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Reporter Camille Preaker confronts the psychological demons from her past when she returns to her hometown to investigate the murders of two young girls.

Parental GuideTV-MA

Status Ended

First Air Date 2018-07-08

Last Air Date 2018-08-26

Seasons 1

Episodes 8


TMDB 7.8


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jenna shared a tip "Dark but really good! Only three episodes so far and I can’t wait for more."

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the_girl_abides shared a tip "That ending 😳"

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sher_free shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️1/2"

𝑹𝒊𝒄𝒐 𝑺𝒐𝒑𝒓𝒂𝒏𝒐 ✪'s profile image

RicoLoveDinero shared a tip "I love the way this show was made and the ending you will never guess what happens."

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Greg.Martinez shared a tip "Fantastic show that is a real emotional bruiser. Great ending."

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dinomike shared a tip "Dark but very engaging and always keeps you on your toes"

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damien_scott shared a tip "Love all of the Zeppelin in this show."

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jade_lilly_4771 shared a tip "Amy Adams is amazing in this. Highly recommend."

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shana_wright_3926 shared a tip "Are they not continuing this??? I LOVED it but haven’t seen another season come out which is disappointing!"

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kathleen_caste shared a tip "Lots of twists. You must watch to the very end."

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asaltysoul shared a tip "loved it!"

lauren_9257 shared a tip "Not as good as the book but definitely worth watching!"

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kaylan_agnew shared a tip "Dark and definitely keeps you guessing. It was a great small town murder mystery setting and Amy Adam’s is so good"

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karen_belcher_4978 shared a tip "Too slow"

camille_coates shared a tip "It’s so good you’ll want to binge it straight through"

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aaron_bowen shared a tip "Amy Adams is amazing. Makes the show worth watching"

brianna_huckabee shared a tip "Amazing plot!"

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rebasmark shared a tip "Twisted!"

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shinebox_gallagher shared a tip "Expectedly violent ending"

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destini_brack_615 shared a tip "Great show!!!!! I highly recommend watching. You might be a little confused at first but just keep watching!!"

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shane_dakan shared a tip "This was so freaking good."

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glen_spangler shared a tip "After watching check out the mind blowing clues and nearly subliminal messages pointed out at the YouTube channel Seriesable."

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emily_heisler shared a tip "Season one done. Amy Adam's is exceptional in this."

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monique_rivera_1868 shared a tip "Currently still watching it, it's really good so far."

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monique_rivera_1868 shared a tip "Is it only one Season? 😔"

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laura_leslie_9582 shared a tip "Some plot/structural issues with this one but still enjoyed"

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nicole_kim shared a tip "Almost exactly like the book."

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irina_shampay shared a tip "Loved the show from start to finish. Music, atmosphere, acting , just superb. I was there with them in every moment."

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xrynnx shared a tip "Book is always better, but this is still a good watch and Amy Adams is amazing."

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ruby_1624 shared a tip "Great show. I was drawn into the uneasiness of the main character as she reconciles her past while navigating a present concern"

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evie_khan shared a tip "Very dark"

dana_konja shared a tip "I liked it. I also read the book so I wanted to see it come to life."

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tina_jans shared a tip "Amy Adams is great in this."

susan_phillips_9329 shared a tip "Loved this one! Creepy and couldn’t stop watching! I hope there’s another season!#creepy #dysfunctional_families #drama"

jesse_volk shared a tip "The best adaption from book to screen!"

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christy_reid shared a tip "Yes! SO GOOD"

daniela_alayon shared a tip "Interesting show."

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yvonne_stoikos shared a tip "! As usual the book was better!"

janet_gay shared a tip "Must watch"

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katelyn_colombrito shared a tip "This show is so good. It’s dark, but binge-worthy. Amy Adams was amazing. I definitely need to read the book."

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troy_pennock shared a tip "A good mystery"

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paul_gayle shared a tip "Low key one of the best whodunnit's I've ever seen.. I should just watch this again.."

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cheryl_cann shared a tip "Dark and mysterious."

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rosy_lorusso shared a tip "So so good."

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julian_Borecki shared a tip "I think this is the best show I’ve ever seen."

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victoria_bartel shared a tip "It’s good but the book is much better."

marie_5057 shared a tip "Yes it was good book was better though"

joe_powell_6380 shared a tip "Great ending"

rhanisha_woodson shared a tip "Very good"

shelley_dusterbeck shared a tip "Thanks! I have read all of Gillian Flynn’s books and this one was my fave!"

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sev_da_wolf shared a tip "If you like this one, you should watch Big Little Lies. Its from the same director."

patricia_sanchez shared a tip "Mezmerizing🌟"

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jenny_herbert shared a tip "Slow build, unforgettable ending. Chilling to say the least."

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bobby_evers shared a tip "Book"

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bobby_evers shared a tip "I don't think so, i think they covered everything that was in the books"

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robert_sweeney shared a tip "No it was a mini series!"

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soni_mar shared a tip "Unexpected ending.."

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elisa_wvmamasdogscatsbunratties shared a tip "No, not yet. It's in my list though!!! Is it worth reading?"

corey_story shared a tip "I doubt it. Great show though!"

pogo_gacey shared a tip "100%"

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maxwell_sinclair shared a tip "Terrific acting and really just an interesting story."

lisa_knutson shared a tip "Good, who done it!"

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raymond_johnson_691 shared a tip "Just finished S:1, I believe it drug in a few places but ultimately delivered the twists and turns. 🙂"

becca_salky shared a tip "Wish I could watch this one for the first time again!"

sandi_kaiser shared a tip "Good, why no Season 2?"

alyssa_friedman shared a tip "The book is also fantastic. Read it first, if you can"

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jillian_carr shared a tip "So addicting and so creepy all at the same time"

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damacio_ulibarri shared a tip "Amazing story line and production was above par."

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taunya_tande shared a tip "The chaos of the life."

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melanie_zamora shared a tip "Such an incredible show. All the details come together, just when you thought you figured it out."

katie_tomberlin shared a tip "It was really good. Keeps you guessing."

brooke_hostetler shared a tip "I thought so! It kept my attention, it was super interesting. Apparently there is also a book if you’re into it!"

carmen__roozrokh_ shared a tip "Dark but a great series"

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ivy_smith shared a tip "Southern Gothic thrill ride."

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victor_perez_5099 shared a tip "One of the best shows I’ve seen in the last few years"

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barbara_arnold_6044 shared a tip "Absolutely amazing 💯"

susanne_prince shared a tip "The book was better but it was worth watching"

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marco_mallia shared a tip "No. The show started well but lost my interest towards the end. Didn’t live to its expectations"

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priscilla_kennedy shared a tip "I haven’t heard that they are. It would be nice interesting to see what happened to the sister."

alisa_brookins shared a tip "Twisted tale with an “Oh my” ending!"

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