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Both a gift and a curse, Graham has the extraordinary ability to think like his prey—he sees what they see, feels what they feel. But while Graham is pursuing an especially troubling, cannibalistic murderer, Special Agent Jack Crawford teams him with a highly respected psychiatrist – a man with a ta

Parental GuideTV-MA

Status Ended

First Air Date 2013-04-04

Last Air Date 2015-08-27

Seasons 3

Episodes 39


TMDB 8.2


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jessica_7565 shared a tip "Wow so good 😍 Hannibal is such a smooth bad ass"

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sam_houston shared a tip "Suspenseful crime show!"

Parham T's profile image

parham_t shared a tip "Very unpleasant, but entertaining!"

Maria 's profile image

maria_gallifrey shared a tip "(Will and Hannibal)"

Katherine Lowrey's profile image

itwaskath shared a tip "Surprisingly gory for a network television show but very compelling"

Joker's Wife,but cheating on him with Jade West's profile image

jokers_wifebut_chea shared a tip "If you get grossed out by cockroaches, then I don't recommend this. Because the graphics are like rated R"

David Francis's profile image

david_francis_3013 shared a tip "You’ll be hooked instantly!"

David Francis's profile image

david_francis_3013 shared a tip "I dare say this show is up there with Game of Thrones. Dialogue, imagery, great acting, great character development!!"

Charles Cadwallader's profile image

charles_cadwallader shared a tip "A real foodies show"

carrie_nygard shared a tip "Dark and twisted but phenomenal acting"

Lola O's profile image

willo shared a tip "my favorite show of all time + the only show i’ve seen with queer themes done this beautifully"

eileen_moran shared a tip "So creepy. But so well done"

Sara Ridout's profile image

sara_ridout shared a tip "The best show I've ever watched! Couldn't recommend it enough"

Kathryn H's profile image

kathryn_h_4381 shared a tip "Love love love this"

Stacey Cook's profile image

stacey_cook_1094 shared a tip "Interesting story lines and characters. Huge fan of the books and movies."

Swati Singh's profile image

swati_singh shared a tip "Be prepared to feel hungry!"

sam vimes's profile image

sam_vimes shared a tip "Patriot on Amazon. Might be one of THE best television shows I’ve seen. Definitely up there with Hannibal."

sam vimes's profile image

sam_vimes shared a tip "If you enjoy dark humor…"

I 's profile image

i_5394 shared a tip "Dark decadent unnervingly gorgeous smart Hannibal Lector played with smart sharp and seductive perfection"

Robert Myatt's profile image

robert_myatt shared a tip "Haunting, imaginative, and extremely dark. The second season, especially the finale, is one of the finest TV has to offer."

scott_hamilton_79 shared a tip "The world needs more Mads"

Heather Wuest's profile image

heather_wuest shared a tip "The show is beautiful and the characters have depth growth and complexity."

mars .'s profile image

starkdameron shared a tip "poetic! beautiful! amazingly constructed! gay! it got it all"

mars .'s profile image

starkdameron shared a tip "rewatching it and phew it’s so good #hannibal #rewatch"

brooke_p_6790 shared a tip "I’m in the middle of the first season and I’m hooked!"

Tara Lacey's profile image

tara_lacey shared a tip "So so good!!"

Skylar Moore's profile image

skylar_moore shared a tip "Kinda creepy, but so interesting!!!"

Debra Tracy's profile image

debra_tracy shared a tip "Underrated during its run on NBC."

matt_norquay shared a tip "Bloody brilliant"

Jennifer Ofstein's profile image

jennifer_ofstein shared a tip "Beautifully done show! A great take on the entire Silence of the Lambs series."

Melissa 's profile image

melissa_1206 shared a tip "I take my original comment back lol! I had to quit watching this before bed. Too much evil for me."

abbie 's profile image

abigail_6908 shared a tip "the trailer makes it look like a 2000s romcom movie slapped together in imovie"

Ash Black's profile image

ash_black shared a tip "I feel like most people kinda like him but hate him in the show. I liked everyone in it and still have a season to go."

Trent K's profile image

trent_k shared a tip "The last episode of this show is beautiful. The love they have for each other is like a never ending love song."

Kenya Williams's profile image

kenya_williams_7747 shared a tip "This shows was very well written and the actors *chef’s kiss*"

Mohammad Sheibanifar's profile image

mohammad_sheibanifar shared a tip "Its one of the best series i ever watched"

James Ward's profile image

lavish_light_skin shared a tip "Absolutely love this show and wish it got more seasons."

Dudu 's profile image

dudu_ shared a tip "First 2 seasons were really good but the third one let me down :("

Diego Romero's profile image

diego_romero shared a tip "Fantastic plot and performances, but sadly en ding was rushed."

SHANNON GINI's profile image

shannon_gini shared a tip "Great 1st and 2nd season..."

Cristina Arteaga's profile image

cristina_arteaga shared a tip "I feel like it was slow towards the end but definitely worth a watch"

zak_3952 shared a tip "Dark and gritty psychological thriller. Gruesome, but beautiful all at once."

Lily Hernandez's profile image

funnienut shared a tip "Very disturbing."

dianna_proulx shared a tip "It’s both artsy and super disturbing"

Ann Elizabeth Barr's profile image

ann_elizabeth_barr shared a tip "I can’t recommend it enough! The art, characters, fandom are all fantastic!"

amber_5499 shared a tip "Deliciously creepy!"

Elora Commons's profile image

elora_commons shared a tip "The greatest show I have ever watched"

tiffiany_foo shared a tip "Just wow omg an then some me an my 16 son watched the whole series an hated it was over love love love it"

Insatiate Hope's profile image

insatiate_hope shared a tip "Deliciously wicked psychological thriller, with the most darkly lush cinematography ever."

Mark Pelini's profile image

mark_pelini shared a tip "Great acting, amazing visuals and the cast is the best. Everything about this series is awesome. Recommended"

Jennifer Emery's profile image

jennifer_emery shared a tip "So good. Excellent writing. Rewatch seasons over again and catch things I missed."

laura_peg shared a tip "Amazingly filmed and the performances are spectacular"

Heather Alpert's profile image

heather_alpert shared a tip "Awesome romantic horror."

jessica_2106 shared a tip "I love every single thing about this show. The acting, the visuals, the sound design. Beautiful"

Shannon Smith's profile image

shannon_smith_951 shared a tip "Perfection. Horror tinged gothic romance! Not for the faint hearted."

Tiffany Jones's profile image

tiffany_jones_2297 shared a tip "I just started this! 😩"

Ashley Pereira's profile image

ashley_pereira_9290 shared a tip "Gothic romance"

guy mograbi's profile image

guy_mograbi shared a tip "Masterpiece"

daniel_mullen_8033 shared a tip "im gay"

Alicia Kent's profile image

alicia_kent_8754 shared a tip "# good crime show with a twist"

JillIan Tow's profile image

jillian_tow shared a tip "The first season is brilliant but it goes down hill from there. But it’s worth watching at least season 1."

Krystal 's profile image

krystal_4636 shared a tip "Gruesome, but beautifully shot and acted."

RedInTheSky 's profile image

redinthesky shared a tip "Amazing show. Mads is perfect here, hell, everything is just so damn good."

Megan 's profile image

megan_5693 shared a tip "Killing Eve and Hannibal have similar vibes, two of my favorite shows!"

Jolly 's profile image

jolly_6904 shared a tip "Amazing cinematography. Cannibal puns. And overall great style and plot."

Riss Raley's profile image

riss_raley shared a tip "i was never a big thriller fan until this show :)"

william_kyle shared a tip "This is really dark but amazing."

Rian Wademan's profile image

rian_wademan shared a tip "Oh Yeah"

Taylor DeGolier's profile image

tay_deego shared a tip "Easy show to binge! Three short seasons. Great if you love FBI drama and gore!"

Maya Hanks's profile image

maya_hanks shared a tip "So good"

Kaylea Powell's profile image

kaylea_powell shared a tip "My favorite tv series! It's really interesting to watch"

Isaac Grisham's profile image

isaac_grisham shared a tip "Absolutely! It's a gorgeous show to watch, and Dancy and Mikkelson are great as Graham and Lecter."

Finn wolfhard's profile image

finn_walfhard shared a tip "It’s amazing and my cousin loved it too soo..."

Lyssa Riggs's profile image

lyssa_riggs shared a tip "Best show ever.. very graphic, lots of blood. Absolutely love the main character Will Graham."

Shannon Ripley's profile image

shannon_ripley shared a tip "I really don't. They are all so visually stunning with excellent acting...it makes it difficult to pick a favorite!"

Erika Stark's profile image

hallowette shared a tip "One of the most visually-compelling, beautiful shows I have ever seen. One of my top favourites for sure."

Marcia Volpe's profile image

marcia_volpe shared a tip "You need to have string stomach, but it is worth it if you are into mindset games and thriller plots."

Brianna Stutzenburg's profile image

brianna_stutzenburg shared a tip "Everything"

tawnya_israel shared a tip "Very dark but lots of psychological suspense."

Matthew Davies's profile image

matthew_davies shared a tip "The best show ever."

Scott Wagar's profile image

scott_wagar shared a tip "Yes."

Braxton Bell's profile image

braxton_bell shared a tip "Season 1 and 2 are phenomenal. 3 kinda gets lost in itself. But I still liked it."

Chelsa Conley's profile image

chelsa_conley shared a tip "So dark! I love it!"

Katrina Hooper's profile image

katrina_hooper shared a tip "Pretty dark stuff."

McKenna Dinkel's profile image

mckenna_dinkel shared a tip "Can not recommend this enough, if you love the movies or book and LOVE thrillers watch this."

Isabelle allen's profile image

isabelle_allen_7211 shared a tip "Love this tv show"

Fernando Olivares's profile image

fernando_olivares shared a tip "One of my favorite TV shows of all time. Can rewatch it again and again."

Lilje 's profile image

lilje shared a tip "I love Will and his character development. I'm sad I'll never get to see what happened 😭"

Rashel Rowland's profile image

rashel_rowland shared a tip "i love this show. i wish they would do a season 4."

erick_c shared a tip "One of the best series from a non streaming service!"

Erica Elena's profile image

erica_elena shared a tip "Last season was trash. First 2 were AMAZING."

Pakorn Amornpachara's profile image

pakorn_amornpachara shared a tip "Waiting for season 4!"

Kelley Jackson's profile image

kelley_jackson shared a tip "Suspenseful"

Jeremiah Anderson's profile image

jeremiah_anderson_4580 shared a tip "Great show wish it was still on!"

Aviva Jenkins's profile image

aviva_jenkins shared a tip "If you guys like this show you will like The Prodigal Son as well... and it’s still on! 🙃"

Karina Mauleon's profile image

karina_mauleon shared a tip "Very good love it"

Danielle Carol's profile image

danielle_carol shared a tip "The is one of the best series I have seen in a long time. I only wish it had lasted longer. Must see!!"

Katie Kelly's profile image

katie_kelly_2670 shared a tip "This show is so engaging and keeps you wanting more!"

trustthelemmings shared a tip "Amazing! Not much turns my stomach, but this surely did!"

carrie_lynn21 shared a tip "Amazing series! Really a must watch. Very beautiful visually in a very gory way."

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