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True Blood is an American television drama series created and produced by Alan Ball. It is based on The Southern Vampire Mysteries series of novels by Charlaine Harris, detailing the co-existence of vampires and humans in Bon Temps, a fictional, small town in northwestern Louisiana. The series cente

Parental GuideTV-MA

Status Ended

First Air Date 2008-09-07

Last Air Date 2014-08-24

Seasons 7

Episodes 80


TMDB 7.7


jennifer_johnston_7706 shared a tip "Loved the series and the books are better!"

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leslie_abram shared a tip "Yes Sir! Good one.. where on earth did you get such good tv taste?"

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laura_silva_1273 shared a tip "I absolutely love this show. I wish they would add another season though."

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maddie_talerico shared a tip "I go crazy for this show haha! I’ll binge it, take a break, then pick it right back up where I left off"

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maddie_talerico shared a tip "@sarahlong21 Absolutely! Check out my list “My favorite shows to binge watch!”"

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wkdcateyesoh1 shared a tip "Great series to watch"

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nicole_murray shared a tip "Guilty pleasure"

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vanessa_cruz_3804 shared a tip "True Blood was one of my favorite show to watch! Absolutely loved it!"

kim_hasty shared a tip "Vampires are my favorite monster. This was sexy too."

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roxanne_sierra shared a tip "Hi! Did you ever watch Vampire Diaries or the spin off Originals? Both i really liked and would recommend."

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martha_jackson shared a tip "The books are better but definitely a great show"

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erykah_greenwood shared a tip "Most definitely. If you like fantasy shows with vampires, witches, werewolves, and more, then this show is perfect."

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angela_edwards_8490 shared a tip "I agree. The ending was bitter sweet. I would have liked Bill sitting at the table."

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angela_edwards_8490 shared a tip "@amy_dawson I loved the ending I just didnt want it to end."

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myndi_topolinski shared a tip "Adult! But so good!"

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jennipher_smith shared a tip "Sookie is a refreshing heroine! She’s not completely helpless or whiny, but she’s so brave that it can be her downfall."

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lacey_kahllo shared a tip "Loved it."

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juan_carlos_ribot shared a tip "No, but the tv series was good"

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stephanie_merritt shared a tip "Lots of unnecessary sex scenes but overall a good show"

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lindsey_gafford shared a tip "That's a tough one, I'd have to say Lafayette or Eric. What about you?"

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stacey_ulry shared a tip "One of my faves!"

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theresa_grande shared a tip "I was unsure of this one at first but it is ultimately the best series I have ever watched! It’s a must see!!"

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jaylyn_mcbride shared a tip ""

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inez_spike shared a tip "Great vampire series"

breezer233 shared a tip "Super cheesy but I really liked the characters and the love story."

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kit_5579 shared a tip "Definitely, very fun"

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keri-jo_dilts shared a tip "Love this series. Read the books too!"

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callies_broken_heart shared a tip "Oh gosh! So many! The Strain, The 100, 4400."

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onslaught_xo shared a tip "A good show with a terrible final season"

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johanne_poulin_7663 shared a tip "Loveeeeee"

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amy_smith_4751 shared a tip "Ha ha..I honestly don't remember! It was so long ago!"

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shea_wynn shared a tip "It's been a little while since I've watched the series but I really enjoyed the dynamic of the main characters about 3 seasons in"

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BookLadyMonique shared a tip "It’s been awhile since I have watched so I cannot remember, sorry!"

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tracy_manning_7907 shared a tip "It was short lived (2 seasons) but I liked bitten. Hemlock Grove is another good one."

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QuelWilson shared a tip "If you like Vampires definitely watch Discovery Of Witches series on BBC. I think you can find it on Hulu"

simone_dixon shared a tip "This show is hot🔥, exciting and creative."

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crystal_glass shared a tip "Very dynamic characters. Something to love about all of them. I was hooked and genuinely miss them"

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gabrielle_sierra shared a tip "It was good. Lots of nudity as it'd an HBO show."

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angela_lawson_5577 shared a tip "It has magic, love, sex, mystery all of it!!"

Jennifer Yarbrough's profile image

jennifer_yarbrough_7207 shared a tip "I have read all the books and I still loved everything about the series. I still go and watch from time to time lol."

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nedg_jean shared a tip "Ohh you will enjoy this..great show with a great cast."

amanda_wood_5546 shared a tip "Brilliant!! I never thought I would get hooked on a vampire series. I loved it."

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oyewole_bunmi shared a tip "Jason my main man😂🤣"

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nykkie_murray shared a tip "I guess it depends on what you're into"

emmalee_237 shared a tip "For the most part. The last couple seasons weren't as good but I liked it up until then!"

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cp_s shared a tip "I really enjoyed most of it. Season 2 wasn't my favorite and it was time to end it probably a season before it was."

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bre_summer shared a tip "Vampires and Eric Northman"

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kiona_jones shared a tip "it started with a bang. ended like the merciful killing of an injured horse. but it start with a bang."

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christine_ohtola shared a tip "Yes it's definitely worth it"

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nour_salih shared a tip "-> 7 seasons -> PRETTY ASS PPL"

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karina_spiess shared a tip "That’s tough but I really loved Mindhunter and Killing Eve"

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cheyenne_rebero shared a tip "One of my favorite series."

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vicki_breitmayer shared a tip "Very good and different"

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angel33 shared a tip "🍿👍👍👍🍿"

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cookie_mccullen shared a tip "Recommend to read the series of books first."

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Kaydjane shared a tip "Best show ever"

Genevieve Dreaming's profile image

genevieve_dreaming shared a tip "Polite, lighthearted vampires with Southern accents and an appetite for love."

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leesa_belgrave shared a tip "Eric and Lafayette! You?"

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barbara_mcquady shared a tip "I was it end it really good. Just wasnt ready for it to end"

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jai_kokayne shared a tip "Great to binge watch"

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piper_parker-pearson shared a tip "I love the vampire and werewolf shows and movies and anything supernatural and this series has it all"

ashley grady's profile image

ashley_grady shared a tip "Amazing storytelling. Great character development. And the numerous supernatural species keep things so interesting - never stale"

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sari_samp shared a tip "Stupid but addicting."

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angel_dunn shared a tip "Some of it but I also read the books and missed parts the books had"

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amanda_walter_4645 shared a tip "Good story"

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50sumthing shared a tip "Sexy and fun!"

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megan_van_etten shared a tip "Alcide"

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stacey_daniels shared a tip "Oh Sookie! Love this show and these books!"

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april_williams_7203 shared a tip "Ikyfl!!! 😯"

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presyce_rogers shared a tip "Yes!!!!! It's definitely worth watching."

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kelsy_warren shared a tip "Loved this show until “I’m a fairy!?”"

Camey Rutledge's profile image

camey_rutledge shared a tip "My favorite series!!❤"

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irving_dgz shared a tip "First 3 seasons"

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shawnee_frost shared a tip "Idk"

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donna_love shared a tip "Love, Happiness and all that other stuff :,-)"

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donna_love shared a tip "Love, Happiness, Vampires - just how life should be ᕙ( • ‿ • )ᕗ"

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joy_mayhugh shared a tip "Favorite Vampire Series, second only to The Originals."

bill_mchugh shared a tip "First couple of seasons you cannot miss"

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sue_edgerton shared a tip "The first few seasons were great, but then it "jumped the shark"."

brittney_baltz shared a tip "One of my all time favorites!"

ashley_kiker shared a tip "Show is super extra. Liked it though until the last season!! The last season sucked!"

bryson ellington's profile image

bryson_ellington shared a tip "one of my favorie tv shows fire 🔥🔥🔥"

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j_forrest shared a tip "I didn't like the way the series ended"

Cara Byerley's profile image

cara_byerley shared a tip "!♡♡♡♡♡"

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alexis_hughes_2381 shared a tip "I love it sooo much"

Jolene Mayfair's profile image

jolene_mayfair shared a tip "I loved every minute of it. I thought it was a good balance of smart and fun. Was really sad when it ended."

Bree Clendenon's profile image

bree_clendenon shared a tip "It was very addictive. I could not atop watching. I highly recommend."

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nicole_myers_4244 shared a tip "this show is amazing!! one of my absolute favorites!"

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mallory_conaway shared a tip "Binge party!"

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mischelle_thorne shared a tip "I enjoyed this immensely, I was riveted!"

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kamille_golding shared a tip "Horrible endings though :("

Jasmine Marsh's profile image

jasmine_marsh shared a tip "Tragic,love,magic and so so much more"

Cheryl Atwater De-Leon's profile image

Crimsoncabrona shared a tip "Watching this again now. Love it"

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nicole_white_9620 shared a tip "Sexy fantasy, can't go wrong!"

safora 's profile image

safora shared a tip "The absolute best vampire and werewolf show."

Betty FKrocker's profile image

betty_fkrocker shared a tip "Vampires. Witches, werewolves. Hot Hot cast"

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maximus_h shared a tip "It was sexy"

Jessy Stewart-Brubeck's profile image

jessy_stewart-brube shared a tip "Good series but the books where way better."

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kate_malcolm shared a tip "Easy to get sucked into."

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denise_christopher_5847 shared a tip "usually not into this...but this series...wish they did more series"

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