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Reeling from the unexpected death of her husband, Beth is left alone in the lakeside home he built for her. Soon she begins to uncover her recently deceased husband's disturbing secrets.

MPAA Rating R

Status Released

Release Date 2021-07-15

Runtime 107 minutes

Revenue $15m


TMDB 6.697


Abbey 's profile image

abs shared a tip "Great thriller as well as spooky moment for a sleepover"

Samantha Blizzard's profile image

samantha_blizzard shared a tip "Absolutely original and open to interpretation. Definitely would recommend to anyone looking for a horror movie with depth."

Alannah Rodriquez's profile image

alannah_rodriquez shared a tip "Excellent film"

Chad Cooper's profile image

chad_cooper shared a tip "Pretty, pretty good."

Clarence Williams Jr's profile image

clarence_williams_jr shared a tip "I published my new episode The Night House, please check it out"

Charles Moore's profile image

charles_moore_3600 shared a tip "Amazing !!!"

Rebecca Bella's profile image

rebecca_bella shared a tip "Yes! Finally a decent thriller, suspense movie! Highly recommend."

sidney_williams shared a tip "An eerie, clever winner!"

Abbey 's profile image

nymos shared a tip "I liked it but if you asked me what happened, I could not tell you"

Marta 's profile image

marta_2550 shared a tip "It was a slow burn that was spooky and created great tension."

Nicole Graham - Morris's profile image

nicole_graham_-_mor shared a tip "A little like What Lies Beneath, which I loved but this is scarier."

Kim Taylor's profile image

kim_taylor_1381 shared a tip "I actually hated this movie. The main character was awful and I had no compassion for her at all. Just didn’t like this one."

Ali McGucken's profile image

ali_mcgucken shared a tip "Lame."

Charlotte 's profile image

motherofmacaroni shared a tip "Impressive!"

Tiia Ollinaho's profile image

tiia_ollinaho shared a tip "Super trippy movie! Nice to see a more original movie, it's been a while!!"

Stephanie Mills's profile image

stephburkes shared a tip "It’s like someone read House of Leaves and then took creative liberties. I’m a fan."

Pacey Strickland's profile image

pacey_strickland shared a tip "Great camera work and chilling story"

McKenzie Wilson's profile image

mckenzie_wilson_4192 shared a tip "It was sooo good and suspenseful with a really great twist!"

Riana Tarape-Lanet's profile image

riana_tarape-lanet shared a tip "It was strange but in a good way"

Brianna Mörse's profile image

brianna_mrse shared a tip "Just wasn’t that great"

Paige G's profile image

kpaigey shared a tip "Tense movie."

Evvie Nyx's profile image

evvie_nyx shared a tip "Very trippy and definitely worth a watch"

Leo Bocock's profile image

leo_bocock shared a tip "There’s ‘Nothing’ to worry about. ‘Nothing’ is going to scare you."

Jupiter Conte's profile image

its_jupiterr shared a tip "the ending just left me really confused but most of the movie was good with jump-scares and all that."

Jay Vee's profile image

jay_vee_6102 shared a tip "Loved the story but the suspense was unparalleled"

Jill Wefsenmoe's profile image

jill_wefsenmoe shared a tip "Very dark themes regarding death/suicide. Great watch though."

amira_cheikho shared a tip "Amzing vibes and cinematography"

cecilia_wing shared a tip "Truly love it very scary watching now on Halloween"

lamblamb shared a tip "I actually screamed during this one. Good scares."

Francy Duncan's profile image

francy_duncan shared a tip "An unravelling sure to make your mind bend"

Claire Foley's profile image

claire_foley shared a tip "SPOOKY and a really interesting concept. I liked it and will probably watch it again just not alone the next time."

Morgan Girvin's profile image

morgan_girvin shared a tip "So spooky!"

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