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A contemporary and culturally resonant drama about a young programmer, Elliot, who suffers from a debilitating anti-social disorder and decides that he can only connect to people by hacking them. He wields his skills as a weapon to protect the people that he cares about. Elliot will find himself in

Parental GuideTV-MA

Status Ended

First Air Date 2015-06-24

Last Air Date 2019-12-22

Seasons 4

Episodes 45


TMDB 8.2


TheGingerGirl455 's profile image

gingergirl455 shared a tip "I can't recommend this enough. It's surrealistic but engaging. It's a page Turner of a show.👏🏻"

Amelia Kaiser's profile image

amelia_kaiser shared a tip "Weird and dark show but very intriguing. Definitely worth watching"

Maude 's profile image

the_girl_abides shared a tip "Well worth watching. Unique and captivating story."

Emily Rose's profile image

em.rosess shared a tip "This is one of my favorite shows! Definitely unlike others during it’s time. So good."

leo pigeon edwards's profile image

leo_pigeon_edwards shared a tip ":)"

claire_freeman_8903 shared a tip "Such a great show- sucks you in and I love Elliot bc he’s so sad & vulnerable."

renda_crabtree shared a tip "Such a great creative show!"

Chris 's profile image

christian_colville shared a tip "Weird, corny, boring"

Michelle Mcdonald's profile image

michelle_mcdonald_6180 shared a tip "Odd but interesting and a movie to watch in-between series. It's ok."

Quentin Labbé's profile image

quentin_labb shared a tip "Amazing, Rami Malek is an exceptional actor"

Jeremy 's profile image

jeremy_6615 shared a tip "Not for me"

Denise-Scott O'Donnell's profile image

denise-scott_odonnell shared a tip "Twists and turns are good. Keeps you entertained the whole way!"

ashley southard's profile image

ashey shared a tip "🐐"

Hommy Rolon's profile image

hommydontplaydat shared a tip "Bingeable and really great stuff happening on this series🤖"

Justin Vallejo's profile image

justin_vallejo shared a tip "All time greats imo"

Luna Squid's profile image

luna_squid shared a tip "The only show that fills the fight club void."

House 's profile image

o_sr shared a tip "Best show"

Afi O's profile image

afi_o shared a tip "This show is a complete journey. Atmospherically engaging and a little too close to home."

M. 's profile image

m._9818 shared a tip "This is still my favorite show of all time. Can anyone recommend something similar?"

MaDiana Evans's profile image

madiana_evans shared a tip "Askutely"

tatiana_nikolskaya shared a tip "Very good one! It gets a bit boring towards the end, like most of them, but still worth your time"

cyber_auron shared a tip "Epic show, worth a weekend binge"

scott_mcelhaney shared a tip "Interesting from start to finish! Never disappointing! 9/10"

Marcus Manthey's profile image

Oldgray shared a tip "Not easy to get but hard to resist."

Elizabeth Lowe's profile image

elizabeth_lowe shared a tip "I liked him more as freddie than I do as mr. Robot not saying this is a bad show cause it's not"

Paul Jeszenszky's profile image

paul_jeszenszky shared a tip "Mind bendingly good"

Ian Earl's profile image

ian_earl shared a tip "GOOD"

Lelouche Bellamy's profile image

lelouchehashirama shared a tip "If you like Fight Club, The Matrix or anything with crime or hacking, this show is for you."

Erin Detweiler's profile image

kickuphigh shared a tip "Phenominal acting and fast paced. Bingeworthy."

jeff_savage_762 shared a tip "First season was great, but the rest I found to be a disappointment."

Olivia Paige's profile image

olivia_paige_7810 shared a tip "By far one of my favorite shows of all time. Intriguing, exiting, & keeps you guessing. Highly recommend."

Issa 's profile image

issa shared a tip "My favorite of all time"

Richard Brown's profile image

richard_brown_6907 shared a tip "Great characters in this unpredictable mystery."

Matt Schroeder's profile image

mattschroeder shared a tip "Watch it at night or when it's raining with all the lights off."

yousseflasheen shared a tip "best show ever!!!"

Kylie Cameron's profile image

kylie_cameron shared a tip "So unique, and Rami Malek is fantastic! Instant favourite."

Ducky 's profile image

ducky_9080 shared a tip "Everything perfect"

haider ehsan's profile image

haider_ehsan shared a tip "A philosophical masterpiece."

Karoline Bouchard's profile image

karoline_bouchard shared a tip "A bit weird but very entertaining."

Donna Reed's profile image

donna_reed shared a tip "Only about to finish Season 1 but hooked..can't stop."

jesse galdamez's profile image

jesse_galdamez shared a tip "The whole first season was well done."

Travis Martin's profile image

travis_martin shared a tip "Not “accurate” but a fun watch"

Dani weaver's profile image

dani_weaver_1347 shared a tip "Its a little slow to start but i think so!"

Patty Andrews's profile image

patty_cakes shared a tip "Got hooked to this show on the first episode, but stopped watching since Showbox stopped working lol 😅"

Ro R's profile image

ro_r shared a tip "Loved! Amazing acting. Great fot geeks."

Susan Petitt's profile image

susan_petitt shared a tip "Every-*******-thing"

bianca84 shared a tip "One of the best shows created."

Alexandra Nolan's profile image

alexandra_nolan shared a tip "Rating: A+ Top 3 shows of all time"

patsy_locklear shared a tip "Excellent show! He is sooo good in this series. Love this concept."

Josh H's profile image

vazzaroth shared a tip "I'm in."

William Dyer's profile image

william_dyer shared a tip "Mind-bending, inventive television"

Ashley Merk's profile image

ashley_merk shared a tip "Lots of twists and turns, interesting characters."

John Pickford's profile image

john_pickford shared a tip "1st season is good"

antonina_2381 shared a tip "It an amazing show but it get you thinking very hard about life and the meaning of control and if we r actually here"

Kassi Bunde's profile image

kassi_bunde shared a tip "It's an amazing and addictive show doesn't lose my interest"

Mahmu hossain's profile image

mahmu_hossain shared a tip "If you love computers, programming, hacking, and a great story line then this is the best show of all time"

Brandon Miller's profile image

brandon_miller_855 shared a tip "Probably the most important show of the zeitgeist."

R HK's profile image

r_hk shared a tip "One of my favorite shows of the last decade. So heady, thoughtful and timely."

aaishwin_sathisshku shared a tip "Perfect, just amazing all around"

pablo_desandi shared a tip "My second favorite show ever. Period. Final season was my person favorite from the show."

Anne Marie Glynn's profile image

anne_marie_glynn shared a tip "Love Rami Malik"

d_s_5022 shared a tip "Unique perspective on the crime drama. Engaging plot with interesting twista."

Morgan Fry's profile image

morgan_fry shared a tip "One of my favorites."

Morgan Fry's profile image

morgan_fry shared a tip "One of my favorites!"

rebecca_7902 shared a tip "This is a brilliant show!"

Gabriela Rajhert's profile image

gabriela_rajhert shared a tip "This is just amazing from the beginning! #obsessed"

Jaimee Nyulassie's profile image

jaimee_nyulassie shared a tip "Definitely worth it! I will probably end up re-watching!"

Victoria Berry's profile image

victoria_berry_4301 shared a tip "very good show"

scripture 's profile image

scripzure shared a tip "One of my all time favorite series."

Alan Egre's profile image

alan_egre shared a tip "It always exciting and you never really know what is real. Rami Malik’s acting is great!"

louise_l shared a tip "I like technology, so this was interesting to me"

Matthew Adams's profile image

matthew_adams_5074 shared a tip "art predicting reality"

sage spraktes's profile image

sage_spraktes shared a tip "Best show ever. My number 1 favorite."

bonnie_ambrose shared a tip "If you like tech and futuristic"

AngelicTemple 's profile image

angelictemple shared a tip "It's just so good. The writing is amazing and so many hidden details that you won't get first watch."

jose_baba shared a tip "Soo good that I’ve rewatched it twice"

Nanashi 's profile image

princess_vegeta shared a tip "Perfect television"

nei vilde.'s profile image

nei_vilde. shared a tip "i think there are very few shows that are as perfectly planned and executed as this one"

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