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NYC binge🍰watcher who likes reading and writing reviews. Cheers!


Felix Maritaud is excellent portraying a tortured junkie hustler. I really liked the movie and the characters although I found the ending a bit frustrating.

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Movies | Drama

The protagonist, a middle aged man, is taking a trip down the memory lane to tap into some inspiration for his stage project. The film takes us to the end of the WWII Holland where he, as a 12 yo kid, falls in love with an American soldier.

For a Lost Soldier imageFor a Lost Soldier image

For a Lost Soldier

Movies | Drama

“You can’t ask people to love you the way you want them to” A journey of a gay protagonist in the socialist Poland, whose hopes of love are dragged through the electrocution of societal ignorance and devalued human freedom. A great piece of literature. Looking forward to Tomasz Jedrowski’s next book.

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Swimming in the Dark

Books | Tomasz Jedrowski

What a show!! So many episodes deserve to have their own spinoffs. “Bad Travel” was an intense story that can easily go on into a show of its own. I loved different styles of animation too, it’s a truly original spectacle.

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Love, Death & Robots

Shows | Animation

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