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Desperate for an online following, a rideshare driver has figured out a deadly plan to go viral and he will stop at nothing to get his five minutes of fame.

MPAA Rating NR

Status Released

Release Date 2020-08-14

Runtime 93 minutes

Revenue $44k


TMDB 6.803


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Yolken shared a tip "Okay this movie is crap in an amazing Bizarro way. It's hilarious and wild. But this is a so bad it's good type of thing."

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MHM shared a tip "so glad this movie has finally gotten the recognition."

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scarecrane shared a tip "**The Joker (2019)"

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madison_mcdonald_8956 shared a tip "one of my favorite movies. I love joe<3"

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tacorei_brown shared a tip "this is basically Steve lost his mind and became a serial killer. Hopefully the party doesn’t find out about this😰"

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nicholas_bowlin shared a tip "The most frightening part of this movie is how little it strays from the reality of segments in our society. Truly creepy."

arrow 's profile image

arrowpp shared a tip "tbis movie got me ****** up , in a good way tho. i think."

birdie 's profile image

brdcke shared a tip "Such a good movie!!"

chelsea 's profile image

bambbloom shared a tip "I love Joe keery in this"

Rieko Wilford's profile image

rieko_wilford shared a tip "made me fall in love with Joe Keery even more!"

Valorie Fair's profile image

valorie_fair shared a tip "This movie was surprisingly very fun and unexpected. If you like comesy theillers you will like this."

Adrian Colon's profile image

adrian. shared a tip "kurt krunkle.. 😜😜😜🤭🤭"

Donovan  Bradshaw's profile image

donovan__bradshaw shared a tip "Holy shat!!! Ya gotta watch it!"

Billy 's profile image

fuckingggbilly shared a tip "A riot to watch with friends."

Jamie 's profile image

stunbeast shared a tip "Very funny and thrilling."

TaNiya 's profile image

taniyadmp shared a tip "It was interesting, weird, and overall good. I just still don’t understand how he got away with everything he did for so long."

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grilled_eggshell shared a tip "Yes"

Rhea Stradling's profile image

rhea_stradling shared a tip "it was awesome! pretty gory and graphic for the warning!"

julianna <3 's profile image

moo_milk shared a tip "Loved Joe in this movie! Weird and funny take on horror."

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alexmakemake.c0m shared a tip "literally life changing"

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presley_c shared a tip "Emotional ******* rollercoaster loved every second of it"

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ilym shared a tip "it was very gorey in some parts but definitely made me crack up, definitely a thriller and not a horror."

madeline_weatherill shared a tip "I love kurt. How could you not"

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kali_a shared a tip "Best movie"

Jace3012 shared a tip "Joe Keery really knows how to act"

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IamLexi shared a tip "This movie was okay 5/10, they were trying to hard to be woke…."

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angelo_bagtas shared a tip "Fast-paced but kinda expect more gore from Kurt's victims"

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rebecca_frost shared a tip "I don't want to recommend it but I didn't not like it"

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anna_sullivan_7517 shared a tip "Great overall movie and great acting."

campbell_6618 shared a tip "a fun new type of found footage"

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vicky__5387 shared a tip "greasy"

amelia_darnell shared a tip "One of the best movies, comical while still interesting."

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