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The Killing is an American crime drama television series based upon the Danish television series Forbrydelsen. Set in Seattle, Washington, the series follows the various murder investigations by homicide detectives Sarah Linden and Stephen Holder.

Parental GuideTV-MA

Status Ended

First Air Date 2011-04-03

Last Air Date 2014-08-01

Seasons 4

Episodes 44


TMDB 7.8


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sherri_hodges shared a tip "Wish this show was still on"

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joslyn shared a tip "Likewise recommended this to me months ago and I absolutely loved it. Also a little biased because it’s based in Seattle 😉"

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sher_free shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️1/2"

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nicole_norm shared a tip "Great crime series! Have yet to re-watch it all over again, just that good👌🏼"

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franciska_bakker_sephton shared a tip "Joel Kinnaman."

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holley_rilko shared a tip "Excellent show"

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TheLaura shared a tip "Absolutely loves this series when it was on. Can’t wait to binge again."

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tracey_yonts shared a tip "If you liked The Fall, you'll love this one!"

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jayne_tardiff shared a tip "Some shows u just wish would continue"

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ntassoni shared a tip "I loved it."

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kerriboylesam shared a tip "I watched this when it first aired. It’s a great series! If you like true crime, mystery and suspense - you’ll love it!"

carrie_nygard shared a tip "If you like the fall, watch this one!"

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emily_heisler shared a tip "Intense thriller"

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krystina_dowd shared a tip "This series had me on the edge of my seat. I watched the whole thing in less than a week."

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syeda_jafri shared a tip "I liked this show, but I had to stop watching because it was too traumatizing."

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regina_hughes shared a tip "Dark and disturbing. Excellent acting Greek characters dark storyline."

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regina_hughes shared a tip "Great characters"

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caron_rodgers shared a tip "Perfect binge watch. The story and characters develop nicely."

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asaltysoul shared a tip "A must watch crime show! it will keep you watching in every episode."

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joseph_mosca shared a tip "Great show"

cristy_cockerham shared a tip "My favorite!!!"

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toni_dotson shared a tip "This show was excellent!"

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elizabeth_vaughn shared a tip "Slow to start but gets better and you can't stop watching."

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joe_davini shared a tip "One of the best shows I've watched."

alena_p shared a tip "Excellent series"

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sarah_hodges_5791 shared a tip "One of my faves! Main characters play off each other well, storyline fab. I miss it."

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kevin_bergen shared a tip "Breathtaking, edge of my seat, acting, casting, unbeaten!"

scott_hamilton_79 shared a tip "One season too many but still worth the watch."

deanna_brown_3140 shared a tip "The perfect show in so many ways"

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angela_shannon shared a tip "Such an underared show, but sooo good, from the acting to the suspense, a great twist as well"

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sharon_pirro shared a tip "Awesome series!"

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kim_brown_9710 shared a tip "Very well written. Characters are human and flawed. Must watch"

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emily_denney shared a tip "Great series. Wished they continued it"

tracey_l shared a tip "I seriously miss this show!! 😍"

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eg7 shared a tip "Can't say I had a favorite episode. The whole series was just really well done."

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hey_hey_casey_rae shared a tip "Omg no one else ever has heard of this when I mention it. It's one of the best!"

megan_dickey_3740 shared a tip "Love. Always searching for another one like this."

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patty_barton_watt shared a tip "Really great plots, great acting. Kept my attention at all times!"

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erin_perkins shared a tip "Loved this series!"

christina_perry_1082 shared a tip "Such a plot twist"

beth_sicilio shared a tip "Awesome!!!!!!!!!"

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osama_verse shared a tip "A must watch if you like crime drama!!!"

daniela_alayon shared a tip "Very interesting series."

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serese_swartzendruber shared a tip "Absolutely incredibly amazing"

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tv_fan_grl shared a tip "I thought this was a great show! The actors did a great job and the stories were interesting."

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danielle_hernandez shared a tip "It’s dark and sad so fair warning."

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kelly_bergman shared a tip "Loved this show and the actors. May run a bit slow for some tastes but plenty of guesses and cliffhangers."

stephanie_taylor_7902 shared a tip "One of best things you can watch."

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windy_roads shared a tip "Amazing show with twists and turns that keep you guessing!"

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trina_knighten shared a tip "Was sooo good. I was sad it ended"

melinda_grant_3483 shared a tip "This was one of the best crime shows I have ever watched! I need more like this please"

marilyn_4176 shared a tip "Love this binged watched all of it"

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jennifer_baxter shared a tip "Loved it!"

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driving_playlist_ly shared a tip "Kept you guessing until end, unexpected killer"

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SmocksandJin shared a tip "The first two seasons are intense. The characters are flawed but well written"

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kali_wathen shared a tip "Intense and totally binge worthy"

carspoon shared a tip "I thought it lost something after the first storyline, but it was brilliant in the beginning."

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tracy_vass shared a tip "Fantastic! Gritty, real! Not contrived network garbage."

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jasmine_9485 shared a tip "Loved this show. One of my top fav"

stephanie_daly_4365 shared a tip "First season was good. I stopped watching after that."

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raquel_cruz_5011 shared a tip "This is one of the beat crimes shows I’ve ever watched! Highly recommend!!"

leighannleann shared a tip "Omg the best thriller and drama! This is alway a go to recommendation I give to anyone wanting a thriller/ whodunnit !"

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nicole_monceaux shared a tip "Gritty but great"

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stella_ashley_omaho shared a tip "Edge of my seat drama!"

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kate_drummond_parpe shared a tip "This show is amazing. The characters are deep and complex, the backdrop is gorgeous and the stories make you think."

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amanda_blanton shared a tip "EXCELLENT show! This is a suspenseful mystery with great writing and actors!"

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jennifer_muchler shared a tip "This is an absolutely amazing series!"

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emin_eralp shared a tip "One of the better shows I've seen in a long time. I totally recommend it."

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evelyn_m_6795 shared a tip "This show is just amazing. Binge worthy...."

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cliff_reese shared a tip "Great character development"

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bradley_civick shared a tip "It's pretty good. The actors make the show."

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su_ortiz shared a tip "Detective Drama"

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rebecca_colona_lafleur shared a tip "I’ve seen all of them. One of my favorite series."

glenna_whitten shared a tip "I really like Scandinavian Noir This was a good show. The Bridge was good also."

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hayley_smith_5667 shared a tip "One of the BEST crime shows I’ve ever seen!"

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amanda_young_2741 shared a tip "This show is binge worthy, when it was done I felt lost. LoL always a sign of a great show."

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jess_stennes shared a tip "This is so well written and great acting. Had me hooked in"

denise_hoke shared a tip "This was such a great crime thriller...was hoping for more seasons!!"

shauna_9884 shared a tip "Really enjoy these two characters together."

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laura_birbiglia shared a tip "First 2 seasons of this series is a must."

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donna_drake shared a tip "This series is great! Snap!"

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carriegrubbs shared a tip "Wish they would add more seasons!"

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alton_washington_ shared a tip "Really the first season is the best. Downhill after that."

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jane_stevens shared a tip "The best."

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evelyn_rodriguez_2674 shared a tip "Great show. It's been a while since I've seen it but I remember being hooked."

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bobbie_jackson shared a tip "Fantastic Series!!"

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jennifer_collins_8074 shared a tip "Absolutely the best crime drama series. Heart wrenching. Amazing characters."

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pieter_stinson shared a tip "Hard to pick one"

susan_baker_8136 shared a tip "Amazing series!"

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kristina_tapper_1368 shared a tip "First season was great, but I didn’t enjoy the second season as much."

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laura_major shared a tip "Great series. Wish they had more episodes."

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shay_wright shared a tip "Like"