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A web of secrets sends family man Adam Price on a desperate quest to uncover the truth about the people closest to him.

Parental GuideTV-MA

Status Ended

First Air Date 2020-01-30

Last Air Date 2020-01-30

Seasons 1

Episodes 8


TMDB 7.6


onelonelyplanet null's profile image

onelonelyplanet shared a tip "Amazing series! Totally #bingeworthy !!"

through-glass 's profile image

through-glass shared a tip "So many twists and turns! So great!"

Alma Montes's profile image

Bubbl3s_12502 shared a tip "Shocks all through till the end!"

patty_valentine shared a tip "Have to see. Keeps you on the edge each story"

carrie_nygard shared a tip "Intriguing"

Jasmine Gonzales 's profile image

jasmine_gonzales_ shared a tip "It didn’t grab my attention at first, but once you keep on....SUPER GOOD!"

Kiki Divyne's profile image

kiki_divyne shared a tip "So many twist.... this was a good 1 season binge"

Jacynthe St-Amant's profile image

jacynthe_st-amant shared a tip "This is a must watch!!!!! Also a must read This is an amazing author and the show is great"

Sarah KittyKat's profile image

sarah_kittykat shared a tip "This show seems odd at first, but if you give it a chance, it will pull you in. After a couple episodes, I was hooked."

Bruno Georget's profile image

bruno_georget shared a tip "It was good but the ending was kinda disappointing."

David Yazbeck's profile image

david_yazbeck shared a tip "Though you have to suspend belief over the many plot twists and turns, this is a highly entertaining mystery series."

Apoorve Mongia's profile image

apoorve_mongia shared a tip "If you are looking for suspense based short series. Do watch it."

Paula Cassey's profile image

paula_cassey shared a tip "More twists and turns than a slinky. This is one you don't want to fall asleep watching."

Nanette Ng's profile image

nanette_ng shared a tip "Best watch in a long time."

Noah Castillero's profile image

noah_castillero shared a tip "Currently bingeing with my family! So far so good!"

Pamela Robinson's profile image

pamela_robinson shared a tip "You'll never see it coming😲"

Tai Jones's profile image

tai_jones shared a tip "Great series that had me hooked the entire time. After finishing it, I did notice a lot of holes though. Still a good watch."

Laura O's profile image

screamfanatic shared a tip "Stick with it. Starts a little slow for me but SO GOOD. #drama"

Michele Lussier's profile image

michele_lussier shared a tip "Great fun. Definitely bingeworthy."

Avishek Mazumdar's profile image

avishek_mazumdar shared a tip "This is a must watch. Gripping story line and tensed editing. Cult."

Eve St-Amour's profile image

eve_st-amour shared a tip "There's only one , so season one"

Robyn Eagles's profile image

robyn_eagles shared a tip "Great series a lot of people missed. This is def one to watch!!!"

Maria Cal's profile image

mariamaria shared a tip "The ending felt pretty rushed and lessened the series."

Jennifer Hodges's profile image

jennifer_hodges shared a tip "Dark and interwoven storylines. #drama #thriller"

Amanda Navratil's profile image

amanda_navratil shared a tip "Goat"

leeanni shared a tip "Really good show but kind of confusing in the start"

Ashley Yount's profile image

ashley_yount shared a tip "Intriguing mystery with multiple players. And Richard Armitage is always a perk!"

Fdubs 's profile image

smoothcookies shared a tip "Bingeworthy and interesting watch. I really liked it."

Whitney Anderson's profile image

whitney_anderson_6202 shared a tip "This was so good, I was hooked!"

David Ficaro's profile image

david_ficaro shared a tip "Hooked on the first episode!!"

Annette McKinney's profile image

annette_mckinney shared a tip "I couldn’t stop watching this!!!! Loved this show!!!!"

Jessey Echler's profile image

jessey_echler shared a tip "Fantastic! Richard Armitage is amazing. It keeps you guessing until the end."

Junior Bastien's profile image

junior_bastien shared a tip "Just starting this now. While I eat my chipotle. Looks good"

avinash ekhar's profile image

avinash_ekhar shared a tip "Must watch. Very addictive..."

lisa_curran shared a tip "Slow to start, but gets very interesting!!"

Heidi Stevens's profile image

heidi_stevens shared a tip "Incredibly tense and twisty and extremely binge-worthy mystery series based on the Harlan Koben novel of the same name."

Heidi Stevens's profile image

heidi_stevens shared a tip "*Harlon Coben"

Haley Brinker's profile image

haley_brinker shared a tip "This is a must watch. Will keep you on the edge of your seat in each episode. Hoping for a second season."

Kayy O'Connell's profile image

kayy_oconnell shared a tip "Overlapping mystery and who done it - nice 2 day binge"

april_stephens shared a tip "Very complex. Good show."

jason_gray_5221 shared a tip "Incredible adaptation from novel to short series. Easily the best show I’ve watched in a few months. #drama #crime_and_mystery"

Laura Zujus's profile image

laura_zujus shared a tip "Good but you’ll need to pay attention!"

amanda_miller_9977 shared a tip "Proves that sometimes the movie/show can better than the book."

Kim Ponte's profile image

kim_ponte shared a tip "Best mystery I have ever seen!!!"

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