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After meeting one day, a shy boy who expresses himself through haiku and a bubbly but self-conscious girl share a brief, magical summer.

MPAA Rating -

Status Released

Release Date 2020-11-03

Runtime 87 minutes


TMDB 7.5


Kaitlyn Kendall's profile image

kaitlyn_kendall_1308 shared a tip "Such a beautiful and cute movie!!"

KOROEGG 's profile image

koroegf shared a tip "Freddy Mercury has the best role in this movie being "bus stop advertisement""

Nicholas Bowlin's profile image

nicholas_bowlin shared a tip "Wonderful."

Anthony 's profile image

bonkersfeet shared a tip "SO CUTE!! Beautiful animation with meaningful messages. Super cute movie."

Taylor Bonniwell's profile image

taylorrreade shared a tip "literally so adorable best anime movie ever"

Annabelle Rice's profile image

annabelle_rice shared a tip "Super cute and fun watch!"

haley 's profile image

deathswaifu shared a tip "x2"

Shianna Sluss's profile image

shianna_sluss shared a tip "I wish I got to see even a glimpse of things after the ending they gave us, but this movie was so so CUTE."

Akoiyow 's profile image

Akoiyow shared a tip "It was such a cute movie can and would watch over and over again <3"

Kiwi Simons's profile image

Kiwi_Simons shared a tip "It is! I highly recommend"

Carrie Kapraun's profile image

carrie_kapraun shared a tip "I never actually finished but I liked it! and I dont really have a favorite part."

Abbasy Ali's profile image

abbasy_ali shared a tip "Good romance anime"

Carisa Haber's profile image

carisa_haber shared a tip "I love this movie honestly"

Bella oritz hall's profile image

bella_oritz_hall shared a tip "I love where they're trying to hide from the guy in headphones that part made me laugh"

Iwaskahlo 's profile image

iwaskahlo shared a tip "Beautiful movie with a cute story"

FibbityjibbityJibberJabber 's profile image

fibbity_jibbity_jib shared a tip "It’s a cute romance with an amazing animation style! The backgrounds are amazing with beautiful colours. Please give it a try!"

Betzabel Nápoles Aguiar's profile image

betzabel_npoles_agu shared a tip "It was a great movie"

Isabelle Browning's profile image

isabelle_browning_8413 shared a tip "I have no clue, I’m trying to find a good series or movie to watch next."

Mya  Rodriguez 's profile image

duhhhitsmya shared a tip "This movie was super cute a classic anime teen romance 💗"

Alayna McFarland's profile image

alayna_mcfarland shared a tip "This is a great romance anime"

Sydnee 's profile image

sydnee_ shared a tip "This movie was really nice! Good slice of life I love the characters and the ending was so sweet!"

Mengzhen Hao's profile image

mengzhen_hao shared a tip "Just saw this recently. It was super cute."

billt bob's profile image

billt_bob shared a tip "It was cute and small love story two people who are different but alike at the same time bond"

rowan 's profile image

reecespuffs shared a tip "nice and short movie really cute"

Parker Terrato's profile image

Bunnyboi shared a tip "Super wholesome! Watched with my partner and I loved it!"

Marta 's profile image

Bored_all_day shared a tip "Love the topic about a girl who hates how her teeth look and a shy boy"

Faethfully Daniella <3's profile image

daniellaIsaPanini shared a tip "it was so cute omfg"

Della Hargis's profile image

della_hargis shared a tip "If you are looking for a soft romance with plot, I would give this a try!"

Olivier Niyibizi's profile image

olivier_niyibizi shared a tip "A very cute movie that warmed up my cold, barren heart"

isabelle_johnson_2500 shared a tip "Such a beautiful movie about slice of life with a little bit of romance. To get ready to cry happy tears. #romance#sliceoflife"

Peaches 's profile image

peaches_396 shared a tip "Very cute, relatable and slice of life."

Crescent Moon's profile image

crescent_moon_9566 shared a tip "This movie was so adorable!"

mimochi shared a tip "such a cute and heartfelt movie!!!"

Mekhi Droese's profile image

Hexkim shared a tip "It's such a cute movie about awkward teens falling for each other while helping others."

Tiffa L's profile image

tifflia shared a tip "Unexpectedly adorable and wholesome of a summer teen flick."

summer reed's profile image

summer_reed_8989 shared a tip "cute teen romance #anime #romance"

Haivan Hall's profile image

haivan_hall shared a tip "Perfect quiet slice of life anime. Made my heart smile <3"

Miles 's profile image

fartmaster shared a tip "Rlly cute!!!"

M0n0mi 's profile image

m0n0mi shared a tip "I liked the plot!!"

Stephane Balderas's profile image

stephane_balderas shared a tip "The animation is to die for #beautiful"

Karro 's profile image

Karro shared a tip "Its cute"

Noelle HS's profile image

nodlle shared a tip "Such a sweet movie :]"

SuperEpic Gaming's profile image

superepic_gaming shared a tip "Super cute and I am really starting to love slice of life anime lately"

saina 's profile image


madalyn_hunt shared a tip "Amazing animation, cute romance"

Moni 's profile image

monique_diehl shared a tip "So adorable, one of my favorites"

sour patch's profile image

sour_patch shared a tip "it’s a cute short anime that you can finish within a week this anime definitely puts a smile on your face"

Stacey Farrow's profile image

stacey_farrow shared a tip "I loved this . It's really heart warming"

annie 's profile image

anniemae_ shared a tip "i cried watching this movie :((("

christina_r_4297 shared a tip "Unique art with a great coming of age story and young love."

Nema White's profile image

nema159 shared a tip "Cute story"

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