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This movie had me in tears. What a beautiful story. The best friends brother trope is always something that keeps you into the movie. Adam and nikola’s chemistry was just unmatched. The way they would go back and forth with each other talking for hours was something so special. I swear I could watch a movie of just then talking to each other in a car and I would be satisfied. That ending broke my heart so much. It was just so beautifully done. Their relationship may have only been short, but I swear it had a better build then most other characters in other movies who spend years together. Hands down one of the best movies I’ve seen.

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Of an Age

Movies | Drama

Train to Busan had me hooked from the beginning. The main male actor and the little girl were phenomenal. I really enjoyed how we were introduced to multiple different characters during the film and got to follow them a bit. I didn’t find it all they suspenseful. I just can’t get over the way the main male character died though, it felt very stupid and could have easily been preventable. That final scene with the little girl and the pregnant lady was so well done and heart breaking. They ended the movie in the right way in my opinion. Anyways, the movie was very well directed and I enjoyed my time watching it!

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Train to Busan

Movies | Horror

🌟4.5/5🌟 LOL

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Scary Movie

Movies | Comedy

🌟4.5/5🌟 such a good romcom movie. Loved Harry. Harry was a bit annoying at time but he won me over.

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The Thing About Harry

Movies | Romance

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