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During their travel from Chicago to New York, Harry and Sally debate whether or not sex ruins a friendship between a man and a woman. Eleven years later, and they're still no closer to finding the answer.

MPAA Rating R

Status Released

Release Date 1989-01-12

Runtime 96 minutes

Budget $16m

Revenue $93m


TMDB 7.4


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ian shared a tip "A true classic. If you have to watch a romcom, they don’t get any better than this one"

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onelonelyplanet shared a tip "#alltimefavorite"

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katrice_masters shared a tip "They didn't fell in love at first sight like a lot of Rom-com's it's still a great movie"

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SistaTiph shared a tip "love it"

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swanqueen shared a tip "One of my favorite romcoms"

laura_wills shared a tip "The soundtrack is also perfection"

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ariana_L shared a tip "If you haven't already seen it."

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a_d_miles shared a tip "Billy at his best! Meg is stellar, great direction from Rob Reiner."

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jason_morrison_7743 shared a tip "Paprikosh"

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jrm shared a tip "7.5/10. A chick flick that even guys can appreciate. Witty dialogue. This film defines the 80s. Light comedic fare."

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yaoibe_main-_-_day shared a tip "This is a great classy. Ok have wonderful day"

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nicole_samuels shared a tip "OlD movies are my favorite"

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tyler_keenan shared a tip "A cute romantic film"

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emily_heisler shared a tip "Still so good"

michelle_5481 shared a tip "I'll have what shes having!"

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fox_ster shared a tip "If you love well they won't they movies you will love this one. It's a really good dramedy!"

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fox_ster shared a tip "It's excellent! If you love the building of true love movies then you will love this one."

jennifer_risius shared a tip "It’s a classic! Meg Ryan is a gem!!"

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robert_wasson shared a tip "i would be proud to partake of your pecan pie"

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barred_spark shared a tip "One of the all-time best romantic comedies."

joanne_garside shared a tip "One of the best 80s rom-coms"

Katelee Dugan's profile image

katelee_dugan shared a tip "I actually haven't seen this one too many times. RomComs are where it's at though!"

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deanna_perez shared a tip "This is a classic movie! I recommend this in every RomCom collection!"

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leia_d._m. shared a tip "Really fun movie"

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bob_evans_2294 shared a tip "Rambo/First Blood"

julie_king_234 shared a tip "I love it too! It’s an instant classic for sure! I always laugh at the salad scene “I’ll have what she’s having” 😂 hbu?"

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slim_the_dn shared a tip "It's really good!! I'm surprised more people haven't seen it"

debi_prince_7720 shared a tip "This film is my go-to when I want to chill on the couch and laugh!"

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maria_vulaj shared a tip "Funny and so good they fell in love after being friends first.@"

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melissa_keane shared a tip "One of my faves!"

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ingrid_walker shared a tip "I loved it. Hope you enjoy."

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jennifer_baldoni shared a tip "It's really good."

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crystal_merida shared a tip "Actually, I have not. It’s one of a kind."

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emxsharp shared a tip "Classic, heart-warming love story <3"

daniela_alayon shared a tip "Such a classic rom-com!"

meredith_fitz-enz shared a tip "All time favorite movie so light hearted!!!"

margaret_hinely shared a tip "All of it! But NYC itself steals the show"

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deleted_user_1622771533970 shared a tip "French Kiss is fantastic, but hard to find!"

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sylvie_1930 shared a tip "Favorite movie!"

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shannon_evans_2324 shared a tip "Very funny and sweet"

lisa_ruttan shared a tip "The whit"

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lisa_morreale_967 shared a tip "This is a classic and a must watch whenever it is on"

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karen_wrightson shared a tip "Crazy Stupid Love is a movie where the plot is believable and the acting is great."

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jessica_johnson_5012 shared a tip "Great movie! A little dated but a fun watch"

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javamama38 shared a tip "When Harry Met Sally is fabulous. I’m pretty sure I have all the lines memorized. 🙂 #alltimefavorite"

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jlo shared a tip "[Source: popnhop.com]"

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george_moran shared a tip "Great to get yourself in the mood for fall!! Nice to watch with a partner definitely romantic and funny!!"

Michelle VeFkxqhx's profile image

michelle_vefkxqhx shared a tip "aamswmw"

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georgianna_parks shared a tip "Was happy to see this film on Hulu. So cute."

Kirby Epp's profile image

kirby_epp shared a tip "Best movie ever! My wife and I both love it which only happens once in awhile!"

Kimberly Redman's profile image

kimberly_redman shared a tip "In my Top Five Favorite Films as well. ❤️"

Rachael Worthington's profile image

rachaelworthi shared a tip "My favorite movie of all-time. One of the best and wittiest Rom Coms ever made in my opinion."

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green_eggs shared a tip "My first date with my husband."

izabela_smith shared a tip "The best"

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aniko_tr shared a tip "Perfect fun!"

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deb_coln shared a tip "One of my all time favorites! Sooooo adorable."

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leila74 shared a tip "It’s a classic rom com, way more realistic then the new stuff nowadays. Let me know what you think ☺️"

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andreea_bobaru shared a tip "A classic, and there's a good reason for that :)"

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samantha_pursel shared a tip "Definitely the New Year’s Eve scene but also love the Sharper Image scene 😁"

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deleted_user_1617603391017 shared a tip "mutual friends who continue to meet up over the years, choosing to grow their relationship"

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lisa_savage shared a tip "Sam it was quite some time ago so I cant truly remember. Maybe I will have to watch it again :)"

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joci_james shared a tip "Fun"

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melissa_arnold_mccann shared a tip "All if it. Funny movie"

kim_bryan shared a tip "I think it is a very accurate representation of male and female friendship. Many funny moments."

mary_rodriguez_7244 shared a tip "Classic 👏"

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holli_gentle shared a tip "The best movie!"

sara_thomas_6665 shared a tip "Sleepless in Seattle would be similar! Great movie!"

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carlita_valeria_fer shared a tip "Un clásico"

Aarohi Summanwar's profile image

aarohi_summanwar shared a tip "Fake ****** in the restaurant😂😂😂😂. But honestly, entire movie is fun, hard to say."

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mary_taylor_1641 shared a tip "One of my all time favorite movies!"

diana_hadad shared a tip "Minus the weird ass “iconic” (cringe) fake ****** scene the movie is great"

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mark_tate_333 shared a tip "Very funny and emotional"

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hannah_trustin shared a tip "No"

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hannah_trustin shared a tip "No"

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soda_boy shared a tip "@chelseawrightreads cool! I watched it for the first time the other day and loved it!"

tam_4014 shared a tip "Hi Thanks! Its a toss up between Green Mile, Shawshank Redemption, and Fried green tomatoes"

tam_4014 shared a tip "Really this is one of my husbands favorites, I just watch it with him🤣"

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sukriti_goyal shared a tip "The car ride portion of the movie 😁"

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joyce_gagliardi shared a tip "One of the very best!!!"

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