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Tessa finds herself struggling with her complicated relationship with Hardin; she faces a dilemma that could change their lives forever.

MPAA Rating R

Status Released

Release Date 2020-09-02

Runtime 105 minutes

Revenue $42m


TMDB 7.3


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sherri_hodges shared a tip "I thought the first movie was good. This sequel is even better in my opinion ♥️"

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gaby_p shared a tip "Who else did NOT see that coming?? For those who watched it of course"

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amy_santi shared a tip "I Don't Have An Answer As To Why I Like This"

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kathy_clyne shared a tip "I liked it and kinda hope theres another one"

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deleted_user_1622064376326 shared a tip "I love this movie series."

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taramolloy shared a tip "@chrisflores28 yes it was so good!"

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kat_gross shared a tip "Kissing booth and to all the boys I’ve loved before are pretty great."

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carisa_haber shared a tip "I liked it but I would have to say the first was definitely better."

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jenavieve_young shared a tip "Literally put the the date It is coming out on my calander ahaha"

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kj_cutie_gaming shared a tip "Better than the first..."

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sydney_mcdonald shared a tip "THIS IS GOING TO BE THE BEST MOVIE OF 2020!"

maci_kathryn_lovekamp shared a tip "When are we going watching it"

marcela_kazmierowski_9062 shared a tip "Can’t wait for it to come out"

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kirbykira shared a tip "This movie is beautiful. I cant wait for the others to come out ☺"

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jennifer_southall shared a tip "I haven't seen the movie yet. Doesnt come out in the us until October 23rd! But the book was amazing."

chloe_johnson_3612 shared a tip "U have watched it"

scarlett_1291 shared a tip "How did u watch it it is not out"

daisy_v shared a tip "Love when your favorite book charaters come to the big screen"

_lyssiii_ shared a tip "Honestly not the best, really cheesy but it was good to watch with friends and laugh at."

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juliette_cobb shared a tip "Literally such a great movie can not wait until the 3rd one comes out"

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emma_carson shared a tip "If I had to say 1 out of 10 I would give it an 9"

giuliaa shared a tip "EXCITED!"

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daniela_4776 shared a tip "i can’t wait!!!"

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olivia_thomas_7575 shared a tip "Can’t wait for this one"

nicole_8884 shared a tip "I’m dyeing to watch this"

jade_rea shared a tip "I found out where you can find it free and so happy about it too can’t wait to watch it 😁😁🤗"

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jessica_malueg shared a tip "One of the best movies I’ve ever watched. This series is by far one of the best ever"

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jessica_malueg shared a tip "Definitely worth multiple re watches"

kayylinn shared a tip "Perfect teen romance movie: 12/10 #thismovieisamazing #romance"

lauryn_ashanti_gyam shared a tip "It had sooo much romantic drama and was VERY interesting...😏"

autumn_reynoso shared a tip "It was good but leaves you off on another cliffhanger"

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miguel_m_8815 shared a tip "I could relate to Hardin, the main male character, in so many levels"

Sabrina Mortensen's profile image

sabrina_mortensen shared a tip "I love how hardin dosent stop figuting for tessa"

Sabrina Mortensen's profile image

sabrina_mortensen shared a tip "When they are riding off in the cab together at the end of the movie"

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mary_recine shared a tip "Romance"

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our_life_journey_wi shared a tip "It was so good and love the dramatic!"

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haelei_damron shared a tip "#romance"

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tawny_leonard shared a tip "Book was better best movie is still amazing!"

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krishika_verma shared a tip "It’s really good you should watch it!"

meshari_williams shared a tip "GONNA BE THE BEST MOVIE OF 2020"

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hannah_morgan shared a tip "I can't what it going to make 2020 the best year"

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mckennah_deferrari shared a tip "I can’t wait"

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emalie shared a tip "I love the movie after one dose anybody want to right back saying when it will be out?"

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maria_urbanek shared a tip "The first movie was sooo good I can't wait till they release the second movie"

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maleah_slaughter shared a tip "Yesss I can’t wait!!!!!!!"

ava_glatzmaier shared a tip "Love it"

miriam_corrales shared a tip "THIS IS GONNA BE THE ****😍😍🔥"

brionna_cain shared a tip "Umm should have had the actual movie"

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nahliyah_carcamo shared a tip "How the hell do I watch it 😭😂😂"

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lil_toys_21_love shared a tip "I WANT IT TO COME OUT!!!"

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dakota_shaw shared a tip "How do you watch the movie?"

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jenny_dillard_175 shared a tip "In the lake"

Ⓝ⚡️HALEY GRIMM's profile image

haley_grimm shared a tip "eh i don’t like sequels"

savannah_jones_3627 shared a tip "How rated R is it?"

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multiplayer_princess shared a tip "Were to watch it"

lexi_adkins_816 shared a tip "#romance #thismovieisamazing"

jessica_chappelle shared a tip "Loved this movie! Honestly think it’s better then the fist one!"

rebekah_7261 shared a tip "Its the perfect movie to watch with my Boo"

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ZUFO shared a tip "Good"

damian_delgado_8192 shared a tip "Can i watch"

zehra_tirmzi shared a tip "i love love love love love this movie"

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evelyn_brueckner shared a tip "Super good"

marieli_olalde shared a tip "Great movie sequel the ending caught me by suprise and hopeee theres another movie out soon !"

arianna_hosten shared a tip "Ever thing"

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celia_tate shared a tip "Ide love to watch this!!"

leilani_rodriguez shared a tip "Because it is amazing with great actors who are very commited and also because I like the sprouse twins"

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michelle_torres_831 shared a tip "Perfect"

eva_lopez_549 shared a tip "Love ot"

johana_rodriguez shared a tip "It has so much emotions and so many things that you want to yell at the screen for."

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skye_neff shared a tip "Who else didn’t know Dylan Sproues was in this😂"

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addi_gress shared a tip "Great movie to watch if your really into romance"

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jaelyn_hargraves shared a tip "I loved it #romance"

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awesome_user_878482 shared a tip "#the best movie"

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alyssa_haas shared a tip "I could watch this over and over! 😍"

jillian_black shared a tip "It was 🤤🤩"

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briana_barnett_270 shared a tip "Not right off the top of my head but it is a great movie!"

judith_garcia_3798 shared a tip "Its so cheesy it good"

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mm_squad shared a tip "Umm if you LOVE romance like me you will love this movie!💖💖 P.S i swear im falling for hardin 4 real.#romance"

jessica_cale shared a tip "It was good but I feel like they could have spent more time developing the plot and the ending is meh."

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gwen_martinez shared a tip "Likewise"

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serenity_walker_5366 shared a tip "I love this show!!"

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angela_legg shared a tip "So good..."

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whitney_younce shared a tip "The girl who changed the bad boy"

sydney_forrest shared a tip "Loved"

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sydney_schumacher shared a tip "Its a really good movie with twists and turns."

bailey_langston shared a tip "i lived it ☺️☺️☺️"

aja_4111 shared a tip "Amazing"

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miranda_slater shared a tip "Love this book series as well as the films"

jadyn_8254 shared a tip "It was a cute love story but watch after first"

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ashley_ruddick shared a tip "Much more intimate than the first movie"

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kaitlynne_forbes shared a tip "The third should be coming soon!"

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danielle_guidaitis shared a tip "I loved it ! Can't wait for part 3 !!"

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tessa_rae_3162 shared a tip "i’ve read the books"

natalie_rekow shared a tip "If you into romance you’ll probably love this movie"

chloe_davis_1208 shared a tip "Great Movie! Perfect for girls night!"

lucie_parker shared a tip "It was such a twist movie! But very good #amazing #netflix"

shannon_crockett shared a tip "Real life romance."

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isabella_west_6877 shared a tip "it was good but the book was definitely much better."

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deleted_user_1620797505387 shared a tip "Highly recommend watching After, the first movie, before watching After We Collided. Both are pretty good."

caitlin_smith_9484 shared a tip "This movie was good but the books are absolutely amazing. They make the movie look like a Disney film!"

carol_3772 shared a tip "not really interesting but no boring"

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