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After Portland homicide detective Nick Burkhardt discovers he's descended from an elite line of criminal profilers known as "Grimms," he increasingly finds his responsibilities as a detective at odds with his new responsibilities as a Grimm.

Parental GuideTV-14

Status Ended

First Air Date 2011-10-28

Last Air Date 2017-03-31

Seasons 6

Episodes 122


TMDB 8.3


Ashmedai 180's profile image

ashmedai_180 shared a tip "I wish it got the recognition it genuinely deserves."

Jenny Liang's profile image

jenjn shared a tip "the best underrated show everrrr, wish they continue this series.. one of the only tv shows I rewatch once in a while"

Johnnie Wäste's profile image

johnnie_waste shared a tip "Loved this show, wasn't a fan of it ending so soon. Maybe one day they will reboot it or proceed with a Spin off."

G Kost's profile image

g_kost shared a tip "Love it. Very interesting and somewhat cozy."

Cristina Feniak's profile image

cristina_feniak shared a tip "This series was incredible! I watched every week when it aired on tv!"

Katrice Masters's profile image

katrice_masters shared a tip "Great show so easy to get into"

Katrice Masters's profile image

katrice_masters shared a tip "Great show great cast"

Ashley Hintze's profile image

ashley_hintze shared a tip "This is a must see. You will watch a little and think you won’t like it but you will!"

Haylee S.'s profile image

haylee_s. shared a tip "Yes, it is worth watching."

Crissan Martin's profile image

CrissiePooh shared a tip "I loved this show. They were talking about a spinoff with the kids *spolier* sorry."

Taylor Kelly's profile image

taylor_kelly_8613 shared a tip "Love love love the Brothers Grimm fairytales. It’s so fun to guess which one each episode is based on."

Oliver 's profile image

Grusome_Melody shared a tip "This is easily the one of the BEST shows I have EVER watched and I wish it got the recognition it deserves!!"

Cassidy Mac's profile image

cassidy_mac shared a tip "Started out really good. Went off the rails a bit around season 4"

Rose Durousseau's profile image

rose_durousseau shared a tip "It was mysterious"

Terri Meacham's profile image

terri_meacham shared a tip "Intense, entertaining and creative!"

Georgia S's profile image

georgia_stevanus shared a tip "This is my favorite show ever! It’s so good and the characters and story is very well developed."

Tarryn McClinton's profile image

tarryntino shared a tip "Found this show on Amazon Prime and been binge watching it since. So good. I'll probably be sad when it's over lol"

Elt Ag's profile image

elt_ag shared a tip "Scifi ! Monster variety !"

Hanna 's profile image

hannah_austin_644 shared a tip "Amazing definitely recommended!"

will broccolo's profile image

will_broccolo shared a tip "So great. A must watch."

melanie_russo shared a tip "Amazing show"

Little Celly's profile image

little_celly shared a tip "Awesome show"

Johanne Poulin's profile image

johanne_poulin_7663 shared a tip "I've missed a couple seasons so I'm starting over, really enjoying it."

Vita Castillo's profile image

vita_castillo shared a tip "I love this show. Very fictional but you get into their world so easily 😍"

Sherri Lechelt's profile image

sherri_lechelt shared a tip "I loved this show. I was so sad when it was over. One of my favorites."

sophie_ryan_3904 shared a tip "Amazing show! Crime, mystery, drama, supernatural/fantasy, everything you could want. Plus, super lovable characters"

Paloma 's profile image

PalomaValencia shared a tip "Nostalgia definitely hits hard with this one."

April Farmer's profile image

april_farmer_417 shared a tip "This is a great shows. So many twist and turns."

tamara_thomas_9318 shared a tip "Great show"

brenna_m_4539 shared a tip "I like it a lot! Kind of reminds me of Supernatural if you’ve watched that, but it follows the Grimm fairytale aspects instead"

heather_levae shared a tip "It's creepy and mysterious and not exactly predictable"

Melody Kara's profile image

melody_kara shared a tip "Good amount of action and creepy creatures. Good plot and love the characters."

ray_diehl shared a tip "I remember when I watched this show in its prime. Wish they made 2 more seasons."

Suzanne Warren's profile image

suzanne_warren shared a tip "My 4 children and I all love this show !!! Ages 47 , 27, 21, 19 and 6 we all have seen the whole series more than once !!"

Sadie 's profile image

Sadie_blondeau shared a tip "No"

Mathew Gauthier's profile image

mathew_gauthier shared a tip "Best show I’ve ever watched 11 out of 10 stars. Watch a few episodes and you will be hooked"

Elizabeth Helmick's profile image

elizabeth_helmick shared a tip "One of my favorites! Last episode had me in all the feels!"

J Wood's profile image

j_wood shared a tip "Love this take on fairy tales"

Isabella Case's profile image

isabella_case shared a tip "Loved this show. When I rewatched it earlier this year, I caught on to so many things I missed. Definitely recommend!"

rebecca_barrow shared a tip "Loved this show ! I wish they followed through with a spin off ... Please"

Phyllis Newman-Dober's profile image

phyllis_newman-dober shared a tip "Loved it!"

AxP Gamer's profile image

axp_gamer shared a tip "Great story. Wish there would be another add on story about his kids but nick burkhart is an animal"

camryn.jones shared a tip "I’ll go ahead and go ywo😍🥰😘😽💄💋👄 Hi I am a big fan😍 I"

darysabelle_rivas shared a tip "Love the character development"

Mayra Angeles's profile image

mayra_angeles shared a tip "When his girlfriend becomes a Which"

Kiana Dowd's profile image

kiana_dowd shared a tip "The character development, story line,"

Andrea Poole's profile image

andrea_poole_5382 shared a tip "Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Jacqueline de Jong's profile image

jacqueline_de_jong shared a tip "It’s essential and had a lot of twists and tons. If he’s like a lot of fantasy works with mystery then you should watch this!"

avery_1227 shared a tip "It was really good and a really good story line. If you like solving mysterys and supernatural you will love it!!"

daniel_broadwater shared a tip "The suspense and the plot were always amazing!!! 11/10!!! Highly recommend to fantasy-fiction fans."

Pam Tessmer's profile image

pam_tessmer shared a tip "I liked it. Loved some of the characters"

alexia thornton's profile image

alexia_thornton shared a tip "It has a twist that is LIFE changing"

mlm shared a tip "I’m so tired it ended, but at least it ended right."

shannon_hollenbeck shared a tip "The characters are all awesome and I love the concept of the show!!"

Jude Bernard's profile image

jude_bernard shared a tip "I watched it a long time ago and its so enthralling"

Devin Leach's profile image

devin_leach_7273 shared a tip "The final season is a little rushed because of the cancellation but still has a solid ending and fun all the way through"

Emily Godkin's profile image

emily_godkin shared a tip "Love this show! One of my favorites! #wow"

Ghost 's profile image

horror.froggie shared a tip "i was obsessed with the Grimm series and now after watching other shows Grimm is just supernatural and criminal minds combined"

shamekia_parker shared a tip "I just hated the twist.."

Robyn 's profile image

robyn_85 shared a tip "Its hands down my favorite show of all time! I think you'll like it 😁"

Dranix Lunato's profile image

dranix_lunato shared a tip "It s perfect show to watch"

Giselle Pereda's profile image

giselle_pereda shared a tip "IT WAS JUST AMAZING"

jessica_keith_6858 shared a tip "So much drama! Plus the characters are amazing! Love woo and monroe!"

Shae 's profile image

shae_3142 shared a tip "#mystery #fantasy #drama #Grimm"

melissa_morales_129 shared a tip "I wish they would put this back up I loved this show addicted af"

Justyna J's profile image

justyna_ shared a tip "If you like crime procedurals with a supernatural twist :-). You'll know pretty quick if the style works for you."

Kristin Speth's profile image

kristin_speth shared a tip "I really liked this series. I was sad to see it end."

A E's profile image

a_e_3646 shared a tip "Love this show it’s a great mystery monster show"

Allison Haymond's profile image

allison_haymond shared a tip "I loved the combination of Grimm fairytales and police procedure."

Crystal Harper Salisbury's profile image

crystal_harper_sali shared a tip "Very original and surprising."

Lizz Taylor's profile image

lizz_taylor shared a tip "Love this show! Wish it wouldn’t have ended."

Beth G.'s profile image

beth_g. shared a tip "It's a good show for those who like supernatural things and folk lure. It can get repetitive and slow at times."

Tanya Monroe's profile image

tanya_monroe shared a tip "This is my ABSOLUTELY Favorite."

Hailee Adams's profile image

hailee_adams_1225 shared a tip "Kinda got bored of it after the first couple seasons but it was good!!"

Denali Nebel's profile image

naliiii shared a tip "I liked the first few seasons but as you go on it gets ugh"

Dean Blake's profile image

dean_blake shared a tip "This movie is awesome. Love it. And I love the fact that it's long and also has an end because most movies don't"

edward_benedict shared a tip "Loved the continuity and plot!"

christy_wolfe_92 shared a tip "Was a great show with all of the allegories to Grimm fairytales."

rosanna_4306 shared a tip "❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️"

Alex Flowers's profile image

alex_flowers_8221 shared a tip "Addicted, trust me it’s good"

A B's profile image

a_b_3436 shared a tip "7.8"

tracen samuel's profile image

tracen_samuel shared a tip "Loved every episode"

Nic Oratiou's profile image

nic_oratiou shared a tip "Amazing show"

Allison Macy's profile image

allison_macy shared a tip "This show is soooooo good! It's action packed and their is tons of interesting lore to learn!"

Rachel Harper's profile image

rachel_harper_5362 shared a tip "Great characters, smart writing, unexpected"

Brooklynn Michels's profile image

brooklynn_michels shared a tip "I love the thrill with the crime and the supernatural aspects."

Luna Tree's profile image

luna_tree shared a tip "Look, I know it's camp, but it's well written, and it's just a really loveable show for me."

Alison Bodine's profile image

alison_bodine_5388 shared a tip "My family and I love Grimm we watch it like 300 time already and it a beautiful story ❤"

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