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🌟4/5🌟 I actually really enjoyed this whole movie and the storyline. The plot twist was kinda unexpected and I liked how it turned out. The action scenes were decent and I loved how this movie ended on some what a happy note, but there’s definitely room for a second movie.. Hope to see Captain Marvel in more upcoming Marvel movies. I also, loved Fury in this and the comedy he brought to it!

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Captain Marvel

Movies | Action

🌟3/5🌟 I honestly don’t know if I don’t like this movie or if I like it. There was just so much wrong with this movie that it really took away from the whole storyline. Like why are these people driving while they are drunk and high it just doesn’t add up too me. And I was expecting like romance in this but all it there was were hookups that didn’t go nowhere. Also I found many of the characters unlikable besides a select few.

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Edge of Seventeen

Movies | Comedy

🌟3.5/5🌟 it was good, but I don’t remember much from it.

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Movies | Science Fiction

🌟4.5/5🌟 such a fun movie to watch. Felt like a breath of fresh air. Loved the storyline and the characters!

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Love and Monsters

Movies | Adventure

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