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When larcenous real estate clerk Marion Crane goes on the lam with a wad of cash and hopes of starting a new life, she ends up at the notorious Bates Motel, where manager Norman Bates cares for his housebound mother.

MPAA Rating R

Status Released

Release Date 1960-06-22

Runtime 109 minutes

Budget $0.8m

Revenue $32m


TMDB 8.4


Abbey 's profile image

abs shared a tip "Perfect movie for the family 😂 cause Norman bates ."

Lily Naert's profile image

lily_naert shared a tip "great plot twist !!! such a classic"

James 's profile image

james_9089 shared a tip "Wow seems to sum it up well."

Jonathan Kent's profile image

jonathan_kent_6341 shared a tip "Classic movie, just see it!"

ken_4052 shared a tip "Not particularly, just a big fan of Alfred Hitchcock!"

Jason Wright's profile image

jasonwright shared a tip "It's a classic. Should be considered mandatory viewing."

W D's profile image

WarDawg shared a tip "Classic! Still holds its own"

Natasha Jackson's profile image

natasha_jackson_3207 shared a tip "Can’t go wrong with a classic"

jeff_lavender shared a tip "One of Hitchcock’s best."

Mitch Turitz's profile image

mitch_turitz shared a tip "One of #Hitchcock’s best movies"

Ronald Parker's profile image

ronald_parker_5908 shared a tip "It sure is"

Karma Gantt's profile image

karma_gantt shared a tip "Fantastic recommendation I can watch this over and over again"

Jim Hancock's profile image

jim_hancock shared a tip "Still terrifies me - Hitch at his best"

Arleisha Strauder's profile image

arleisha_strauder shared a tip "Hitchcock"

Arleisha Strauder's profile image

arleisha_strauder shared a tip "Shower scene!!!!"

patsy_locklear shared a tip "Hitchcocks number one movie!!!"

Yandere Pinkie's profile image

yandere_pinkie shared a tip "It's a classic. I love Hitchcock and old horror.its good watch."

Najah Forehand's profile image

najah_forehand shared a tip "It's been a minute since I've seen it and I know it's cliche but yeah, the shower scene is my favorite lol."

Samantha Clowater's profile image

samantha_clowater shared a tip "Near the start of the movie, you can see Alfred Hitchcock and hear him speaking."

Kay Doyle's profile image

kay_doyle shared a tip "I love Hitchcock. This is an oldy but goody."

Asia Fletcher's profile image

asia_fletcher shared a tip "A classic"

Megan Hellmann's profile image

megan_hellmann shared a tip "Classic!"

Blake Renuard's profile image

blake_renuard shared a tip "I can’t believe that this movie is 60 years old. Truly a timeless classic."

Hudson Brown's profile image

sunsh1ne shared a tip "Best cinematography imo and eerie af"

Michael Mahaffey's profile image

michael_mahaffey_6967 shared a tip "One of the best seen more time then I can Count"

brenda_hensley_3073 shared a tip "Classic and creepy"

Teresa Lewis's profile image

teresa_lewis_2948 shared a tip "Not scary but still a fantastic movie!"

Cindy Prentice's profile image

cindy_prentice shared a tip "Classic horror!"

Susan Powell's profile image

susan_powell_3560 shared a tip "It is excellent 👌"

Shawn Leppert-Poirier's profile image

shawn_leppert-poiri shared a tip "#flawless"

eric_cobb_510 shared a tip "Hitchcock classic! horror"

Diane Cusson's profile image

diane_cusson shared a tip "Halloween"

Michelle Sirex's profile image

michelle_sirex shared a tip "Old horror classic!"

Ketut Mak's profile image

ketut_mak shared a tip "One of my top ten all time movies."

bruce_wall_3655 shared a tip "Perhaps the BEST film of all time! Brilliant!"

Charlie Matlock's profile image

charlie_matlock shared a tip "Nobody could ever play Norman like Anthony Perkins"

Stephany Ramsey's profile image

stephany_ramsey shared a tip "One of my all time favorites"

gloria_lowery shared a tip "Perkins is excellent, however Vince Vaughn’s version is a very good remake"

jade 's profile image

jade_sakowski shared a tip "a classic horror that revolutionized the genre"

John Redding's profile image

john_redding shared a tip "Without a doubt the end as they drove away from the hotel."

Tim J's profile image

tim_j_5785 shared a tip "Hands down, when Lila turns Ms. Bates chair around. Although, the shower scene will always be iconic."

Claire Quinn's profile image

claire_quinn shared a tip "It's a classic must see"

Evan Jones's profile image

evanpeterjones shared a tip "God, Anthony Perkins is so hot, I'd let him stab me, lol."

john_prester shared a tip "Impossible to pick only one."

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