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A case of mistaken identity results in unexpected romance when the most popular girl in high school and the biggest loser must come together to win over their crushes.

MPAA Rating PG-13

Status Released

Release Date 2018-09-07

Runtime 105 minutes


TMDB 6.3


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CupcakeTron shared a tip "Was pleasantly surprised with this movie. Such a cute rom com with a strong friendship storyline."

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tomatotainment shared a tip "She's a predator, BOOOOOO"

kj_ressler shared a tip "Adaptation of the play "Cyrano de Bergerac.""

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molly_hans shared a tip "Teen angst meets characters with depth - and a sense of humor. Witty and surprising."

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jacob_ha shared a tip "The main character was the one in the wrong and we were still ment to sympathize with her being the jerk"

_liz__7124 shared a tip "I like the message, bad execution."

hallierice shared a tip "Felt that"

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amaya_bustos shared a tip "I thought this was an amazing movie I think it was funny and just took me back to Disney movie days lol"

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camryn_kelley_3488 shared a tip "Was a great teen rom com!"

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madeline_magness shared a tip "This movie is so frustrating since the protagonist quickly becomes unbearable"

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lily_naert shared a tip "no. just no. this movie gets two thumbs down"

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genesis_chavez_9520 shared a tip "It was unrealistic tbh."

morgan_mckenzie_3825 shared a tip "didn’t like the overall attitude of the film"

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apricotti shared a tip "Stfu"

rebecca_hellekson shared a tip "She really is a loser"

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I-LOVE-ZENDAYA shared a tip "idk"

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lexi_fitzgerald shared a tip "I’m unsure of whether I like this or not. But I liked the cast"

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april_leveille shared a tip "Watched thus with my daughter but ended up really enjoying it!!!"

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whoiisdanai shared a tip "I love this movie its just perfect🖤"

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michelle_2064 shared a tip "Loved it"

mika_rice_909 shared a tip "uh-mazing"

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gavin_smith shared a tip "One of the best to come out of Netflix"

Isabel Zúñiga 🐒🐴🕷🐬🐢🦥's profile image

Isamonkey shared a tip "A really good teenage drama"

whitnee_davis shared a tip "Fantastic!!!"

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pac shared a tip "This movie is weird and the core message is convoluted and and questionable. It’s fine if you don’t want something good."

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safa_khan_5419 shared a tip "This movie is really realistic and it relates to girl problems today. Love his movie alot!!"

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chloe_byers shared a tip "This is a great movie I love it alot💙💙"

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jaimie_julson shared a tip "Smart, poignant and refreshing considering how oversaturated and predictable this genre tends to be."

susan_kansier shared a tip "The lead actress was outstanding. A movie all high schoolers should watch."

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pari_shah_7159 shared a tip "Good plot"

yesi_deleon shared a tip "The last scene at the end when all of them became friends again"

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ava_4681 shared a tip "Thus is such a good movie, with a very unexpected plot!"

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taylor_minard shared a tip "This movie is relatable in a way. But also has real life issues"

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cristal_forever shared a tip "This was an amazing movie it was so entertaining to watch 100% recommended"

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drixppy.lit shared a tip "This a good movie"

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fantasy_otis shared a tip "This movie was a good teen movie and very relatable. Loved it."

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karlie_goulding shared a tip "I like that it was different thwn othet mkvjes and romantic"

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rayhannah_mendez shared a tip "It was very enteraining and i for sure recomend it."

camiyah_petties shared a tip "Good"

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madilyn_hanback shared a tip "made me cry a little"

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daniella_ignacio shared a tip "The part where she play the song Su flower"

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klaire_thornton shared a tip "All of it"

grace_shreffler shared a tip "It was cute. Would’ve liked better if it were gay lol but still good!!"

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eva_michou shared a tip "It was a really cute coming of age movie"

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haley_day_6264 shared a tip "Funnt"

brittany_wheelbarger shared a tip "So cute I loved it"

leon_jones_3367 shared a tip "This was a good watch, I liked some of the twists that made it not so predictable."

harlee_lopez_2467 shared a tip "One is tall girl they are both different but they are similar in some ways"

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guadalupe_lopez_6739 shared a tip "it was alright"

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theresa_belville shared a tip "Reminded me off a my favorite John Hughes 80s teen movies"

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