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When the four Willoughby children are abandoned by their selfish parents, they must learn how to adapt their Old-Fashioned values to the contemporary world in order to create something new: The Modern Family.

MPAA Rating PG

Status Released

Release Date 2020-04-22

Runtime 92 minutes


TMDB 7.1


Erica Love's profile image

eXlo shared a tip "As an adult, I absolutely loved it! Added to my favorites for sure"

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CrissiePooh shared a tip "Great meaning. Loved the song!!"

chaka_chaka shared a tip "So cute and heartwarming"

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kimlikesfood shared a tip "How*"

awesome_user_481442 's profile image

kirstin_mcwhorter shared a tip "Sweet and funny"

merissa_hastings shared a tip "Kids love this movie we have watched about 20 times"

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helpmeouthere shared a tip "note: i love it"

kayla_4911 shared a tip "This movie made me have so many emotions and it was a great movie. I would highly recommend it.#family"

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bob_king_5442 shared a tip "Fun to watch with your Family"

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camella_warmsley shared a tip "Great for the family has a lesson for everyone"

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genivar shared a tip "Cute"

kaylie_5558 shared a tip "This is a great movie for families to watch with each other"

cece_francis shared a tip "This movie was so cute I loved it"

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sambatu_mohamed shared a tip "**** the patents, they are just ruthless"

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haley_stalford shared a tip "Such a sweet film for all ages"

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madison_long_6600 shared a tip "Such a cute movie!"

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raylene_mejia shared a tip "Great overall message, funny storytelling, 10/10 animation."

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smiley_g shared a tip "Its cute storyline without being too cringey."

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brooklynne_browne shared a tip "I honestly couldn’t find it in my heart to like this movie"

Kessa Stephenson-Taylor's profile image

kessa_stephenson-taylor shared a tip "Surprisingly cute and fun to watch."

Kylie Rose's profile image

kylie_rose_5331 shared a tip "I thought it was really cute. I loved the message that family can be created, and the animation was incredible!"

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laurel_talkington shared a tip "Any claymation by Tim Burton"

Brayton Peldo's profile image

brayton_peldo shared a tip "Great to watch with kids!"

brianna_delynn shared a tip "If you love fun, adventours, and soppy stories...then this is perfect for you! Also, persfect for Alessa Cara fans!!👍🏽🧡"

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sarah_cyrus shared a tip "Very cute and silly but has a great message of what makes family a family"

karol_gonzalez_839 shared a tip "#fiction #family #fun #goodforkids"

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amanda_doull shared a tip "Interresting"

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amanda_doull shared a tip "Funny"

amelie_nolasco shared a tip "The trailer drew me in but I lost interest about half way through."

mayra_sanchez_3368 shared a tip "Cool"

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taryn_.k shared a tip "This is such a good movie. Very feel good and humorous. Good to watch when you're having a bad day"

maria_7871 shared a tip "A really good movie to watch for family time."

drixppy._ nyia's profile image

drixppy.lit shared a tip "I love the singing and it was pretty interesting"

savannah_9737 shared a tip "Pretty good and kinda sad"

Kiwi Lover's profile image

kiwi_lover shared a tip "I love this movie SO MUCH that I watched it like 20 TIMES!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Gia Priola's profile image

gia_priola shared a tip "Cute movie for ages 2+"

skylar 2010's profile image

skylar_2010 shared a tip "Really fun sometimes sad for the people who have been thorough that"

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kreative_kira shared a tip "So wholesome 😌"

kassidey_zellner shared a tip "It was cute"

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jon_como shared a tip "This mvie is rediculous but my wife and i enjoy all disney cartoon lovies so this fits the bill. Just another silly adventure."

Heidi Pasquella's profile image

heidi_pasquella shared a tip "My son really liked this one , we’ve watched 100 times by now! Great watch for the family"

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makenzie_richardson shared a tip "Love"

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cherish_campbell shared a tip "I liked it because it was really weird abd fun and funny"

ethan_moryoussef shared a tip "Cute movie to watch with kids"

marely_rosas shared a tip "I really liked it recommed for kids"

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muram_elnour_5064 shared a tip "Its a realy good movie"

awesome_user_352475 shared a tip "Its a good family movie for kids"

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tiffani_andree shared a tip "Good family movie"

ella_flores shared a tip "The funny and sadness"

brittany_wilson_5884 shared a tip "Such a cute movie!"

Sophia Souffrant's profile image

sophia_souffrant shared a tip "Its the perfect movie to watch with younger siblings or cousins"

Bakugou Katsuki's profile image

bakugou_katsuki_2581 shared a tip "idk it was just inresting"

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maxwell_stearn shared a tip "Yes"

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red_1439 shared a tip "Alessia Cara’s singing does it for me."

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ann_wilson_9901 shared a tip "Very cute"

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kim_crawford_3507 shared a tip "Good family movie"

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samantha_lalley shared a tip "Such a good family movie with a funny plot and the anamation is so cute"

Emelia Rosenkranz's profile image

emelia_rosenkranz shared a tip "Super cute"

Skyler Rain's profile image

skyler_rain shared a tip "I want to kick their parents in the shins"

Well Heck's profile image

well_heck shared a tip "Ngl tbought they were gonna die"

Carrie Buren's profile image

carrie_buren shared a tip "Heartfelt"

Jennifer Fernandez's profile image

jennifer_fernandez_9217 shared a tip "I watched it with my cousin but its actually funny for adults"

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susy_c shared a tip "It's so cute"

baran_tahmassebi shared a tip "It was a great story"

K_Bishop1112 shared a tip "I liked it!"

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dilynn_eadie shared a tip "I just live how fun this is to watch.. if you dont know what to watch just watch this"

rikia_wright shared a tip "A all of comedy but i love it."

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zainab_noor shared a tip "Nice family movie"

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avianna_traylor shared a tip "Its a perfect movie to watch with your family"

Janae Ruwethin's profile image

janae_ruwethin shared a tip "Dark comedy but for family. Really good."

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roniece_bridge shared a tip "Hilarious movie! Love it!"

jayla_johnson_1421 shared a tip "omg so funny was a bit sad the twins were creeply funny i defenetly recommened for friends and family."

jackie_ramirez_4075 shared a tip "A perfect family night movie"

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elizabeth_stoneburn shared a tip "V heartwarming"

dushyantha_para shared a tip "Family. Sister. Drama. Emotions. Comedy. Soulfulness. Overall a good movie."

fatima_ali_4992 shared a tip "for some reason i am utterly obsessed w this adorable story."

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aakilah_wilson shared a tip "Nice family movie"

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t_sprick shared a tip "good family movie"

star_lynn shared a tip "Absolutely adorable movie"

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wendy_holcombe shared a tip "I hadn't heard of this and gave it a shot, so glad we did! So funny"

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iris_nightshade shared a tip "It’s good, sad, and ****** me off *looks at parents and little sister* but it’s good, I recommend, and happy ending 💕"

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