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After an au pair’s tragic death, Henry Wingrave hires a young American nanny to care for his orphaned niece and nephew who reside at Bly Manor with the estate’s chef Owen, groundskeeper Jamie and housekeeper, Mrs. Grose. But all is not as it seems at the manor, and centuries of dark secrets of love

Parental GuideTV-MA

Status Ended

First Air Date 2020-10-09

Last Air Date 2020-10-09

Seasons 1

Episodes 9


TMDB 7.9


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jessica_7565 shared a tip "This has just the right amount of scary & good story for me!"

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rachel_swiney shared a tip "80's"

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kaitlin_paige_8222 shared a tip "Love!!! Spooky, not too scary. Epic romance. Victorian horror gothic set in the 80s."

William Crawford's profile image

william_crawford shared a tip "The plot looks great"

rebeccaYeti shared a tip "American accent and clothing insulting but show is excellent"

Amy Santi's profile image

amy_santi shared a tip "My All Time Favorite TV Show Excellent Writing Excellent Acting A True Gem A Beautiful Creation"

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kentongewecke shared a tip "Not as good as Hill House but still so well done in every way. Beautiful."

Jessi Keough's profile image

jessi_keough shared a tip "It has some confusing moments, but it all ties together at the end."

Maddie Talerico's profile image

maddie_talerico shared a tip "Not as spooky as Haunting of Hill House, but similar themes and I love the cast in this!"

Jill MacDiarmid's profile image

jill_macdiarmid shared a tip "It's chilling and sad but well done."

Sarah Elizabeth Cox's profile image

sarah_elizabeth_cox shared a tip "The ending maxe me sob!"

hilary_brooks shared a tip "Very #lesbian #gay"

Samantha McGee Halawa's profile image

samanthaxmcgee shared a tip "Loved it! Will be rewatching tonight"

kate_6979 shared a tip "Incredible!!!"

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jewellia_voss shared a tip "Its a good show. But it definitely something that you have to pay close attention to or you will be extremely confused."

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aaron_7939 shared a tip "It takes a while to get going, but in the end it's perfectly splendid.""

Jeanette Green's profile image

jeanette_green shared a tip "I just finished watching this. It was so good. It jumped scared me. It even made me cry."

Lesta T's profile image

lesta_t shared a tip "Powerful and strangely beautiful"

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dawn_daoust shared a tip "Great series! Watched it twice. Kept me at the edge of my seat!"

ashunti_perry shared a tip "Heartbreaking tale"

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alv1tzc0rber0 shared a tip "tbh the finale made the whole show worthwhile since it was kinda confusing half the time"

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tara_lacey shared a tip "So so good, just like the first!! I'll be super sad when I get done binging"

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milia_mendoza shared a tip "It is so interesting and there are so many plot twists."

Tanya Clayson's profile image

tanya_clayson shared a tip "Not as spooky as the first season, but I ended liking this one more. You get more backstory on the ghost."

Wesley Wallace's profile image

wesley_wallace_5423 shared a tip "Well written!"

Ashley Tschudin's profile image

ashley_tschudin shared a tip "Just in time for Halloween, the perfect spooky show to binge!"

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kasey_jones shared a tip "Watch in small bursts because this show is bleak af."

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monica_power shared a tip "The most terrifying and consuming show of all time #hauntingofhillhouse #hauntingofblymanor"

Elle C.'s profile image

elle_c. shared a tip "This was good! It wasn't what I expected, and I think I'll watch the other one too."

holly_8811 shared a tip "I’m a horror fanatic and this is the first Netflix Horror TV series I couldn’t stop watching but also kept me up at night."

Lynn Kieffer's profile image

lynn_kieffer shared a tip "Creepy to watch....loved it! Tge ending was amazing. Will watch again soon."

Josie Sarrazin's profile image

josie_sarrazin shared a tip "Kept me wanting more!!"

Gabrielle Hughes's profile image

gabrielle_hughes_1900 shared a tip "Never like scary movies and loved both of these!"

boo_boo_2959 shared a tip "Obviously not as good as the perfect masterpiece that is Hill house but 100% still worth a watch."

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isabella_rangel shared a tip "This story was exquisite."

moops 33's profile image

moops_33 shared a tip "A lovely tragedy with so much heart. It gave me everything but took so much too."

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ash_black shared a tip "I binged the whole thing ❤"

dykejareau 's profile image

dykejareau shared a tip "rn its this but just bc jamies sexy tbh"

norma_duran shared a tip "Good story"

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delaena_joy shared a tip "Definitely worth it!"

sam_5193 shared a tip "I really liked it. It's much like the haunting of hill house"

lindsay_9618 shared a tip "Awesome!!"

portia_anderson shared a tip "Hunting"

portia_anderson shared a tip "USA"

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hester_foley shared a tip "Not scary, more of a mystery with ghosts. Very interesting, keeps you guessing!"

Beka Lynn's profile image

beka_lynn shared a tip "Definitely different than the first..but still a great story."

Pamela J. Maccabee's profile image

pamela_j._maccabee shared a tip "Stick with it! It’s binge worthy!!!"

Paul Oliveri's profile image

paul_oliveri shared a tip "Waste of time."

Gail Flores's profile image

gail.aka.G shared a tip "It wasn't as scary as I anticipated its a haunted love story"

Michelle Lugo's profile image

michelle_lugo_764 shared a tip "Must watch!!!"

rebecca_bischoff_ shared a tip "I cannot say enough good things about this. It was most excellent in every way."

Kaitlyn Siqueiros's profile image

kaitlyn_siqueiros shared a tip "I love it. I think I finished it in like 3 days"

Doreen Walton's profile image

doreen_walton shared a tip "I binged watched this.... was glued throughout the entire series!!!!! It is soooo good! #thehauntingofblymanor"

Hannah S Bateman's profile image

hannah_s_bateman shared a tip "It is definitely worth a watch. I highly recommend the first season of this show as well (it was spookier)."

WrenDoesStuff 's profile image

wrendoesstuff shared a tip "I loved the Haunting of Hill House, and I loved this too. It's nice to see wlw representation and I loved the vibes of the show."

patricia_fiore shared a tip "Loved the story"

Lindsey Pyle's profile image

lindsey_pyle shared a tip "Great folow up in the Haunting series. Appreciated the twist, felt like Jane Eyre."

Shannon Reed's profile image

shannon_reed_4945 shared a tip "It had alot of plot twists enough that I , 100% binge watched it in less than 48 hours"

john_walker_5427 shared a tip "Very entertaining"

Albert Skretka's profile image

albert_skretka shared a tip "Creepy and wierd with a good story you have to follow."

Irene Lopez's profile image

irenelopez shared a tip "Was slow in some parts but it kept me on my toes and had me sobbing at the end! Perfect!"

mastercutter 's profile image

mastercutter shared a tip "better than hill house imo"

Heidi Dunn's profile image

HeidiRee26 shared a tip "It was just ok. Not even close to terrifying as Hill House."

S J's profile image

s_j_8427 shared a tip "Made me cry too much :( amazing show tho"

tawnya_israel shared a tip "Liked the first one better than this."

Zach Chabot's profile image

zach_chabot shared a tip "The slow set up and the sudden realization that it’s over is perfectly splendid and sad all at once"

V.B. Vallennes's profile image

v.b._vallennes shared a tip "If you liked the San Junipero episode of Black Mirror and The Haunting of Hill House this is for you."

V.B. Vallennes's profile image

v.b._vallennes shared a tip "Black Mirror's San Junipero meets The Haunting of Hill House."

Brooke Tharp's profile image

brooke_tharp shared a tip "Great for fans of Haunting of Hill House!"

lesbean0 shared a tip "this show was very good i highly recommended it. it has a few jump scares that i was really not ready for."

Jacob Woodward's profile image

jacob_woodward_57 shared a tip "It’s a slow burn but keeps your attention the whole time"

Madd 's profile image

madd_2095 shared a tip "Honestly, this whole show just really hit home for me with its themes and characters."

McKenna Dinkel's profile image

mckenna_dinkel shared a tip "Don't expect it to be anything like Hill House, it has its charms (and spooks) of its own. Its creepy more then horror."

sean_burns_3996 shared a tip "It’s kinda creepy but great"

B Donoghue's profile image

b_donoghue shared a tip "Beautiful show!! Suspenseful and sad but not very frightening. Filled will a lovely mix of love, joy, mystery and suspense!"

emma_970 shared a tip "One of my absolute favorites- could not take my eyes off the screen"

kyleigh kaiser's profile image

kyleigh_kaiser shared a tip "Great"

Melissa Carper's profile image

melissa_carper shared a tip "I was enthralled every step of the way, i especially enjoyed the ending that had a beautiful and poetic way."

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heather_ray_447 shared a tip "I really liked the concept of this storyline. Alot of cool twists!"

aaron_alejos shared a tip "Really good"

Abbie M's profile image

abbie_m shared a tip "My #1 show at the moment"

Isabel Beckham's profile image

isabel_beckham shared a tip "Amazing"

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arkham shared a tip "Episode 9"

emily_grace_5964 shared a tip "Its so good!"

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ashton_ledford shared a tip "Favorite show"

Lysandre La Stagiaire en Sexologie's profile image

lysandretremblay shared a tip "Haven't finished the serie yet!"

Hajer Ince's profile image

hajer_ince shared a tip "If you havent watched it i highly recommend you do!!! The story falls into place beautifully as you watch it"

Mila Ebrahim's profile image

mila_ebrahim shared a tip "Beautiful. It rly spoke to me cz im a cancer survivor whith a high risk of recurrence. It feels like the lady in the lake."

Averyl 's profile image

aveee shared a tip "I haven’t finished the show yet but the haunting of hill house was so good so I’m sure this will be just as good"

Lilian Garcia's profile image

lilian_garcia shared a tip "It’s so interesting"

Deleted User Deleted User's profile image

deleted_user_1618267051184 shared a tip "I staid up the entire night to finish. Great storytelling. Quite a few plot holes. Terrible ending but worth watching #suspense"

abby_jolyn_whitt shared a tip "It was kinda sad but I liked it. I actually cried after watching. I sound kinda dumb saying that"

Deleted User Deleted User's profile image

deleted_user_1617414675500 shared a tip "Loved it!"

Dustin Shepler's profile image

dustin_shepler shared a tip "@harperbrownca the haunting of the hill house and Locke and Key you may also like if you haven't seen them yet."


Deleted User Deleted User's profile image

deleted_user_1614706916362 shared a tip "Not as good as hill house but still very investing and entertaining"

Mollie Anne's profile image

mollie_anne shared a tip "Kept me on the edge of my seat"

Diana Randall's profile image

diana_randall shared a tip "I’d say 3/5 stars. This has potential to be better!"

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deleted_user_1619389470955 shared a tip "Very good"

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