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Blonde Betty Elms has only just arrived in Hollywood to become a movie star when she meets an enigmatic brunette with amnesia. Meanwhile, as the two set off to solve the second woman's identity, filmmaker Adam Kesher runs into ominous trouble while casting his latest project.

MPAA Rating R

Status Released

Release Date 2001-06-06

Runtime 147 minutes

Budget $15m

Revenue $20m


TMDB 7.8


brian_huang_1959 shared a tip "Fantastic and surreal. Worth a watch for anyone"

Christian 's profile image

chris_emza shared a tip "My favorite Lynch film. A masterpiece"

JRM 's profile image

jrm shared a tip "8/10. Slow David Lynch film, that picks up to an astonishing finish. Patience required."

Ernie Truman's profile image

ernie_truman shared a tip "A rorschach ink blot in motion. I love bringing my psyche to this film."

Tim Scannell's profile image

tim_scannell shared a tip "Naomi Watts"

d_805 shared a tip "Added to watchlist"

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alan_mcdonald shared a tip "I love Naomi Watts! ❤️"

elnaz_jafari shared a tip "It was absolutely amazing"

Chris Sackney's profile image

christoph shared a tip "If you're in for a ride of artistic proportion watch this"

Melinda Ann's profile image

melinda_ann_9417 shared a tip "The worst movie...completely pointless... no plot...1 dimensional characters."

Roselind Read's profile image

roselind_read shared a tip "Was a required watch for my film class. I loved it and it is a cinematic work of art."

Rae 👽✨'s profile image

inutrasha shared a tip "The ending changed the entire game for me for this movie. It's pretty good!"

ernesto_gomez_5153 shared a tip "I still don’t know why I liked this movie but I did."

Karen Whitaker's profile image

karen_whitaker shared a tip "An all-time favorite!"

Irina 's profile image

blindbob shared a tip "100% recommend! So many memorable scenes from this movie. You gotta watch for the subversive ending alone!"

Carmen Sabria's profile image

carmen_sabria shared a tip "Surreal"

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Bosoxfan80 shared a tip "Requires multiple viewings. This will take up residence in your mind"

Tyson Gibson's profile image

tyson_gibson shared a tip "This movie had secrets that, unfortunately, I couldn't unlock."

Brendan Sullivan's profile image

brendan_sullivan shared a tip "Insane movie, you’ll be thinking about it for days"

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michael_perez_4706 shared a tip "One of my favorite Lynch movies. It really leave an effect on you."

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Ryansmoviereview shared a tip "Most overrated director of all time"

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2020_vision shared a tip "That Brunette Is Green But Sexy AF"

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jim_sanchez shared a tip "Typical weird and wonderful David Lynch film"

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s.lauren shared a tip "Mind bender... if you look away or speak you’ll miss something important"

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cyberbully shared a tip "Lynch's magnum opus"

loretta_9182 shared a tip "Such a beautiful puzzle box of a movie"

Rusty Gentry's profile image

rusty_gentry shared a tip "Lynch, brilliant as always. In my opinion, this is his best film."

Kimberly Kennedy's profile image

kimberly_kennedy_529 shared a tip "Weirdest and most confusing movie I've seen in a long time."

mohan gandhi's profile image

mohan_gandhi shared a tip "Astonished"

thomas_h_5488 shared a tip "As surreal as it gets. Last act brings it together"

mark_gallagher shared a tip "Interesting but I'm not sure I really understood it."

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