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A mom and dad who usually say no decide to say yes to their kids' wildest requests — with a few ground rules — on a whirlwind day of fun and adventure.

MPAA Rating PG

Status Released

Release Date 2021-03-12

Runtime 86 minutes


TMDB 6.8


Stefani Marie's profile image

stefani_marie shared a tip "A bit over the top at times but still a fun family movie!"

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tya_smith shared a tip "It's a good movie it ok binge watch and it funny movie to watch I recommend watch this movie"

daniel_plourde shared a tip "Good family fun."

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chris_drury_7382 shared a tip "This was a fun movie. My wife and kids liked it and I laughed, so thumbs up"

Deena 's profile image

deena_c shared a tip "I'm sure kids would enjoy this"

Danika Rose's profile image

cat_lady shared a tip "Watched with my 7 year old twins and they loved it. Cute fun family movie."

jess_ica_9043 shared a tip "Not memorable or groundbreaking , but good for a family movie night"

Delia 's profile image

vivigunz shared a tip "Cute and adorable, watched with my kids (teen, preteen, and 7 year old) laughed and enjoyed it!"

Keri Mosel's profile image

kerimoz shared a tip "A heartwarming feel good movie about family and making time to be present and do things you normally wouldn’t do."

rose_m_3900 shared a tip "Great family movie! We all enjoyed it"

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JuiceBokz shared a tip "Way better than expected. I had a lot of fun watching this and now all I wanna do is turn my house into a VOLCANO 🤣🤣"

lorri_carnegie shared a tip "It had a good message for us parents. I love Jennifer Garner."

klarissa_shaninghouse shared a tip "Laughed watching this one, loved the family bond they had, would recommend for a family movie night"

bryanna_trotter shared a tip "It was very fun to watch and it was funny"

Leanne G. 🧿's profile image

leegoe shared a tip "This was cute!"

sls shared a tip "A fun family movie Jennifer garner has these with her family"

Susan LaFrance's profile image

susan_lafrance shared a tip "Perfect family movie. Funny. Acting was real!"

shelby_carter_6828 shared a tip "Cute movie, watched it with my daughter"

paige 's profile image

readingpaigelol shared a tip "loved this movie! super easy and light to watch!"

Tori Worley's profile image

tori_worley shared a tip "A super cute family friendly movie 10/10"

Tina Wang's profile image

tinawang17 shared a tip "Best watching with family"

lilianna_cochran shared a tip "It was amazing funny and cool"

Emma B's profile image

emma_b_7892 shared a tip "Such a cute movie!"

Michelle Robuck's profile image

michelle_robuck shared a tip "Cute"

Frank Boucher's profile image

fboucheros shared a tip "super fun."

Chris Lubarski's profile image

club89 shared a tip "A good family friendly film - my kids loved it, and now want to have their own yes day 😂"

Kami Rose's profile image

kami_rose_4793 shared a tip "Cute #family_night"

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courtney_boyett shared a tip "This was a really cute, wholesome movie."

Addison Burkhart's profile image

addison_burkhart shared a tip "Me and my sister LOVE this movie!"

Randi Fink's profile image

randi_fink shared a tip "Such a sweet and funny family movie"

Brilee 's profile image

brilee_ford shared a tip "March 12th"

Emily Simmons's profile image

emily_simmons_6699 shared a tip "Fun family movie. Gave us the idea to do our own Yes Day - with limits!!!"

kayleigh marie's profile image

booklove shared a tip "It was so funny and a great family movie"

Sarah Davis Venable's profile image

sarah_davis_venable shared a tip "Cute movie. Perfect for the Fam!"

Marcel Zeidan's profile image

marcel_zeidan shared a tip "Funny fun to watch with family"

Mary Matthews's profile image

mary_matthews_2936 shared a tip "I loved this movie"

Elizabeth Laquet's profile image

elizabeth_laquet shared a tip "Soooo funny"

CC 's profile image

bean_n_bacon shared a tip "Silly and heart-warming family oriented film. Worth watching [even if just once]."

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liv-ing_normally shared a tip "It’s cute and fun."

Hayden Moore!!'s profile image

hayden_moore_4005 shared a tip "Very good and so so funny"

Diane Koska's profile image

diane_koska shared a tip "Light comedy Hilariously funny."

Lilia DeBlasio's profile image

lilia_deblasio shared a tip "Watched this movie with a friend and family. It was funny, didn't seem to drag on, and everyone was invested in the movie."

Taylor Jehn's profile image

taylor_jehn shared a tip "It was a good movie to watch with the family, my parents and my brothers (8 & 7) liked it as well!"

Wakanda Frappuccinos's profile image

wakanda_frappuccinos shared a tip "#funny #relaxing #great"

Amrutha Ts's profile image

amrutha_ts shared a tip "Great family movie 💕"

Lemon Drop88's profile image

lemon_drop88 shared a tip "It was very entertaining, very nice watching with family as well!#familymovienight"

lauren_dsouza shared a tip "Ok"

Sarah Arslan's profile image

sarah_arslan shared a tip "Good family movie"

chris_8188 shared a tip "Loved it"

Jessica Marie's profile image

jessica_marie_2956 shared a tip "Super cute movie about a family in desperate need of a break in order to reconnect."

rikia_wright shared a tip "The best movie ever 10 out of 10 I will watch it again"

Gloria Ybarra's profile image

gloria_ybarra shared a tip "Pretty funny might just do the yes day with my kids in the future"

brenda_590 shared a tip "Loved it!!! So funny"

Emily Anderson's profile image

emily_anderson_4930 shared a tip "Fun family friendly flick.. especially loved the H.E.R. performance"

emma rodriguez's profile image

emma_rodriguez_4288 shared a tip "This movie is very family friendly, and not to mention hilarious. One of my new favorite movies!!"

ronita carter's profile image

ronita_carter shared a tip "family fun"

melissa_lindeman shared a tip "Cute, good family fun movie."

Janice Seiberling's profile image

janice_seiberling shared a tip "Cute family movie, fun & love Jennifer Garner."

Sandra Zepeda's profile image

sandra_zepeda shared a tip "Great movie!!!"

anaya_kitio shared a tip "It was so funny"

Sareh Tiller's profile image

sareh_tiller shared a tip "It was fun to watch they had very interesting opinions on parenting @Likewise"

tracy_ennis shared a tip "Cute"

alise_b shared a tip "Funny family friendly."

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vicki_hutchison shared a tip "Cute"

Blue-Lon Panda's profile image

blue-lon_panda shared a tip "Quiche"

Devin Harris's profile image

devin_harris_3 shared a tip "It was cute. Not my favorite but don't regret watching it."

Bestfriends4life 123's profile image

bestfriends4life_123 shared a tip "It was funny interesting and had a little drama"

bill_bob_billy shared a tip "#funny"

kenzie_diane shared a tip "It’s a nice family movie."

evelyn_jennings_1182 shared a tip "This is my favorite movie EVER 😁😍"

addison_5463 shared a tip "Funny"

vanessa_patrick shared a tip "Family oriented. Clear moral of story."

Ophelia Rose's profile image

ophelia_rose shared a tip "It's perfect for a family day!"

kaylee_ortiz_5213 shared a tip "This is an AMAZING movie if you want to see what her mother will do to be with her kids and make sure they are safe."

zion_3143 shared a tip "It was very funny I watched it with my best friend"

rashon_lewis shared a tip "When they through the water balloons scene"

swati_gulati shared a tip "Great fun movie"

jordan_arseneau shared a tip "It was hilarious!"

navpreet_kaur_4140 shared a tip "No idea"

Missy Horstmann's profile image

missy_horstmann shared a tip "It was funny and very relatable"

Sreevatsa Kommareddy's profile image

sreevatsa_kommareddy shared a tip "Perfect for watching with kids!"

Ellen Youssef's profile image

ellen_youssef shared a tip "Fun watch for the family"

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amanda_gray_2224 shared a tip "Cute."

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daire_fray shared a tip "This was a fun family movie"

Summalla J. Trochett de Garcia's profile image

summalla_j._trochet shared a tip "Very good and shows a family bond"

kasy burgress's profile image

kasy_burgress shared a tip "Funny"

frank_patriarca shared a tip "How the mom went for her"

Johanna Sotero's profile image

johanna_sotero shared a tip "It just amazing"

tyra_odutayo shared a tip "great for family night!"

brooklyn_gibson shared a tip "It is the best movie for a sleepover or the watch with friends and family"

Tanekka Tate's profile image

tanekka_tate shared a tip "Great movie to watch with kiddos it’s funny"

Kyia Hernandez's profile image

kyia_hernandez shared a tip "Fell good, sure to be a classic family film!"

Kathy Jones's profile image

kathy_jones_6143 shared a tip "Sweet, clean-cu, family fun."

Allura Rosa's profile image

allyy_rose shared a tip "So cute and funny!! Great lesson learned film."

stephanie_8860 shared a tip "Great movie to watch with the family."

Lynda Garza's profile image

lynda_garza shared a tip "Yes day was funny and as a disciplinary mom it was very relatable."

hofforts Hoffort's profile image

hofforts_hoffort shared a tip "I thought it was cute. My kids liked it too"

kalenathong shared a tip "#family #motheranddaughter funny and love"

virginia_gutierrez shared a tip "A great family movie to watch!"

Mye-Mye deamer's profile image

WhErEd_YoU_Go-BLAINE shared a tip "I  Watch this with my mom and it was so much fun!!!"

adrianna_perez_1371 shared a tip "Great family movie"

Kaitlyn Raiford's profile image

kaitlyn_raiford shared a tip "Funny and endearing!"

New Adventure's profile image

new_adventure shared a tip "It was fun and timely."

Mary Vanzee's profile image

mary_vanzee shared a tip "Funny movie"

Jexa E's profile image

jexa_e shared a tip "It was cheesy but funny and lighthearted"

Danni Hallberg's profile image

danni_hallberg shared a tip "Adorable family movie"

Pamela Koelbl's profile image

pamela_koelbl shared a tip "Funny. Real. Meaningful"

carolyn_tacchi shared a tip "Funny"

Heather St Pierre's profile image

heather_st_pierre shared a tip "Funny till the end they realized the point of it"

vicki_houk shared a tip "Family friendly"

Elizabeth Basham's profile image

elizabeth_basham shared a tip "Cute family movie"

Nicole Bittermann's profile image

nicole_bittermann shared a tip "Great family film"

jessia_holmes shared a tip "Cute family fun"

Gillie Almeida's profile image

gillie_almeida shared a tip "Downright silly but cute considering the cast"

candice_sauerbrunn shared a tip "Great family comedy!"

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roberta_wells shared a tip "Family friendly comedy"

amy_5959 shared a tip "Good family movie, funny and relatable"

Lori Walcker's profile image

lori_walcker shared a tip "It was cute and the granddaughters loved it."

madrenna shared a tip "Was a cute family movie."

jennifer baxter's profile image

jennifer_baxter shared a tip "Fun"

Brandy Draper's profile image

brandy_draper shared a tip "A feel good film for the whole family. Inspires you to have your own YES day!"

Stephanie Myles's profile image

stephanie_myles shared a tip "Great movie to watch with the family. Very entertaining and also heart warming."

Kylee Campanella's profile image

kylee_campanella shared a tip "Cute family movie"

alicia vanheeswyk's profile image

alicia_vanheeswyk shared a tip "Such a great movie" 's profile image shared a tip "Cute"

Lara 's profile image

lara.val shared a tip "I’ve included this movie in my “Puerto Rican Movies” list because the director, Miguel Arteta, is Puerto Rican. 🇵🇷"

Teri Weatherbee's profile image

teri_weatherbee shared a tip "Fun family comedy"

MaryBeth_ shared a tip "A really family movie"

MaryBeth_ shared a tip "It is a good movie to watch with family."

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isaac_rodriguez_5743 shared a tip "Fun, family movie that is a great choice for any family movie night!"

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lucy_diaz_5114 shared a tip "Good movie to see with your kids..."

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aj_tv shared a tip "It’s the perfect family movie!#comedy #family #funny"

camila_moya_6156 shared a tip "Perfect for family movie night"

Robin Bougher's profile image

robin_bougher shared a tip "Good family movie. My 7 ye old loved it."

Wolfs ForLife's profile image

AshTheReader shared a tip "Funny, Good Lesson for kids and parents, and just great."

Keira Alves's profile image

superb_happiness shared a tip "It was a feel good family movie for anytime"

Ben Phillips's profile image

ben_phillips_9597 shared a tip "Clean, funny, and good messages. All around great movie for the family."

maggie_hricovec shared a tip "Very fun and exciting"

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heather_patten shared a tip "I already watch it it was so good but thanks for the suggestion"

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