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A complex thriller revolving around three characters, each with troubling pasts clouding their intersecting motives: Emma is a young woman who once loved a dangerous killer, John is a former serial predator desperate for redemption, and a grieving mother Mary who is obsessed with finding her missing

Parental GuideTV-MA

Status Returning Series

First Air Date 2021-02-19

Last Air Date 2021-02-19

Seasons 1

Episodes 10


TMDB 7.7


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wajwilliams shared a tip "It’s full of twists. Pay attention. #crime #drama #mystery #thriller"

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tamara_baskin shared a tip "This show was so good. So many plot twist. I have so many questions."

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aaron_7939 shared a tip "True Blood vibes, and that's a good thing. Really enjoying this series."

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charles_moore_3600 shared a tip "Could not stop watching. Every episode ended with a cliffhanger . I devoured in two sittings !"

Tammy Haley's profile image

LuckyPost shared a tip "Great new series! Keeps you guessing throughout the whole series which is wonderful! Acting is superb!!! Loved it!!!"

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elithealien shared a tip "The twists keep coming! 🙌"

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through-glass shared a tip "That was a pretty great trip! Very entertaining. ✨"

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ashley_shickler shared a tip "Really hoping there is a season 2!!"

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leslie_abram shared a tip "This one is actually my favorite recent whodunit! I hope this show does well because it's SO GOOD!"

monica_c_6872 shared a tip "Amazing show!!! Can’t wait for season 2 #drama #thriller #crime"

alben_santana_ii shared a tip "6/10"

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tania_hemrich shared a tip "Very good show"

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jenean_fonseca shared a tip "So good, creepy and dark! Watched in two days. Can’t wait for a second season!"

stephanie_8315 shared a tip "Loooooooove this show!!!"

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lori_ann_garcia shared a tip "Lovin it"

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jillian_36107 shared a tip "Suspense, easy to binge, and keeps you guessing."

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sheridan_ward shared a tip "Awesome!!! Total twists!! I’m gonna be ****** if they don’t do a second season!!!"

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jonatan_caraballo shared a tip "Highly recommended thriller/drama with a lot of tension from start to finish. #thriller #drama #crime_and_mystery #crime"

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smeeta shared a tip "Lily Rabe is phenomenal in this show!"

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natisha_plummer shared a tip "It was refreshing and keeps you on your toes. Not for the faint at heart."

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lindsey_hass shared a tip "Love love love this show"

Shelby Valentin's profile image

shelby_valentin shared a tip "Yes definitely! And there might be a Season 2!"

Laurie-Jade Nadeau's profile image

laurie-jade_nadeau shared a tip "Lovin it !!!!"

alena_p shared a tip "One of the best shows I’ve seen. Really keeps you on the edge of your seat. Twists and turns"

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amber_allison shared a tip "This is the best show I've watched in forever. Absolutely hooked. Love it! Cant wait for season 2!!"

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chynna_romney shared a tip "Can’t wait for season 2!"

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rebecca_day_4056 shared a tip "Such a good series! Sucks it’s a one series show"

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megryan6 shared a tip "Loved it!!!!"

sadie_mac shared a tip "Great twist in the end"

kaywren_swayne shared a tip "Huge plot twist l was not expecting. I haven’t been surprised by a series in a while!"

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sharon_bryan shared a tip "Kept me guessing. Great thriller"

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sharon_bryan shared a tip "So good. Definitely want more seasons"

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albert_skretka shared a tip "Lots of twists and turns. 10 out of 10. Must watch!"

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kacey_mobley shared a tip "So great!! I couldn’t stop watching!!"

denise_hoke shared a tip "There are so many twists!"

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molly_lewis_3879 shared a tip "This show keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole time. Cast is amazing. Great twists and turns. Can’t wait for season 2."

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christie_larkin_1348 shared a tip "It was actually this show not the other show that I thought was great....but....the score (background music) was horrible."

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raquel_peterson_5923 shared a tip "Absolutely loved this show, hope there is a second season."

b_9829 shared a tip "rather disturbing"

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nancy_mitchell_1046 shared a tip "Awesome and thought provoking! A must see! Binged!"

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amy_bishop_8322 shared a tip "Once I started I couldn’t stop watching it! Love it! Intense show!!"

Jennifer Rothrock's profile image

jennifer_rothrock shared a tip "Loved this! Looking forward to next season."

Agnesa Berisha's profile image

agnesa_berisha shared a tip "So gooood every episode leaves you wanting more. Sooo full of plot twists it kept me on the edge of my seat"

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lynzsea_sky shared a tip "Sooooo good! So many plots happening at once, keeps you guessing. Great mystery/thriller, superb acting."

Allison Eppley's profile image

allison_eppley shared a tip "Wow bravo. Great suspenseful mystery twisting plot of a show. Excited for next season"

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elle_carter shared a tip "#MustWatch"

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shelby_white_1136 shared a tip "This series is so good. I love the way the story unfolds and definitely keeps you interested"

Kristen Berge's profile image

kristen_berge_8512 shared a tip "Plot twist was excellent suspenseful, excellently written."

kari_alloway shared a tip "So, SO good. Really engaging and full of twists and turns."

Hailey Reed's profile image

hailey_reed_8353 shared a tip "This is amazing. My favorite show is AHS and this is definitely coming in at the second best I've seen."

Karen Rice's profile image

karen_rice shared a tip "Awesome show!!"

sonia_5357 shared a tip "Loved it!! Can’t wait fir season 2!! It’s a must watch"

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britanee_milano shared a tip "Starts slow but gets better, binge watcher"

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beca_lynn shared a tip "This is a great crime show, verging on being a bit dark. The story is very intricate and winding"

gene_maccarini shared a tip "Great story with lots of twists"

Savannah Rogers's profile image

savannah_rogers shared a tip "Everything"

chantel_smith shared a tip "Unexpected twists and turns; and an unpredictable ending. Loved it."

Ashne Sakthivel's profile image

ashne_sakthivel shared a tip "Twisted dark and amazing"

janna_snoddy shared a tip "This was SO good.... can’t wait for season 2"

Kelsi Smirlies's profile image

kelsi_smirlies shared a tip "Infuriating and mesmerising all at the same time."

Deirdre Bartells's profile image

deirdre_bartells shared a tip "So twisty!!!"

shaina_garro shared a tip "The plot is thiccums"

Jacqueline Nieuwets-Lagendijk's profile image

jacqueline_nieuwets shared a tip "I really hope there is a season 2 coming. Was hard to get in but man was it ever good."

danielle_kolz shared a tip "So good!"

Michael Seman's profile image

michael_seman shared a tip "Binge worthy, suspense!"

melissa_harrison_4590 shared a tip "Lily Rabe is fantastic and the story keeps you coming back."

Rachel Reinhart's profile image

rachel_reinhart_3929 shared a tip "I love how mysterious Lily Rabe's character is. Very compelling show."

felix_rivera_1062 shared a tip "Amazing show!!!!"

jamie_dennin shared a tip "Suspenseful and the actors are great. You never know which way it will go and it will keep you guessing. Love it!"

Kristin Riggs's profile image

kristin_riggs shared a tip "The twists and turns. Crime. Plot twists"

kieth_bonkowski shared a tip "Great series lots of twists and turns you don’t expect!!"

Tammy Stanley's profile image

tammy_stanley shared a tip "It’s a perfect show to binge watch!"

Harmoni Kennedy's profile image

harmoni_kennedy shared a tip "Wrapped up a little too quickly but still goi"

breanna_sweat shared a tip "Just binged this! I loved it. Hoping for a second season soon"

hilary_moses shared a tip "Eerie psychological thriller. Keeps you guessing and biting your nails. Very bingeable"

Terry Rickards's profile image

terry_rickards shared a tip "Think SHARPER OBJECTS but a slower burn and more story lines."

craig_raypold shared a tip "Intriguing. True detective feel to it"

kelly_8993 shared a tip "Lily Rabe is a fav no matter what. She does a great job in this!"

Brooke Rast's profile image

brooke_rast shared a tip "Loves this different but I like it"

Kimberly Davison's profile image

kimberly_davison_7843 shared a tip "Definitely worth a try. I wasn't planning on binge watching but finished in 2 nights."

lana_8654 shared a tip "It’s so good! Who is bad? Who is good? Binged this in a day."

Nicole DuPre's profile image

nicole_dupre shared a tip "Loved it!"

denise_de_la_garza shared a tip "So good, a must watch!!"

brenda_paterson shared a tip "Suspense"

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jesse_ney shared a tip "You will binge this! Kept me guessing!"

Sara Finch's profile image

sara_finch_123 shared a tip "So good! Many story lines, intense, thought provoking.. must watch."

melodie_forkum shared a tip "Characters are well developed and has a very suspenseful storyline with many plot twists. I was glued!#drama #thriller #crime"

Amy Tracey-Miller's profile image

amy_tracey-miller shared a tip "Loved it! Season 2 is out but haven’t started it yet"

Adriana Wenk's profile image

adriana_wenk shared a tip "Great show! Kept you guessing in a good way! Totally recommend 😁"

Jolynn Anema's profile image

jolynn_anema shared a tip "So good! Loved the many twists in the first season. Cannot wait for the second season!!!"

Ann Pickering Pomilia's profile image

ann_pickering_pomil shared a tip "Very good - keeps you guessing!!"

Grace Filkins's profile image

grace_filkins shared a tip "This show always kept me guessing and I loved watching every episode."

dazzlindiva shared a tip "They really need to come out with Season 2. I have too many unanswered questions."

dazzlindiva shared a tip "So many twists to this show. They really left us hanging. I hope there is a season 2."

mackenzie_denny shared a tip "I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. If you like a twisty, thriller…this show is for you."

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