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A psychotherapist finds himself held prisoner by a serial killer with an unusual request: curb his homicidal urges.

Parental GuideTV-MA

Status Ended

First Air Date 2022-08-30

Last Air Date 2022-10-25

Seasons 1

Episodes 10


TMDB 7.5


Gayane♡ 's profile image

gayane- shared a tip "Just finished the season and I was not happy with the ending. I wonder if there will be a season 2?"

Sandy Lopez's profile image

sandy_lopez shared a tip "This series was so good! Each episode left me in suspense. Great performances by Steve Carrell and Domhnall Gleeson."

Chad Cooper's profile image

chad_cooper shared a tip "Solid limited series."

Coobs 's profile image

coobs shared a tip "Only 2 episodes out so far(8-31-22) and I really like it. I hope it ends good."

madeline_rodgers shared a tip "Love it! Excited to see where the story goes."

PsychoBabbleLLC 's profile image

psychobabblellc shared a tip "Psych kids will have a ball with this one. Steve Carell really brings the "therapist energy." Silver fox."

Monica J's profile image

monica_jensen_8600 shared a tip "Absolutely awesome show!"

Tlaine 's profile image

asaltysoul shared a tip "A must watch! It had me hooked on every episode."

Britt A's profile image

britt-a shared a tip "Steve Carrell in a drama is surprisingly so good. This was suspenseful and each episode was only 20mins"

Andrea Kokesch's profile image

andrea_kokesch shared a tip "So good!"

Jane Elieff's profile image

jane_elieff shared a tip "⭐️⭐️"

kerry_werra shared a tip "Steve Carell is amazing in this . Getting a little repetitive though ."

Doug Schneider's profile image

MoovieDoogie shared a tip "First three episodes are phenomenal and I feel like the others will pay it off."

Savannah Marie's profile image

savannah_marie_ shared a tip "When do new episodes release?"

heather_predragovic shared a tip "One of my favorite shows right now! Psychological and twisted."

Alexis Fiore's profile image

alexis_fiore shared a tip "I wish this was Netflix and was all released at once because the half-hour episode, once a week, is killing me..."

ken_griffey_5863 shared a tip "Wow, this is such a good show. Emotional ride"

Bobby Moore's profile image

bobby_moore_807 shared a tip "Really Enjoyed this one!!"

margaret_dumke shared a tip "Must see TV ✔️"

jaclyn_solick shared a tip "Very slow. I kept thinking it would pick up and I love Steve C. But it just didn’t. I would say it’s not worth your time."

Brittany Turner's profile image

brittany_turner_8936 shared a tip "Keeps me wanting to know more, especially with the episodes being so short."

Nancy Monyhan's profile image

nancy_monyhan shared a tip "Hang on to your seat!"

cory_long_160 shared a tip "Absolutely amazing! Steve kills this role and I was instantly hooked!!"

Rebecca Recco's profile image

rebecca_recco shared a tip "Intense!!!"

Mary 's profile image

UnderTheOakTree shared a tip "Intense!"

Eric Chalmers's profile image

eric_chalmers shared a tip "So good... Steve Carell is outstanding and the killer is fantastic as well. Great story"

Blinka 's profile image

blinka shared a tip "This is so good!"

Nikki Lim's profile image

nikki_lim shared a tip "Oooh @jennifer_zink"

traci_spell_7733 shared a tip "Love the story so far wish the episodes were longer!!! Can’t wait for more!"

Danika Rose's profile image

cat_lady shared a tip "Sooo good."

Cathy McClellan's profile image

cathy_mcclellan shared a tip "Steve Carrell is a fantastic dramatic actor. Really shines a light on a day in the life of being a therapist"

._4659 shared a tip "Wanted to like this . Takes forever for anything to happen I don’t have the attention span to invest for nothing to happen ."

Lauren Chubbs's profile image

lauren_chubbs shared a tip "Not enough of the wow factor. Just missing some key elements. Carroll did a great job in it."

rose_m_3900 shared a tip "I’m only the two episodes in and already hooked. I’m hoping this doesn’t turn bad but for now I’m loving it"

theresa_roberts_rob shared a tip "Just watched both episodes and really like it. They are short but very good"

Lee Ann Kramb's profile image

lee_ann_kramb shared a tip "This is the show I was talking about."

dude_guy_4991 shared a tip "Such a great show. I am waiting on pins and needles for the finale next week"

Kirsten Robert's profile image

kirsten_robert shared a tip "Great, so far!!"

Kathie Ciotti-Allgood's profile image

kathie_ciotti-allgo shared a tip "Twisted and mysterious"

Mary Gemmer's profile image

mary_gemmer shared a tip "I am obsessed with this show! It is hard to wait a week for episodes to drop, but always worth it."

Henk Holveck's profile image

henk_holveck shared a tip "So invested just wish I could #binge"

kristie jaecklein's profile image

kristie_jaecklein shared a tip "I loved this so much! I was hooked and cannot wait to see if they can make it into another season."

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