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When family man Nick Brewer is abducted in a crime with a sinister online twist, those closest to him race to uncover who is behind it and why.

Parental GuideTV-MA

Status Ended

First Air Date 2021-08-25

Last Air Date 2021-08-25

Seasons 1

Episodes 8


TMDB 7.6


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wajwilliams shared a tip ""Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive"! #crime #drama #mystery #thriller"

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sher_free shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

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themrs.schwamberger shared a tip "Nice recommendation, folks! Really good show to binge!"

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themrs.schwamberger shared a tip "Finished it over the weekend! Great twist!"

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deena_chadwick shared a tip "Really good show! The spoiler ending was very far fetched. Enjoyed the show nonetheless."

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riley_foreman shared a tip "I feel like I got Punk’d by this ending. Thought I was so clever and knew who it was… nope!"

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charles_moore_3600 shared a tip "I could not stop watching this show !!!"

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torasaurus18 shared a tip "Had me on the edge of my seat up until the very end!!"

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Undetctable.Paper shared a tip "You would never ever guess"

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Undetctable.Paper shared a tip "like the whole show I thought it was someone else :0 and it wasn’t"

christie_biggers shared a tip "Well done. Broken into chapters told from different character’s perspectives, much like a book. I liked it."

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tanzene_ali shared a tip "twisty all the way to the end!"

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holley_rilko shared a tip "So far so good. 2 episodes in"

linda_sherrin shared a tip "Loved this series! Keeps you on your toes!"

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mary_gemmer shared a tip "So many of the twists! I loved every...single...episode."

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mike_scarpiello shared a tip "Very plot twisty! Keeps you guessing until the day end!"

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sterling_peterson shared a tip "Watching this now on Netflix a rainy day binge I think. Halfway thru looks very good so far. Murder, suspense."

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mikedean shared a tip "Great miniseries. Wife doesn’t watch a lot of TV with me and the twists and turns got her hooked."

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alannah_rodriquez shared a tip "Excellent storytelling and love the twists!"

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leah_thompson_1096 shared a tip "Amazing series kept me guessing until the very last episode , binged in 2 days lol"

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megamus.maximus shared a tip "Awesome plot twist!"

jaye_green shared a tip "Figured it out during the brother episode"

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taramolloy shared a tip "It’s the perfect show to binge!"

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brenda_bratley shared a tip "Excellent show! Loved it! One of those endings you don’t see coming!"

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smeeta shared a tip "Interesting with some twists… it’s not awesome but decent."

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sean_miller_5023 shared a tip "Binged this show. Kept us on edge up until the end."

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aron_casillas shared a tip "Soooooo good"

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ali_sherrid shared a tip "Binged this in one day! Lots of twists! Unexpected ending!"

sara_lang_831 shared a tip "This was super good. At ep 6/7, I thought I had it figured out...Nope!! Really good binge!!"

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marissa_miller_3073 shared a tip "Super binge-able! Plot twists all the way through!"

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melinda_paine-dupont shared a tip "Great mystery/thriller. Many twists"

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bryna_edwards shared a tip "I kept us guessing until the end."

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DrSugarbaker shared a tip "Riveting!!! I couldn’t wait to finish the mini series tonight - so many great twists!"

ann_webster shared a tip "You think you know, but you have no clue who did it until the end."

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lexie_jones_8577 shared a tip "Kept me on the edge of my seat from beginning to end. Excellent storytelling and a wonderful cast! I highly recommend!"

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lana_barry_bennett shared a tip "This was a perfect mystery. You could really put yourself in the place of the family."

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camilla_aubrey shared a tip "This is such a good thriller!! Minimal gore/violence/swearing which is good. Perfect fall show."

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diana_hernandez_6192 shared a tip "Great suspense show!! Also great for people interested in short series #drama #mystery #thriller #crime #netflix #shortseries"

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anna_neff shared a tip "Ending sucked, though."

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destiny_c._horne shared a tip "So many twists and turns"

lucy_lou_2674 shared a tip "Suspense"

molly_8850 shared a tip "Soooo good! It was an excellent way to tell the story. I couldn't stop watching."

mandy_singleton shared a tip "Binge worthy! #plottwist"

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ang_colby shared a tip "Obsessed! I was fully invested the whole time"

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carmen_hernovich shared a tip "It’s perfect for binge watching"

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stardustt shared a tip "then ending was COMPLETELY unexpected. i did not see it coming at all."

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rachel_paypompee shared a tip "Keeps me guessing to the end. I can usually guess the endings to a lot of shows."

jessica_792 shared a tip "Loved all the twists!!"

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kirsten_wiley_6759 shared a tip "Full of twists and the ending was a shock!"

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meredith_healey_gar shared a tip "Twisty!!"

brenna_d_992 shared a tip "I binged this all in one weekend! It was a captivating story and it kept me guessing!"

danica_rubenstein shared a tip "Engagingdrama"

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therealcoronaextra shared a tip "Omg this is soooooo goood. I’m only on episode 3."

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anita_patterson_3855 shared a tip "Omg I couldn't stop watching it! Soo good"

sarah_connors_9178 shared a tip "Perfect twisty plot with surprise! ending. I loved that each episode was a revolving narrator."

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nova_mckenzie shared a tip "It kept me sucked in but was disappointed in the ending. Good plot twists and story line."

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k_brown_4000 shared a tip "All I Can Say Is WOW best netflix original I have ever seen"

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anna_sanders_1496 shared a tip "Very good…"

manuel_hernandez_2713 shared a tip "This show started off as a slow burn, but then really kicked into gear after episode 2."

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james_dunphy shared a tip "It's decent enough, but I thought the acting was very subpar."

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hayyybish shared a tip "Kept me invested and guessing the whole time!!"

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suzy_bee shared a tip "Lots of twists and turns keeps you watching. Surprising ending."

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chantelle_murray shared a tip "This had me guessing right up until the last episode!"

alicia_wines shared a tip "So many twists and turns but very well executed! Did not see the ending coming! It was brilliant and suspenseful!"

kristina_lewis_9808 shared a tip "Full of twists and turns! Kept me guessing the entire time"

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megan_wolfe_9456 shared a tip "Addicting from top to bottom. Loved every minute of it."

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rox_relax shared a tip "That plot twist tho ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

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sarah_p_7990 shared a tip "Yep!! Kept me wanting more, crazy ending."

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c_bos shared a tip "If you like shows with a chase and some suspense, Money Heist is an easy action filled Netflix binge, as is Hulu’s Killing Eve!"

lauren_walker_3529 shared a tip "Best whodunnit ever!"

tray_3660 shared a tip "Highly recommend. The cast was great. A very good edge of your seat thriller."

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lauren_pellegrino shared a tip "Binged the whole thing in one sitting and didn’t figure out who dunnit!!! Loved it."

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miranda_flores_7713 shared a tip "Super suspenseful, you really would never guess how it ends which I LOVE. #AMAZING"

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kathryn_bier shared a tip "Super intense and a great binge watch. Totally was surprised at the end!"

natalie_finkral shared a tip "Twists and turns all around! Keeps you on the edge!!"

halina_nibbling shared a tip "Very suspenseful...keeps you guessing 🤔"

y_bennett shared a tip "Very engaging. Really kept my interest with unexpected and interesting plot lines and characters."

sarah_bennett_3964 shared a tip "I jus started it, but does anyone else think Pia looks like the real life version of Helga from Hey Arnold? Lol"

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janice_obarowski shared a tip "A lot of twists... compelling."

meagan_irby shared a tip "Really good! I binged it in two days and tried really hard to figure out who did it. Great twists!"

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dearmoblog shared a tip "Invested until the end 👀 #plottwists #suspense #thrillers ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5"

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kitkatplus shared a tip "Easy to binge, captivating, and definitely unexpected."

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amanda_sawyer_8123 shared a tip "Its so intense and keeps you wondering!!"

aurora_pena shared a tip "Such a good show! Loved it!"

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yvana_radatus shared a tip "Twists an turns within every episode. You’ll have yourself questioning what you know."

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corina_bazan-abalos shared a tip "It’s binge worthy."

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andria_yelverton shared a tip "Ending was not expected."

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amanda_pelletier_1028 shared a tip "Great show. Very suspenseful"

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andrea_vicario shared a tip "Hooked in! Binged and loved it, nice twist"

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melissa_1625 shared a tip "Loved this show. Gripping until the very end. Must watch if you love mystery/thriller."

elinda_kormann shared a tip "Great show! Totally surprise ending that I never would have guessed!"

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noreen_hernandez shared a tip "Wow was not expecting the end. It was slow for 2 middle episodes but made up for it in the end."

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kevin_fults shared a tip "Great who-dun-it show! Loved it."

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