’s reference to Endgame and really great effects! Overall storyline is great too. And who doesn’t love Tom Holland?"

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tim_dykens shared a tip "Underrated."

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jonathan_robertson_9977 shared a tip "Movies similar to far from home? I would recommend Ender's game if you haven't seen it !"

ashley_king_5263 shared a tip "Marvel has the best characters."

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daniel_rowe shared a tip "Favorite: three-way tie between O Brother, Where Art Thou?, Midnight in Paris, and Sun City"

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faith_vega_2407 shared a tip "I've been watching alot of marvel movies, i love them all."

valeriavega_ shared a tip "Hi"

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sam_gauthier shared a tip "Great Spider-Man feel to it and a good continuation of the Marvel Cinematic Universe."

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william_heron shared a tip "Bruh this is awe i love the part when (spoiler) and it was so cool"

peyton_daniel shared a tip "Fun movie!"

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hazel_w shared a tip "Soo good"

oliver_hook shared a tip "How can it be bad #excellent"

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alejandro_garcia_318 shared a tip "Speeder min"

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hannah_hansen_2238 shared a tip "it’s so fun!"

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alanna_ballor shared a tip "You bet!"

dumebi_njoku shared a tip "I thought it was really really good. The plot twist was actually insane. I definitely would not have expected it at all"

Emily Robinson's profile image

emily_robinson_700 shared a tip "It's worth a watch, although far from my favorite Spider Man movie."

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allie_blake shared a tip "All the marvel ones are really good! One of my favorites is captain America"

Wathanaelle Eugene's profile image

watha_eugene shared a tip "I’m a Marvel fan so I watch every Marvel movies and they are all interesting so you should check more of them out."

Caitlin Bub's profile image

caitlin_bub shared a tip "In marvel or dc?"

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crazy_ducks shared a tip "I really liked it"

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lydia_morgan_6772 shared a tip "Me too!"

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loki_cat shared a tip "Honestly most of the newer marvel movies are good... I personally love Thor Ragnarok. Um otherwise Shazam is pretty good"

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ti_ja shared a tip "All of the spider man movies and anything Marvel"

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kyle_bussey shared a tip "It's awesome"

user145 shared a tip "Plot twist was amazing."

lauren_johnson_6245 shared a tip "OMG I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!!!"

ira_dubey shared a tip "Not really, but I especially liked the kiss haha :)"

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max_theisen shared a tip "Of mice and men"

Mary 's profile image

maryg shared a tip "Also great movie, I like how different it is from the other Spider-Man movies, you’ll enjoy watching this."

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abby_bosier shared a tip "It’s really good! Especially if you like marvel!"

alainrothstein shared a tip "My 9-yr old loved it!"

Insanxty 's profile image

insanxty shared a tip "Objectively my favorite live action Spider-Man film, second only to Into The Spider-Verse."

Dylan Jennings's profile image

dylan_jennings shared a tip "Very good movie and a good follow up to endgame. The visuals in this movie are amazing."

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lucy_buffington shared a tip "It’s a great movie"

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catherine_madura shared a tip "When the spider-man saves the day"

saidur rahman's profile image

saidur_rahman shared a tip "I wish it was free to watch in this app with having to pay 😕 😪."

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meg_mite shared a tip "One of the ending scenes when aunt may walks in on him 😆"

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allie_mcardle shared a tip "Yes! I know basically every line from Spiderman Homecoming and I think anything from Marvel is amazing."

dana_4721 shared a tip "Just the concept of adapting to a lapse of time in a life... enthralled me!"

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jayana_perez shared a tip "It was an amazing movie that will definitely keep you on your toes!"

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dylan_clayton shared a tip "Trailers don’t do it justice. This movie was a shocker with an even bigger post-credit wtf moment"

Leeshawn Brown's profile image

leeshawn_brown shared a tip "I love this movie when it came out"

Deleted User Deleted User's profile image

deleted_user_1618359038595 shared a tip "Hands down the best Spiderman movie ever!"

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theron_m shared a tip "Wasn't an ending so much as a setup for the next movie. I guess they want Spiderman to carry the series like Iron Man did."

Élodie Bourgeois-Cayer's profile image

lodie_bourgeois-cayer shared a tip "Probably Zendaya's character! Yo me its better than the first one"

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leeah_delgado shared a tip "One of my favorite movies"

zyekis shared a tip "How do you Watch the movie"

brittany_mcdaniel_350 shared a tip "Good movie"

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addisyn_schmitz shared a tip "Hi"

garrett_irwin shared a tip "Nest Spider-Man movie ever"

𝗞𝗼𝗼𝗽𝗲𝗿 S𝗵𝗮𝘃𝗲𝗿's profile image

_s_2008 shared a tip "Same"

prosperedikesa shared a tip "Woooo cool"

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keishastjacques shared a tip "23/23"

kaiteleen_diaz shared a tip "MJ"

sadelia_adams shared a tip "I don’t like Superhero movies like that"

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SanctifyWaffles shared a tip "Tom Holland is just...👆you know?"

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jorge_perez_9929 shared a tip "Good Plot"

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jorge_perez_9929 shared a tip "Good Plot"

royce_3408 shared a tip "Its is such a good movie !"

adan_leonardo shared a tip "Not that good :/"

adan_leonardo shared a tip "Not that good :/"

saima_2844 shared a tip "This movie is a great spiderman movie add on netflix please 🤤"

irving_vigil shared a tip "Its funny@"

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wolfie_rose shared a tip "I love spiderman!! 🕷💞😍"

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erin_bell_1429 shared a tip "Tom holland is so adorable as peter parker"

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donjay_lkkl shared a tip "How can i play it"

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jacob_lange_7197 shared a tip "Good detail and lots of action"

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chloe_7059 shared a tip "probably the one where he and mj find out he’s spider-man and that mysterio’s the villain!"

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valerie_lizotte shared a tip "I like this version of Spider-Man"

Sai Siddharth Challagundla's profile image

sai_siddharth_chall shared a tip "@sarahlong21 It is a great movie I do recommend it. You will love it if you like plot twists"

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marko_popara shared a tip "Better spiderman movie I have seen"

kay_6039 shared a tip "@chelseawrightreads I would say movies in the mcu overall or Spider-Man Into the Spiderverse"

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victoria_pinkley shared a tip "I’m just a huge Tom Holland fan. I want to see his new film Chaos Walking. Any of the Avengers movies are similar."

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eva_schmitz shared a tip "Amazing movie to watch"

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santana_lopez_9874 shared a tip "again Peter Parker is so cute I cant"

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wardens_rage shared a tip "No i luv all of the movie"

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deleted_user_1622056339065 shared a tip "I always love the villain reveal. Even if I know who it is!"

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km.unstoppable shared a tip "It's pretty good! I'm not a super big fan of super hero movies but I really liked this one"

moni.k's game channel's profile image

moni.ks_game_channel shared a tip "This movie was so great"

patricia_woodward_7842 shared a tip "I agree it is!"

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raymond_clark_5896 shared a tip "Jake Gyllenhaal really was great in it imo."

nate_krieger shared a tip "@elonmusk69_yt"

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