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A close-knit anthology series dealing with stories involving malice, violence and murder based in and around Minnesota.

Parental GuideTV-MA

Status Returning Series

First Air Date 2014-04-15

Last Air Date 2020-11-29

Seasons 4

Episodes 41


TMDB 8.3


Ian Morris's profile image

ian shared a tip "Seasons 1 and 2 were as good as TV gets. Season 3 was a bit disappointing but I am still hoping for a season 4"

Franciska Bakker Sephton's profile image

franciska_bakker_sephton shared a tip "The movie is one of my all time reigning top choices. The show is good but a completely different vibe"

Paige Graham's profile image

paigeclemons shared a tip "Plays a great homage to the original film. Each season is different, some better than others."

Leanne Gray's profile image

leanne_gray shared a tip "100 times better than the movie! Excellent show!!"

Beth O'Grady's profile image

beth_ogrady shared a tip "One of the best TV series I've ever watched!"

Christian Bell's profile image

christian_bell shared a tip "I have enjoyed every season. As wacky and wild as the movie."

Florida Eloy's profile image

florida_eloy shared a tip "Great"

Kenzie Thompson's profile image

kenzie_thompson_8461 shared a tip "Another one of my favorites that I can watch over and over again!!!"

Tulio Martinez's profile image

tulio_martinez shared a tip "What a fantastic season 4."

Joe Reitz's profile image

joe_reitz shared a tip "It's hard to say, there's so many good moments. But if I had to pick one I'd say the scene in season 2 in the donut shop."

Monty Sharp's profile image

monty_sharp shared a tip "A very disturbingly funny movie."

Chris Van Harmelen's profile image

ChrisVanharmelen shared a tip "Definitely loving this so far."

Lisa Wheeler's profile image

portuondo shared a tip "Amazing story plots for each season. Greay acting as well. Perfect show to watch as a couple"

Amber  Dains's profile image

amber_dains shared a tip "Yes. Season 1 sucks you in but Season 3 I had a hard time with."

david_tiffany shared a tip "I actually saw the movie, haven't seen the show."

yarom shared a tip "As good and in some ways better than the movie.. The format allows a ten hour narrative.."

Matthias O's profile image

matthias_o shared a tip "Loved all three series!"

franniegirl shared a tip "One of my all time favs!!"

Steven Hendrickson's profile image

steven_hendrickson shared a tip "GreaT in a hilariously mysterious way"

Michelle Rever's profile image

michelle_rever shared a tip "I suppose season 2 because of Patrick Wilson. The movie is really my most favorite."

jennifer baxter's profile image

jennifer_baxter shared a tip "So good!"

Flo Dark's profile image

flo_dark shared a tip "Great characters!"

Ana Christy 's profile image

ana_christy_ shared a tip "Exciting, such a good series"

lee_rowbotham shared a tip "All seasons are great"

eric_schlegel shared a tip "Season 1 is great"

mike_4434 shared a tip "Some of the best television I have ever seen. Highly recommend!"

carol_wolff shared a tip "If you've not seen FARGO you do not belong on this site.🤔"

Luck Mula's profile image

luck_mula shared a tip "Lol I thought this was a movie"

Wendy Smith's profile image

wendy_smith_138 shared a tip "Great cast!"

Michael Benghiat's profile image

michael_benghiat shared a tip "Love every Fargo season."

dedbeat 's profile image

dedbeat shared a tip "Great show one of my favorites"

Chris Presley's profile image

chris_presley shared a tip "S1 is one of the best single seasons of TV, ever."

Alishia Isaac's profile image

alishia_isaac shared a tip "Season 4 is my favorite. Chris Rock did an amazing job. Wasn't too big on the previous seasons."

Hannah S's profile image

hannah_s_1549 shared a tip "Best anthology series I've ever seen. Every season has phenomenal actors and it keeps you hooked"

Ashley Reed's profile image

ashley_reed_2680 shared a tip "Chris Rock"

lynda_molter shared a tip "I enjoy the quirky characters"

Gwen hourihan's profile image

gwen_hourihan shared a tip "Season 1-2 are the best."

shaunte_faulkner shared a tip "One of my favorite shows."

Jeff Smith's profile image

jeff_smith_8669 shared a tip "Best show ever! Season 4 coming soon!!!"

Garrett Feddema's profile image

garrett_feddema shared a tip "So far season 2 is my favorite followed by 1. Season 3 was just meh for me personally."

Glen En's profile image

glen_en shared a tip "Liked the one w Ewen Macgregor"

ashley_kochany shared a tip "Great acting, and dark humor! I absolutely love it!"

Rachel Jean-Pierre's profile image

rachel_jean-pierre shared a tip "Each season gets better... Ccan't wait for the next."

Deleted User Deleted User's profile image

deleted_user_1606184570688 shared a tip "1st season is great!"

Evans McGowan's profile image

evans_mcgowan shared a tip "Simply. The. Best. Dark Comedy, at least!"

iva_earl shared a tip "Liked .... but didn’t like the last season"

stephanie_8216 shared a tip "This is one of my favorite shows. So brilliantly done."

Cindy Wooters's profile image

cindy_wooters shared a tip "Not the last season but I agree it’s one of our faves!"

Karen Smith's profile image

karen_smith_4855 shared a tip "Drama and plot"

Dan Klipp's profile image

dan_klipp shared a tip "So well done!"

Claire Alpern Meidroth's profile image

claire_alpern_meidr shared a tip "Only saw season 4 and it was incredible."

Hello Mrs.Anderson's profile image

hello_mrs.anderson shared a tip "Great storytelling! Great pace! Authentic believable characters!"

T Fin's profile image

t_fin_4405 shared a tip "Well written"

Deleted User Deleted User's profile image

deleted_user_1619601957412 shared a tip "Great series. With a thread connecting them. The last season was terrible but still connected to the others."

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