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A "contemporary prequel" to the 1960 film Psycho, depicting the life of Norman Bates and his mother Norma prior to the events portrayed in Hitchcock's film, albeit in a different fictional town and in a modern setting. The series begins after the death of Norma's husband, when she purchases a motel

Parental GuideTV-MA

Status Ended

First Air Date 2013-03-18

Last Air Date 2017-04-24

Seasons 5

Episodes 50


TMDB 8.1


Amelia Kaiser's profile image

amelia_kaiser shared a tip "Very dark and creepy show. Definitely a good watch"

𝑹𝒊𝒄𝒐 𝑺𝒐𝒑𝒓𝒂𝒏𝒐 ✪'s profile image

RicoLoveDinero shared a tip "Omg I use to love this show. I'm so mad that it is over. 5 Seasons wasn't enough lol Great show must watch"

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nostalgiaqueen shared a tip "Just the type of sicko stuff I like 😌"

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monica_jensen_8600 shared a tip "This is a great show!"

elizabeth_stewart shared a tip "Compelling vision of Norman Bates’s backstory. Vera Farmiga walks a fine line between comedy and pathos."

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tvandmoviefanatic shared a tip "FINALLY finished this show last night! 🎉 Loved it! If you’ve never watched this show before I HIGHLY recommend you do!"

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kathrine_smith shared a tip "1 of the last vestiges of non agenda based entertainment, gotta love it"

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positivewriter shared a tip "My favorite show ever!! It's so underrated!"

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mmurray97 shared a tip "Kinda dark & messed up but AMAZING. Highly recommend"

tamela_jean shared a tip "I miss watching this. It was so good!"

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reba_pozas shared a tip "Good show! Seen all the seasons twice. :)"

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alvia shared a tip "Absolutely chilling to your bones. I love that this show had a clear direction and ending to it! Worth the watch!"

liz_4338 shared a tip "Freddie Highmore 😍 so good ! ( everyone here is so good on this show)"

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benjamin_roberts_7983 shared a tip "One of the only shows that gets better with each season"

skylar_bray shared a tip "Yesss!!"

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alexaldyfloyd shared a tip "One of my all time favorites."

strawberryboba audios's profile image

strawberryboba_audi shared a tip "Sorry for the late reply but yes I do think it’s worth it"

Jenna Elliott's profile image

jenna_elliott_7351 shared a tip "Unbelievably good!! Watch if you love Dexter."

Davina A's profile image

davina_a shared a tip "Watched it 4 times!!!"

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jolena967 shared a tip "Awesome freddie highmore"

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kerriboylesam shared a tip "This series is great! I wish it lasted even longer!"

Tania Hemrich's profile image

tania_hemrich shared a tip "Great show"

Dave Gordon's profile image

dave_gordon shared a tip "I'm on season five"

Joseph Mosca's profile image

joseph_mosca shared a tip "To many to list, great show"

mel_w. shared a tip "Sick, twisted & fun!"

Nykayla Connelly's profile image

nykayla_connelly shared a tip "one of the best shows i’ve ever watched"

Melanie Mangone's profile image

melanie_mangone shared a tip "We're on season 3 and loving it! I'm not usually ok with scary but I'd call this more intense."

Loni Alexander's profile image

loni_alexander shared a tip "I love Freddie Highmore! He is an excellent actor! I highly recommend watching "The Bates Motel" as I did."

daniela_alayon shared a tip "Fascinating show!"

Johanne Poulin's profile image

johanne_poulin_7663 shared a tip "Fantastic series. Awesome acting."

rachel_hulsebosch shared a tip "Great"

rachel_hulsebosch shared a tip "Great."

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jwilson_2631 shared a tip "Amazing, I've watched and watched again. ✨"

Molly  Rock's profile image

gyro_zeppeliswife shared a tip "This show will give you the chills! Cinematic shots are very well made!"

Annie Langworthy's profile image

annie_langworthy shared a tip "Freddie Highmore does a great job as young Norman Bates."

ren 's profile image

ren_29 shared a tip "you fall in love with characters you know the ultimate fate of."

Psuedo Chef's profile image

psuedo_chef shared a tip "I think they did a job"

Vicki Breitmayer's profile image

vicki_breitmayer shared a tip "Awesome"

kevin_ogletree shared a tip "Awesome series sorry that it ended."

amy_halldorson shared a tip "@obie_hendricks I’ve recently started watching and I love the storyline so far don’t know if I could say I have a fav episode yet"

Lila Gabriel's profile image

lila_gabriel shared a tip "I think it would have to be when he dug her out of the grave and sat her on the couch."

Tammy Spence's profile image

tammy_spence shared a tip "The episode where Dylan kills Mr. Ford is crazy !"

cobblestone_jones shared a tip "Surprisingly good."

Edidiong Etim's profile image

Blessings shared a tip "Perfect murder mystery"

Samantha Anderson's profile image

samantha_anderson_5207 shared a tip "#drama #suspense #crime"

Manjit Golden's profile image

manjit_golden shared a tip "Very bingeable"

Sher Webb's profile image

sher_webb shared a tip "Scary good and very addictive"

Cynthia 's profile image

thethortour shared a tip "Amazing show with top notch acting and plot twists."

Isabelle Thompson's profile image

isabelle_thompson_279 shared a tip "I thought it was good but a little weird in the first 2 seasons"

Carolyn Mantia McMann's profile image

carolyn_mantia_mcmann shared a tip "Excellent!!!"

courtney_wilkins shared a tip "It had me from the very first episode."

christopher_lemus shared a tip "It gets pretty freakin crazyyyy"

Morgan Fish's profile image

morgan_fish_8619 shared a tip "It was creepy and suspenseful"

sarah_gaia shared a tip "Most definitely! The ending wasn’t my favorite but overall I did enjoy it!"

DJ Arndt's profile image

dj_arndt shared a tip "Loved it so much! Just gets darker and darker as the seasons go on. Incredible acting."

Saturn 's profile image

DramaLibra shared a tip "Literally cried sm"

Jackie Brown McIntosh's profile image

jackie_brown_mcintosh shared a tip "Love the intertwining of so many things physical emotional life and time. Shows like this make me happy!"

liz_bocchetti shared a tip "Loved it missit"

Sara O'Neil's profile image

sara_oneil_7605 shared a tip "Yes! Loved it!"

Lea McMurray's profile image

lea_mcmurray shared a tip "Watch it all the way 2 days in a row"

Brenda George's profile image

brenda_george shared a tip "Awesome just wish it would have continued!"

Daniel Aboagye's profile image

daniel_aboagye shared a tip "Great show with a twisted sense to it. Leaving you feeling compassion for a murderer."

Mega Tron's profile image

mega_tron shared a tip "worked for me!"

drixppy._ nyia's profile image

drixppy.lit shared a tip "Very good show I was entertained the whole seasons"

Laura Major's profile image

laura_major shared a tip "Why did it have to end? 😭"

Stephanie Candido's profile image

stephanie_candido_206 shared a tip "Oh man I watched it a while ago I dont even know lol"

Laith Haddad's profile image

laith_haddad shared a tip "So goooood"

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brittany_s_4311 shared a tip "Keeps you on the edge of your seat SO good."

danielle_rodriguez_8470 shared a tip "Such a thrilling show!!"

annalysia_tashijan shared a tip "great binge worthy show, every detail is important, makes you think and focus hard!"

keegan_hacht shared a tip "I just started watching this a couple days ago and I’m already on season 3, it’s full of drama and suspense. I LOVE IT!"

Misti Delgado's profile image

misti_delgado shared a tip "Love drama mystery horror all in one"

Diyonne Summers's profile image

diyonne_summers shared a tip "Psychological but good"

Destinee Boston's profile image

destinee_boston shared a tip "Creepy but good creppy he’s always gonna keep you on your toes!"

Lori Sullivan's profile image

lori_sullivan_8744 shared a tip "A mothers love"

Beth Hayes's profile image

beth_hayes_8236 shared a tip "Amazing show! Acting is incredible!"

Jenna Bertelsen's profile image

jenna_bertelsen shared a tip "Most favorite of Freddie highmore"

hailey_8021 shared a tip "Love the tv show"

Elizabeth Stoneburner's profile image

elizabeth_stoneburn shared a tip "So good!"

Marysol Cuadrado's profile image

marysol_cuadrado shared a tip "It was pretty good. I must admit I didn't like the last season as much but overall good"

Dominique Adolph's profile image

dominique_adolph shared a tip "Amazing cast, I swear it keeps getter better and better the farther down the rabbit hole you go with this show 💙"

Alysia Searcy's profile image

alysia_searcy shared a tip "I love Freddie Highmore. The cast was perfect for this. I just wish there was more."

Taylor Raghu's profile image

taylor_raghu shared a tip "One of my favorite shows!! A must watch"

Michael Demby's profile image

michael_demby shared a tip "Thrilling for most episodes. Both actors are great."

Michael Whitten's profile image

michael_whitten shared a tip "Well written, great acting."

Kara Smith's profile image

kara_smith_7259 shared a tip "Yes it's very good!"

becky_sidman shared a tip "Yes"

Misti Fullen's profile image

misti_fullen shared a tip "Amazing acting. One of my all time faves."

Brittany Penn's profile image

brittany_penn shared a tip "I thought so. The acting is phenomenal and I like that we get a back story on Norman and his mother."

winter_is_coming shared a tip "It was pretty good I give it a 7/10"

Lindsey Rebecca's profile image

lindsey_rebecca shared a tip "It fizzled out in the end but it really started strong :)"

Raygan Stone's profile image

raygan_stone shared a tip "Probly one of my favorites."

Mothy 's profile image

tim_straw shared a tip "Super good. It goes a little off rails by the last season, but I still love it. The acting is nothing less than superb."

Nikki Bundschuh's profile image

nikki_bundschuh shared a tip "So unexpectedly fantastic!!"

Irlando Lobo's profile image

irlando_lobo shared a tip "Such a great show!!! You will not be disappointed"

Mandy Saulsbury's profile image

mandy_saulsbury shared a tip "This was my obsession"

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