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The story of Elton John's life, from his years as a prodigy at the Royal Academy of Music through his influential and enduring musical partnership with Bernie Taupin.

MPAA Rating R

Status Released

Release Date 2019-05-22

Runtime 121 minutes

Budget $40m

Revenue $0.2b


TMDB 7.4


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sher_free shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

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Serena.Messner shared a tip "I was entertained and learned things I didn’t realize about Sir Elton."

Garnett Spontini's profile image

garnett_spontini shared a tip "Great movie @"

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madeline_metcalf shared a tip "The costume design in this is perfection, every song is well done AND Rob Stark is in it. What more could you want??"

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leviangelos shared a tip "I think I just like Taron too much"

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dia_roberts shared a tip "What an unexpected turn out! I really enjoyed learning how Elton John became Elton John."

Robert Girling's profile image

robert_girling shared a tip "Brill"

Alia Thayne's profile image

alia_thayne shared a tip "It wasn’t really what I was expecting, but overall if you like Elton John it was good enough. Hope that helps 🙂"

michelle_neuman shared a tip "I really liked this movie!"

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hayley_michaud shared a tip "Possibly the best music biopic I've seen. I'm not even really an Elton fan and I loved this"

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mordou shared a tip "This movie is so well done, Taron Egerton plays Elton John perfectly! One of my favourite actors and singers"

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yazmin_casas shared a tip "❤👀"

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gina_cardona shared a tip "This movie was amazing. I was."

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gina_cardona shared a tip "In high school 🐊 Crocodile 🎸 Rock Takes me back."

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garry_clark shared a tip "Fantastic"

Mary Greinert's profile image

mary_greinert shared a tip "Great music"

tonja_sparks shared a tip "When Elton performs in LA.the first time. To see him so happy & free did my heart good."

Rachel Maynard's profile image

rachel_maynard_721 shared a tip "Seemingly Elton’s telling of his story through his songs — beautiful and brutal."

Kim 's profile image

james_burkett_9624 shared a tip "Taron Egerton is amazing in this! Such a great singer. Elton’s story has plenty of heartbreak though."

Tammy Harvin's profile image

tammy_harvin shared a tip "Fantastic movie"

Kathy Burris's profile image

kathy_burris shared a tip "Loved this!"

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farzin shared a tip "Stunning!"

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bill_duncan shared a tip "Great movie"

dainna_lifrieri shared a tip "Loved it...loved how his songs came about"

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adam_bedwell shared a tip "Outstanding cinematography and score"

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stacy_silver shared a tip "what a blast. amazing breathtaking journey through the world of Elton John"

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ringer737 shared a tip "And Bohemian Rhapsody!"

pam_e shared a tip "I'm too old to have a favorite;)"

Eddie Spaghetti's profile image

eddie_spaghetti_1970 shared a tip "Hard to pick just one but The Dark Knight is up there. You?"

Chelsea Norfleet's profile image

chelsea_norfleet shared a tip "Love the way this movie was written and directed. The acting out of the songs kept things interesting."

debi_s shared a tip "Who knew? Why are the greatest artists the ones with the saddest past?"

Subodh Dhakal's profile image

subodh_dhakal shared a tip "I like it. Never heard any songs of elton john before but still a thumbs up👍"

rob_ross_4836 shared a tip "Awesome. Great job. Good cast"

Julianne Piper Shkor's profile image

julianne_piper_shkor shared a tip "hard choice .... tiny dancer and your song"

Debbie Fairchild-Ramsey's profile image

debbie_fairchild-ramsey shared a tip "Excellent movie biography of Elton John’s life"

MightyxPenguin2 's profile image

mightyxpenguin2 shared a tip "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road"

jane_doe_7942 shared a tip "Greatest movie of all time. Funny yet emotional, fantastical but with heavy subject matter. Amazing 🤩"

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sandy_oswald shared a tip "Loved Rocketman"

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charles_taylor_140 shared a tip "What about you?"

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kimberly_redman shared a tip "Loved it, except the ending seemed a bit abrupt."

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robin_coble shared a tip "BEST BIOPIC EVER"

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tammy_e_jimmy shared a tip "It is a perfect date movie"

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varvara_pok shared a tip "Very interesting movie with an amazing music"

sandi_kaiser shared a tip "The story is the best part. Actor playing Elton was pretty good, not great"

martyn_harsley shared a tip "Great movie if you like Elton John"

bil_deby shared a tip "Not my cup of tea! Too over the top with the fantasy and spontaneous singing!"

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sara_oneil_7605 shared a tip "I learned so much about o e of my favorite musicians. The star sang each song!"

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mike_solis shared a tip "Pure music..."

Jodi Primeau's profile image

jodi_primeau shared a tip "Kept me watching the entire time!"

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kevin_woodrum shared a tip "I love all the old songs"

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annice_wycoff shared a tip "It was ok. I was not sure how accurate the portrayal was. I wanted to know more about the music that made him famous"

jennifer_senlio shared a tip "Such a great movie. Ups and downs and great music!"

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julia_hann shared a tip "I don't know how accurate it is, but I loved it. I didn't take my eyes off the tv the whole movie."

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kym_burnett shared a tip "Good movie"

sophia_2831 shared a tip "Fantastic movie:) I even made a fanpage😆"

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jon_harwood shared a tip "@tristen_fw Kingsman series"

heather_s_6753 shared a tip "Very, very, very, very slow to start. But if you hang in there it gets real good. i wasnt disappointed that I hung in there."

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sidney_glent shared a tip "@marta_burger your song 😁"

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madeline_lucas shared a tip "Check out anything with Taran Egerton or the movie Bohemian Rhapsody!"

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