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When teenager Elle's first kiss leads to a forbidden romance with the hottest boy in high school, she risks her relationship with her best friend.

MPAA Rating -

Status Released

Release Date 2018-05-11

Runtime 105 minutes


TMDB 7.3


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laura_heibler shared a tip "This is awful and makes no sense and I love it"

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secretwriter007 shared a tip "Such a cute movie! Makes you wish you were back in high school again!"

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lily_naert shared a tip "lots of people didn’t like this movie but i actually loved it lmao. guilty pleasure"

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mlsig shared a tip "This is actually the worst movie ever which is why you need to see it. It's my friends and my go to movie to get drunk over"

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makenna_lynn shared a tip "this is a great movie and i recommend it for all of you"

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april_leveille shared a tip "Daughter movie"

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tara_molloy shared a tip "I love this movie series."

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julianna_rigot shared a tip "there isn’t an actual booth very disappointing"

edith_allison shared a tip "It is such a realistic movie I can definitely recommend someone to watch this."

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Angle_kay shared a tip "This movie is so cute and funny. If you your looking for a good movie to watch this is for sure recommended to watch"

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flashlover12 shared a tip "Okay this one wasn't bad"

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e_bar shared a tip "This is a really cute movie, but I personally didnt like how controlling Noah was with Elle. That wasnt cute at all."

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rissamissa shared a tip "Loved it, really cute and entertaining."

hannah_fisher_1616 shared a tip "a great coming of age movie"

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giovanna_kelker shared a tip "Really funny and it is kind of what you expect from the beginning, but also not."

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carisa_haber shared a tip "🤌🏻 Perfection"

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joseph_b_9569 shared a tip "Solid movie"

alaura_bumgarden shared a tip "It is so so good 👉🏻👈🏻🥺"

samantha_warneke shared a tip "I dying to see this movie"

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samara_6045 shared a tip "Can’t wait until the second movie comes out on Friday, July 24😁"

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amy_castillo_4640 shared a tip "Can’t wait for the second one"

nevaeh_estes shared a tip "BEST MOVIE EVER"

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luciana_7989 shared a tip "A such a great movie!"

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luciana_7989 shared a tip "A such a great movie!"

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jmac shared a tip "Such a cute film"

kamorian shared a tip "I loved it best movie to watch.😁"

unicorn allie toy and slime review Anderson's profile image

unicorn_allie_toy_and_slime_r shared a tip "Its a great movie 👍"

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natalia_brown_1773 shared a tip "😘😘"

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brittneys_lifestyle shared a tip "It a great movie.#kissingbooth"

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hannah_elliott_7320 shared a tip "I Love this movie"

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caitlyn_evans_9533 shared a tip "Loved it!!"

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sidney_seraph shared a tip "@jeff_lenz not yet"

auna_shaw shared a tip "Favorite movie thanks to JOEY KING!"

kay_concepcion shared a tip "Cute"

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destiny_sierra shared a tip "9/10"

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alexsis_touray shared a tip "Its a perfect movie to watch with your bestfriend!!"

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lily_zimmerman_4315 shared a tip "Great show"

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jessica_sisa shared a tip "Amazing"

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maggie_l_5846 shared a tip "so good"

courtney_carl shared a tip "It’s such a great movie and it is so funny and cute"

deborah_hudson_424 shared a tip "I loved this movie because it was a movie that wasn’t about politics or the pandemic and I could just veg."

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katie_brigance shared a tip "Great movie"

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bayashirley shared a tip "It the perfect show for teens"

izzy_shalkowski shared a tip "Very good and interesting"

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anna_sweeney_2332 shared a tip "I kind of liked the second one but the first one was really good!"

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nancy_4261 shared a tip "This is a really good movie and that’s all I have to say Buh you guys should also see the second one !"

lindsay_reese shared a tip "This movie is amazing and I love how there are more to the series"

Diana Isabel Reyes's profile image

diana_isabel_reyes shared a tip "The kissing booth 1 for sure"

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safa_khan_5419 shared a tip "Love this movie! This is such a lovely and cute movie 💖. Definitely recommend it"

jahir_jimenez shared a tip "Second probably"

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keash151 shared a tip "I loved this movie becuase of all of the dramatic and amazing scenes one of the best movies if your into drama"

Tierney Monroe's profile image

tierney_monroe shared a tip "I really like this movie and the storyline was really good. recommend this 100% (there is a 2nd one) "

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k.rush28 shared a tip "This is me and my best friends movie. Its great!"

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amelia_gonzalez_8858 shared a tip "Nice teen film!"

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brittany_alice shared a tip "Light hearted teen movie"

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kayla_wilkins_7023 shared a tip "#romance #kissingbooth #comedy #feelgood #high_school"

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amanda_konrad shared a tip "So cheesy"

caitlyn mattoon's profile image

caitlyn_mattoon_5847 shared a tip "ONE OF MY FAV MOVIES"

kailynn_kelley shared a tip "Loved it can’t wait until #2"

layla_henegar shared a tip "I have only seen the first."

makenna_grace_jones shared a tip "I love this movie!! If u like romance and comedy you will like this"

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meg.m shared a tip "i love this movie! it keeps you on your toes throughout the entire film"

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syliani_ortiz shared a tip "I love this show"

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Lj_101 shared a tip "I am soooo exited JULY 24!!!!!!!!!! Lmao 😂❤️🥺🥵"

giuliaa shared a tip "really cute and entertaining"

giuliaa shared a tip "kinda cheesy tho lol"

grace_2553 shared a tip "It’s really good drama funny romance and in the end all is good when I watch this I get butterflies in my stomach"

no_5644 shared a tip "This is a good movie I promise"

 Bell's profile image

bell_cookie48 shared a tip "I love this movie can’t wait till part to comes out❤️❤️"

melanie_5363 shared a tip "It’s the perfect date night movie 🍿"

jane_hager shared a tip "Love this movie"

maggie_4881 shared a tip "Good movie to watch for a date"

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alleigh_gregg shared a tip "If you like romance and comedy this is a really good movie"

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anton_hanson shared a tip "Lee is so pathetic and this movies rules break up the friendship rather than strengthen it👎"

skyler_black shared a tip "Ummm duhhhhh"

Madi.Monroe shared a tip "You have to watch it!! I literally loved watching it totally recommend it."

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drixppy.lit shared a tip "Good movie"

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bryssa_rodriguez shared a tip "It so funny"

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ana_nunez_1236 shared a tip "Perfect to watch if you want to watch something romantic you can find it in Netflix and there is a #2 and #3 is coming out 2021"

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kady_bakayoko shared a tip "This is an amazing movie if you are emotionally unavailable"

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rayleigh_kate shared a tip "Such a great movie and hot guys too!"

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julia_lovely shared a tip "It’s a unique and all over the place story but it still has an awesome love story"

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makayla_olsen_1028 shared a tip "It’s a great movie for teens"

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blehblehbored shared a tip "I’m waiting for kissing both 3"

jordan_alexis_sheff shared a tip "It’s amazinggggg"

tiffany_mcintyre shared a tip "Oh Shoot, Sorry, that only happens in the second one"

tiffany_mcintyre shared a tip "So nvm"

Andrhea B's profile image

andrhea_b shared a tip "Best movie ever. Made me cry but the end was amazing. Love it so much"

Isabella Chastain's profile image

isabella_chastain shared a tip "The scene in general"

emy_dallaire shared a tip "We are all in lpve with Noah"

marlana robertson's profile image

marlana_robertson shared a tip "#romance"

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anna_campbell_4881 shared a tip "Every rhing about this movie is great!!"

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sana_s. shared a tip "good"

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cody_dale_6271 shared a tip "Its the perfect date nignt movie!"

sonya_mitchell shared a tip "This is a good movie I recommend it and the second on it was great not great amazing"

Caitlyn ONeill's profile image

caitlyn_oneill shared a tip "This movie is iconic because it can make you feel a certain emotion to the next and you can never get tired of it."

Cotton candy Heart's profile image

cotton_candy_heart shared a tip "Funny and interesting to watch! I cant wait til i get some time to watch the 2nd one!"

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mariah_rushton shared a tip "Watched this when it first came out. Absolutely loved it!"

Stéphanie Pothel's profile image

stphanie_pothel shared a tip "Have you seen it?#high_school"

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jaiden_farrell shared a tip "I very much liked both of the kissing booth movies!!!"

Deleted User Deleted User's profile image

deleted_user_1609552240186 shared a tip "It’s the perfect date night idea!#kissingbooth"

susan_kansier shared a tip "If you want a really sweet love story with a super hot male lead, this is for you."

Gracie Gayle's profile image

gracie_gayle shared a tip "@taylor_osterbind I liked them both and I am excited for the 3rd one but I think my favorite one was the first one!"

Chantelle Bjolverud's profile image

chantelle_bjolverud shared a tip "Such a wonderful movie"

Olivia’s_life :D's profile image

olivias_life_d shared a tip "It was so good I just loved it!"

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moonlight_sky shared a tip "It- its good when your alone and feeling like your gonna be alone forever, but will never be mentioned again."

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grace_jordan_8742 shared a tip "Loved this, a good series just to binge watch with your girlfriends"

victoria_vaughn_797 shared a tip "Yes yes yes! Loves this and so will any YA book and movie lovers!"

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heatherdtaylor shared a tip "So adorable!"

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gamer_girl_4877 shared a tip "Was a really good move. I watched it with my little sister and she loved it. Would definitely recommend this move."

laney_marie_webb shared a tip "Best movie ever made watch now"

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ashley_roldan_8074 shared a tip "It’s a good movie"

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jessica_gray_7262 shared a tip "I'm not big on romance type movies but this was a lot of fun!"

tracie_mcclements shared a tip "I’d say my favorite of all time is Dirty Dancing. But My Life is a close second. Along with Love Actually."

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