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Follow the exploits of various guests and employees at an exclusive tropical resort over the span of a week as with each passing day, a darker complexity emerges in these picture-perfect travelers, the hotel’s cheerful employees and the idyllic locale itself.

Parental GuideTV-MA

Status Returning Series

First Air Date 2021-07-11

Last Air Date 2021-08-15

Seasons 1

Episodes 6


TMDB 7.4


hannah mae:)'s profile image

hannah shared a tip "Eerie and ambiguous throughout with an interesting message. Unlike anything I’ve seen before."

Marcus 's profile image

mco shared a tip "Don't know why I can't stop watching this. Must be all the dumpster fires that keep me warm at night..."

Brian Draggoo's profile image

brian_draggoo shared a tip "Built good suspense and really enjoyed it. However, was also glad that it ended and how they wrapped it up."

Nadia 's profile image

PousseLananas shared a tip "Terrific series. I couldn't stop watching it after I started."

Ryan Miller's profile image

rsjm shared a tip "Absolutely loved it"

Chad Cooper's profile image

chad_cooper shared a tip "Very good series. Intriguing, awkward & uncomfortable, funny, dramatic… and well-acted."

Luanna Williams's profile image

luanna shared a tip "This show is brilliant! Wish I could access all the episodes now!"

Emily C's profile image

emily_coxon shared a tip "Different than anything I have ever seen. Has its moments."

Pete Treperinas's profile image

pete_treperinas shared a tip "It’s a compelling show. The music is fun and adds to the overall suspense/vibe for sure. I finished it in a couple days!"

Chris Mac's profile image

chris_mac123 shared a tip "Hitchcock style relationship suspense. Quick dialogue driven set to a quirky score. A fun watch."

Ruby 's profile image

ruby_1624 shared a tip "This is a weird social commentary with a lot of hilarious moments. Great cast of characters."

barbara_2203 shared a tip "Hysterically awkward!!! Loved it!!"

Tamira P. 's profile image

tamira_powe shared a tip "it’s my perfect fix of drama, comedy and mystery"

melanie anderson's profile image

melanie_anderson_1078 shared a tip "SOF*cking Good!!!!!"

Yoshio Marti's profile image

yoshio_marti shared a tip "Dark comedy and humor with a good storyline"

Jarod Mitchell's profile image

jarod_mitchell_954 shared a tip "Good writing! Worth my time for sure."

Lovesit 81's profile image

lovesit_81 shared a tip "Hilarious and unexpected..."

Y2A 's profile image

y2a shared a tip "So far, so good."

Kevin Layne's profile image

kevin_layne shared a tip "Brilliant, interesting, and unique,"

Jennifer Barber's profile image

1020barber shared a tip "It was weird. I liked it, but not really."

elizabeth_3164 shared a tip "Well written and entertaining"

Ali Sherrid's profile image

ali_sherrid shared a tip "Crazy ending!"

sam_peterson_6137 shared a tip "Best show on HBO right now"

Kate Moffett's profile image

kate_moffett shared a tip "It’s a fantastic binge watch!"

Anna Moye's profile image

anna_moye shared a tip "I love that distorted, uncomfortable reality. Def leaves you wanting more. #WhyWomenKill" shared a tip "Oddly magnificent!"

ella_cocar shared a tip "like 9 Perfect Strangers but entertaining & enjoyable"

Claudia Henry's profile image

claudia_henry_7568 shared a tip "obsessed."

christine_bilaniuk shared a tip "Hilarious"

lynda_p_2312 shared a tip "Quirky and funny. Great characters, most are not likeable but they are entertaining. Highly recommend."

Angela Appleby's profile image

angela_appleby shared a tip "It’s so funny! The actors are so believable in their roles. I watch it with my teenage daughter, she likes it a lot too!"

Momo Lopez's profile image

momo_lopez shared a tip "Very dark but hilarious show."

holly_stars shared a tip "LOVE this! Must watch."

Chloe Gilbert's profile image

chloe_gilbert_5388 shared a tip "Great cast, slow, but interesting to keep me watching"

Maureen Lee's profile image

maureen_lee shared a tip "I like how they used dark humor to shine light on how painfully annoying privilege can be, specifically white privilege."

lauren_bromberg shared a tip "Pretty good first season"

stephanie_oetjen shared a tip "I love Connie Britton"

Tiffany Sanchez-Slate's profile image

tiffany_sanchez-sla shared a tip "Wellington Paranormal"

JESS 's profile image

365daysofchic shared a tip "Loved this show! Excellent production value and good acting. Different story line. #emmys"

sarah_kasson shared a tip "Great acting and a very particular vibe."

raffaela_rombaldi shared a tip "👍🏼"

amy_doyle_3759 shared a tip "Gorgeous, different and intriguing … kept you wondering"

Spazy B's profile image

spazy_b shared a tip "I laughed so hard. Great characters and funny writing."

Virinder Singh's profile image

virinder_singh shared a tip "Amazing"

chastity_1973 shared a tip "This show is so funny, and it leaves you guessing after every episode. I’m excited for the next season!"

aaariannaaa shared a tip "If Twin Peaks, Wes Anderson, and the cast of Party Down walked into a tiki bar…"

jenn_woodside shared a tip "Really one of the best shows on TV!"

amy_giel shared a tip "Great binge show for adults."

Sheila Bryson's profile image

sheila_bryson shared a tip "Everything I love about TV. Beautiful to look at, great music, writing, acting. Can’t wait for S2!"

Cjay Morhart's profile image

cjay_morhart shared a tip "Great characters and surprising twists"

Jennifer Williams's profile image

jennifer_williams_7157 shared a tip "I thought it was interesting. A moment/week in the lives of the characters."

danielle_3142 shared a tip "It was a fun ride. Really like the whole set up. Interesting characters."

jane_jonasse shared a tip "Such a good show with a stellar ensemble cast and a mystery that will keep you guessing"

Lisa Overman's profile image

lisa_overman shared a tip "Did get a little slow sometimes but overall good"

Nikita Walker 's profile image

nikita_walker shared a tip "So fun and clever."

Alayna Giesting's profile image

alayna_giesting shared a tip "So cleverly written. It’s people watching on steroids!!!"

alejandra_fregoso shared a tip "Loved it! Great actors, excellent dark comedy!"

Cave Behlke's profile image

cave_behlke shared a tip "Incredible character driven show. Dark humor at its best"

david_root_3408 shared a tip "Great miniseries- all characters did an amazing job."

Crystal Bryant's profile image

crystal_bryant_7046 shared a tip "Such a great cast"

Terra Thomas's profile image

terra_thomas_1571 shared a tip "Dark, funny, and unexpected."

Cheryl Ledbetter's profile image

cheryl_ledbetter shared a tip "Awesome"

knightoowl shared a tip "Oddball show but pretty entertaining. Gets really wacky at times so it's fun."

Daniella Arredondo's profile image

daniella_arredondo shared a tip "What a dumpster fire of a show. I love it!"

Celt Ward's profile image

celt_ward shared a tip "Mike White shows his pure talent with this off beat comedy. I am so excited for season 2!"

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