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A story of love and life among the landed English gentry during the Georgian era. Mr. Bennet is a gentleman living in Hertfordshire with his overbearing wife and five daughters, but if he dies their house will be inherited by a distant cousin whom they have never met, so the family's future happines

MPAA Rating PG

Status Released

Release Date 2005-09-16

Runtime 127 minutes

Budget $28m

Revenue $0.1b


TMDB 8.1


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ohjeezmeg shared a tip "THE BEST MOVIE OF ALL TIME."

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sherri_hodges shared a tip "One of my all-time favorites!"

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beadzombie shared a tip "A loose interpretation of P&P. Nothing comparable to the version with Colin Firth. Still worth a watch though."

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jackie_shindman shared a tip "My all time favorite movie 😻"

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carol_lobaito shared a tip "Enjoy on a rainy afternoon with the fire going !"

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hero_ft shared a tip "If you love romance than this is your movie,, I promise you wont be disappointed ☺🤍"

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emily_heisler shared a tip "One of my favorites"

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sarah_auger shared a tip "One of my favorite movie of all time !"

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shelly_ramzinski shared a tip "My all time favorite film and soundtrack."

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jenny_edmond shared a tip "#period_dramas"

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christian_emery shared a tip "One of my favorites ❤️"

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sunny_brooks_2891 shared a tip "favorite comfort movie!"

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amynah_reimoo shared a tip "I liked it. If you love British period dramas, you will love it!"

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jenn_berner shared a tip "Favorite movie of all time."

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anika_karlsurd shared a tip "If you like this movie you should try watching the BBC mini series. It’s even better."

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bonnie_dalager shared a tip "Not usually a romance fan but I watch this annually over labor day weekend. It's delightful."

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delicia_verderber shared a tip "My favorite movie"

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jj_baker shared a tip "All time favorite movie and have watched over 100 times!"

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montse_garcia_884 shared a tip "This is like the #1 Movie to watch. I JUST LOVE IT"

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kayley_corneliusen shared a tip "Favorite movie"

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paula_harris_7100 shared a tip "One of my favorite movies. Love the storyline! Mr Darcy is dreamy!"

ilovelevine shared a tip "A movie you can watch over and over. Beautiful music and scenery. a gorgeous period piece with surprising charm"

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theclassicreader shared a tip "one of my comfort movies"

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sonya_acharya shared a tip "It's amazing, definitely one of my fav movies! I also love Little Women (2019), which has similar vibes."

teresa_langheim shared a tip "If you like period pieces, it is wonderful!"

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catherine_lee_7440 shared a tip "It's hard to pick a favorite but I typically like comedy or drama. What about you?"

alishia_3224 shared a tip "It’s one of the better incarnations of the book."

perrin_langille shared a tip "Just love Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy"

diana_6222 shared a tip "definitely the mrs.darcy scene :)"

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sanna_ware shared a tip "My favorite movie tends to change, depending on my mood, but right now it’s Portrait of a Lady On Fire."

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marjorie_napier shared a tip "It's great, but I also recommend the miniseries from the 1990s if you're looking for the most accuracy."

netflix3 shared a tip "I dont really know. You? Have you red the book?"

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melissa_davis_9415 shared a tip "While it is not true to the book, I love this movie so much!! I will watch it any time, any day."

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m0nstergrl_ shared a tip "This has been my favorite movie since elementary! I want a live like Elizabeth’s and Mr. Darcy. ❣️"

lillian_hart shared a tip "Favourite movie adaptation."

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laura_kelly_2350 shared a tip "Top 5 favorite movies ever. I watch it several times a year."

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FlashyTurnip shared a tip "Mister Collins!"

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devin_connolly shared a tip "Legitimately one of my favourite movies ever. Beautifully done"

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corrinne_ronde shared a tip "I adore this movie. It’s my sick day movie."

juniper_3246 shared a tip "Pay attention to the details. They speak volumes"

laura_richardson_1516 shared a tip "One of my all-time favorites the perfect love story ❤️"

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daphne_hurshman shared a tip "It was so great no bad things need to be said#romance #perfect"

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ellie_michaletz_403 shared a tip "When they all go to the dance!"

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sarah.lambert shared a tip "A stunning rendition of this classic Jane Austin novel, this time piece is fantastic. Can’t praise it enough!!"

esther_kramer shared a tip "Mr. Darcy. Sigh. ❤️"

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maria_h_2829 shared a tip "The aesthetic, the enemies to lovers, the atmosphere all of it was perfect!"

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jessica_malueg shared a tip "Highly recommend"

nadiyah_haynes shared a tip "so good! :)"

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brianna_cruz_6065 shared a tip "Historical"

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lacey_crigler shared a tip "Not as good as the Colin Firth one but its growing on me. 🤷🏼‍♀️"

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january_johnson shared a tip "I love..i love...i love it."

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anita_gonzales_1783 shared a tip "One of my favorite films."

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christina_wilson_7517 shared a tip "Beautiful"

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sher_webb shared a tip "#janeaustin"

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sher_webb shared a tip "Good, very good"

yazmyn_wightman shared a tip "Amazing! The original enemies to lovers."

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torri_nicole shared a tip "Classic Jane Austin"

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HelloGorgeous shared a tip "I've watched this movie more times than I can count."

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deanna_avra shared a tip "My favorite book turned into one of my favorite movies."

nadia_charest shared a tip "Loved it!"

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shay_a shared a tip "Sooooo good!"

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kayleigh_s shared a tip "my absolute favorite movie ever"

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tamara_hicks-syron shared a tip "Darcy walking toward Elizabeth as the sun rises."

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madibrown shared a tip "This is one movie I could watch a million and never tire over it."

chrissy_smith shared a tip "Love, love, love this movie. All things Jane Austen really. I could watch this lovie over and over. Actually, I have! Haha"

jessie_martinez_5695 shared a tip "Love this movie!!!!!!!"

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ryanne_jacobs shared a tip "A great movie to watch if you love romance and a leading woman character!!"

sheryl_ohmes shared a tip "Perfect romantic movie!"

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deleted_user_1608080782552 shared a tip "Best thing ive ever seen an amazing movie must watch"

mallorie_vickers shared a tip "Its the most splendid romance story"

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natalie.stiles shared a tip "I thought I should watch it since it is going off netflix. The best love story ever!!"

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rose_ellen_buzhardt shared a tip "the best movie out there"

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madelynne_saxbury shared a tip "I love this movie so much! Kiera knightly did such an amazing job in it. Ive watched it a thousand times!"

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kathrina_crosby shared a tip "LOVE IT SM"

destiny_veals shared a tip "my favorite movie!!"

beth_currie shared a tip "Not as good as the BBC mini-series, but a good movie."

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stephanie_manarin shared a tip "One of my go tos"

sage_atherton shared a tip "Its everything you want to see on a Sunday evening."

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laura_inman shared a tip "Wonderful!! Definately one of the classics!!"

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brooke_mountain shared a tip "Good classic happy I finally got to see"

theresa_haynes shared a tip "One of my favourite films. Made me want to learn piano. Epitomy of romance ❤️"

renee_tibbets shared a tip "My all time favorite romance. Mr. Darcy is wonderful!"

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lexie_ross_8002 shared a tip "Perfection."

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mark_miller_4265 shared a tip "I'm reading the book"

lea_ann_cooper shared a tip "I have, love Jane Austin"

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isabelle_lynn shared a tip "My favorite movie of all time."

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mary_glaser shared a tip "Romantic!"

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ashley_martin_3461 shared a tip "#literallythebestmovieever!!"

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cinder_jones shared a tip "AMAZING MOVIE!"

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justice_kent shared a tip "I love this movie. A great adaptation to an incredible book."

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nyjah_8054 shared a tip "I love this movie. Definitely one of my favorites."

shirley_payne shared a tip "I keep watching it, at least once a month."

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deahn_c._brown shared a tip "Just love this time period pieces in London. Sweet story"

emily_nelson_2999 shared a tip "Beautiful! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ #prideandprejudice #romance #drama #love"

corinna_campbell shared a tip "My favorite movie"

leslie_lutz shared a tip "Well acted, great story"

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marie-helene_porras shared a tip "Too many movie to love to have one favorite. But love this movie for sure. I just love british drama!"

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deariio shared a tip "it was literally the best. a masterpiece"

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katrina_manning shared a tip "Beautifully Done!"

kimberly_blunt shared a tip "It’s sooo romantic, subtle. A classic."

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