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An origins story, beginning in 1947, which follows Ratched's journey and evolution from nurse to full-fledged monster tracking her murderous progression through the mental health care system.

Parental GuideTV-MA

Status Returning Series

First Air Date 2020-09-18

Last Air Date 2020-09-18

Seasons 1

Episodes 8


TMDB 7.8


Tameka Swafford's profile image

tameka_swafford shared a tip "Like ahs"

Arnela Salkic's profile image

oharnela shared a tip "Wow! So good!"

nasiyia_johnson shared a tip "I am currently watching this movie and lord this lady is crazy."

Alyssa McCleary's profile image

alyssa_mccleary shared a tip "Great show with unexpected turns and twists!"

Davina A's profile image

davina_a shared a tip "Amazing show. Binged the entire first season in one day!!! Also try not to eat while watching some scenes are a little gross!"

Misti Keeton's profile image

misti_keeton shared a tip "Love this, can't wait for a new season!"

Victoria Stclaire's profile image

vgs shared a tip "loving this!!!!"

Tracey Jaye's profile image

tracey_jaye shared a tip "Not finished with the season yet but totally hooked from the get go."

SP 's profile image

itsveganyo shared a tip "If you like American Horror Story you’ll like this! Not scary but has the same type of “weirdness” (in a good way)!"

Cordelia 's profile image

cordelia_4502 shared a tip "Really good show, good to binge, sad there is only one season so far."

Michael Fekete's profile image

michael_fekete shared a tip "Amazing, great character development. Highly recommend"

Lizzie Smith's profile image

lizzie_smith_8887 shared a tip "Great wroting and great acting!"

hazel Bridgeman's profile image

hazel_bridgeman shared a tip "Watched several times through. Reminds me of American Horror Story:Asylum. Really hope there's going too be more."

Mackenzie Tromble's profile image

mackenzie_tromble shared a tip "So creepy and heart wrenching! I loved it"

Enrike Grageda's profile image

enrikegrageda shared a tip "I loved this show from beginning to end. Amazing cast and another incredible show by Ryan Murphy!"

Sara Graenser's profile image

sara_graenser shared a tip "You will love this show."

Katie Comfort's profile image

katie_comfort shared a tip "Totally horrific and gruesome depiction of both war and postwar medical model of “care”."

Abby Ahearne's profile image

abby_ahearne shared a tip "I love this show so much! Sarah Paulson did a fantastic job and the story is so interesting! 10/10"

chaka_chaka shared a tip "Very interesting."

lucy_3589 shared a tip "Absolutely!"

Rylee Mcbride's profile image

rylee_mcbride shared a tip "For sure a 10/10!! Very strange but sooooo good❤️"

brittany_kauker shared a tip "This is a very addictive show! If you love American Horror Story you will love this show! So amazingly twisted, I love it!"

Brian Smith's profile image

bgsmithdc shared a tip "Great show"

ASMR Barbie's profile image

asmr_barbie shared a tip "Can’t wait for season 2!"

Celia Curtis's profile image

celia_curtis shared a tip "Just binged this over the past two days, and I Luved It!"

Barbara Blocker's profile image

barbara_blocker shared a tip "Premiered tonight...riveting!"

Shay Nef's profile image

shay_nef shared a tip "Great show, but also very disturbing. Some parts were hard to watch, amd it gave me bad dreams hahaha"

Teressa Muglia's profile image

teressa_muglia shared a tip "It has a little bit of gore. It is an awesome series"

carol_wolff shared a tip "Gotta love Sarah Paulsen"

Lizette Williamsen's profile image

lizette_williamsen shared a tip "Besides a few predictables, overall good."

Ruth Deacon's profile image

ruth_deacon shared a tip "Highy recommend this series ! It's so good but a bit of gore but if you're in to thillers and looming darkness , This is for you!"

Estee Lawrence's profile image

estee_lawrence shared a tip "For AHS lovers, follow Sarah As she becomes Nurse Ratched and dives into the dark world of psych nursing"

Kay Doyle's profile image

kay_doyle shared a tip "I really enjoyed this. Very macabre but keeps you interested."

Dylan Smith's profile image

dylan_smith_4216 shared a tip "So good Sarah Paulson from AHS stars in this tv show spinoff"

michelle_vandever shared a tip "Dark and twisted! Amazingly fresh characters and superb acting!"

tavon_marshall shared a tip "The lady with the split personality was the best."

Carie Bodnar's profile image

carie_bodnar shared a tip "Its dark but enjoyed the story"

jason_busch shared a tip "A fun and interesting show with a dark storyline."

Nayla Maczuzak's profile image

nayla_maczuzak shared a tip "I personally LOVE the changes that they have made for this story. I cannot wait for season 2."

Lizzie 's profile image

adamantine shared a tip "Yay another show to binge"

tangsp shared a tip "Love this show!"

Anna K's profile image

anna_kotz shared a tip "AHS fan? ☝️👌"

Erin Donnelly's profile image

erin_donnelly_8017 shared a tip "Honestly I loved the whole thing. But I love Sarah Paulson. I think she's an amazing actress!"

Destiny Sykes's profile image

destiny_sykes shared a tip "Amazing!"

Grace Molinaro's profile image

grace_molinaro shared a tip "The music has a repetitive uninspired stereotypical horror sound to it that can get exhausting. Just try to ignore it?"

Alecia Watson's profile image

alecia_watson shared a tip "If you live AHS then this is the show for you!"

arshdeep_bhullar_670 shared a tip "unable to stop watching once I started watching it. Really good, Element of surprise gets you everytime."

Martha G's profile image

martha_g shared a tip "I streamed this with my friends and it had loads of twists!"

Taco Rio's profile image

Zoek shared a tip "Based on a classic movie character"

Geoff Friesner's profile image

geoff_friesner shared a tip "Storyline"

Melissa Carper's profile image

melissa_carper shared a tip "I liked this reimagining, you can really feel the depth of each character."

rose_judd shared a tip "Binge worth, keeps you constantly on edge."

Kishana Espitia's profile image

kishana_espitia shared a tip "Omg love this. Show cant wait for season 2"

Latanya Lawrence's profile image

latanya_lawrence shared a tip "The thrill and drama also the look on how things have evalutionise over the years"

Jay Yerex's profile image

jay_yerex shared a tip "Great mood and visuals"

Javier Ojeda's profile image

javier_ojeda_4105 shared a tip "Very good and unexpected"

Kat Montgomery's profile image

kat_montgomery_6063 shared a tip "My absolute favrote show of 2020 and makes my top ten suspenseful dark witty and AMAZING cinematics"

midnight_huzky shared a tip "Gave me AHS vibes. Very captivating, and I just couldn’t stop watching. I wish there was more!"

Sadie Thomas's profile image

sadie_thomas_2426 shared a tip "Watched season 1."

Mike Alexander's profile image

mike_alexander_6217 shared a tip "It kept me entertained for the entire season"

Jennifer Spaulding's profile image

jennifer_spaulding_92918 shared a tip "American Horror Story Vibes. 😍"

Santana Lopez's profile image

santana_lopez_9874 shared a tip "omg yes go Ryan Murphy go boil those lesbians"

saya_mercer shared a tip "Absolutely loved this show!!! It was soooo intense and interesting and spot on for the 40s!"

maya_6550 shared a tip "So so good!!"

ava_bolger_9433 shared a tip "sarah paulson did such a great performance in this show i loved it"

Sarah Rice's profile image

sarah_rice_31 shared a tip "um, duh, of course it's amazing, sarah poulsen is always amazing"

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