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Jack Reacher was arrested for murder and now the police need his help. Based on the books by Lee Child.

Parental GuideTV-MA

Status Returning Series

First Air Date 2022-02-03

Last Air Date 2022-02-03

Seasons 1

Episodes 8


TMDB 8.1


christina_paz shared a tip "Just finished watching season one It had eight episodes Can’t wait to see what happens next"

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rob_paul_4714 shared a tip "Very true. Which is a big deal. But he did have the character down. But we all agree the second movie was trash, right?"

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jim_woehr shared a tip "Great show, much better than the movies."

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damien_scott shared a tip "Elbows and Pie."

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b_m_v_h shared a tip "The guy who plays reacher does a great job."

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charisse_richards_4892 shared a tip "I really enjoyed it. Reacher’s delivery is so deadpan and funny, and then he kicks a**"

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MoovieDoogie shared a tip "Finally, a Reacher adaptation true to the books. Not a perfect story, but (like the books) pretty fun."

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tim_scannell shared a tip "Depends on your interests! Loved Station 11, the Leftovers, Breaking Bad, Schitt’s Creek …."

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adam_schmadam shared a tip "strong guy beats the crime out of people"

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nancy_monyhan shared a tip "Fantastic show!"

serena_winegarden shared a tip "Such a good show."

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brittani_holster shared a tip "So much better than I expected"

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emily_rose_8245 shared a tip "So so good! ..and he is some serious eye candy to help the vote!"

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doctormega shared a tip "I’m only half paying attention to this but it’s decent overall!"

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kimberly_brown_3227 shared a tip "I can’t wait ‘til season 2 (3, 4, 5, etc.)!"

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jasonwright shared a tip "Better than expected. Looking forward to another season."

nikki_phillips_3313 shared a tip "Best action packed series I've seen in a while"

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robin_coulson-connor shared a tip "You guys watch this yet? I thought it was great. Hope there's going to be a session 2 🤞"

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jill_entenman shared a tip "Excellent!!"

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jill_entenman shared a tip "The good guys always win. Very much enjoy plots like this!"

danielle_havens shared a tip "So much better than the Tom Cruise movies! Reacher is much more himself in this version. I really enjoyed it."

linda_sherrin shared a tip "Loved it! Can’t wait for next season!! If you read the books you will like this “Reacher”"

heather_f_1531 shared a tip "Definitely."

heather_f_1531 shared a tip "Absolutely 💯"

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cwm shared a tip "It was ok"

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kristine_wheelock shared a tip "Just started it#hooked already"

sidney_smalls shared a tip "It is so good man. 10x better than the movie"

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grayson_russell_7491 shared a tip "I enjoyed it, kept me at the edge of my seat."

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matt_levesque shared a tip "Definitely"

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haley_sandoe_4561 shared a tip "I think so. It's good if a little gory."

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ibetheshooter shared a tip "My Opinion of "REACHER": It was Damn Good ... end of review. #ShooterRecommended"

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guy_dutrisac shared a tip "Love this adaptation of the character. Read the books."

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mdotm shared a tip "Surprisingly good show with a mix of classic action scenarios and a great cast."

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katherine_pelham-ha shared a tip "It was fine."

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lauren_godish shared a tip "A little corny but overall a good watch!"

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takisha_artis shared a tip "Surprisingly funny"

brianna_rowan shared a tip "totally binge worthy, and good if you like a little comedy with your suspense and mystery"

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renee_a._dufour shared a tip "Fun!"

djunne shared a tip "yes! great watch, keeps you on edge, loads of action"

erin_strong shared a tip "Action, romance (with a believable/respectable female lead), non-political."

jt_93 shared a tip "Most definitely if you like action shows"

ryan_kramlich shared a tip "Definitely, well written, well paced, good acting. Sways from the books (if that's a concern)."

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jon_tabb shared a tip "Absolutely wonderful show! I think there's a little something for everyone here."

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sandy_mckenzie shared a tip "Surprisingly really enjoyed this. Can’t wait for next season."

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megan_raye shared a tip "Great update to a terrific book"

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adrian_hunley shared a tip "They followed the book amazingly. This is one of my favorite shows."

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sandy_reed shared a tip "It’s an easy watch. Lots of pithy one liners."

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courtney_potts shared a tip "Good action"

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rubies_n_ganja shared a tip "Fantastic acting and a great, twisting storyline."

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janeth_v shared a tip "Action packed and keeps you hooked."

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margaret_west shared a tip "because it has a lot of great action and a good storyline"

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arian_chatterjee shared a tip "So good! The mystery really took me by surprise and the actors were stellar. Looking forward to season 2!"

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ron_lamb_3424 shared a tip "Very well written and a fun ride. Funner than I thought it would be."

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jennifer_mathews shared a tip "Sooooo good!!"

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rudolph_lundborg shared a tip "I enjoyed it very much."

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leslie_russell_4966 shared a tip "Yyyyyeeeesssss!!!!!! It’s about damn time! Jack Reacher gets the treatment he deserves! Watch it! Now!"

joann_nesby shared a tip "I love the books and I really like this series so far.. He is Reacher in my mind"

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terra_steinhour shared a tip "This show is amazing!!! You’ll fall in love with the characters ."

tom_freeman_1229 shared a tip "Writing weak. Acting uneven. But the story, though modified, still comes through. Counting on them improving."

robin_carrillo shared a tip "Love it!!!!"

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figtion shared a tip "Such a good show 🥰"

dl_bass shared a tip "Great watch. Action packed."

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nikki_coelho shared a tip "Binged watched it til 1:30 in the morning"

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angie_haskell-maskell shared a tip "Now THIS is Jack Reacher."

carrie_lynn21 shared a tip "I started this not expecting to like it. It turned out to be great and I stayed up all night binging it!"

karah_7505 shared a tip "Classic action hero! We loved it!"

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karen_mckay_4393 shared a tip "Fantastic casting and really well done. Highly recommend!"

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tristen_terry shared a tip "That **** was amazing"

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craig_moritz shared a tip "So much better than the Tom Cruise movie."

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nekesha_batty shared a tip "Good mindless over explained mystery action series."

brian_pamer shared a tip "Very surprised by this series it was a good watch."

ericka_sobenes-desme shared a tip "Very good adaptation to the books series , love it and can’t wait for season #2"

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tammy_case shared a tip "Love this series"

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cee9787 shared a tip "Reminded me more of the book than Tom Cruise"

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DJ_She-They shared a tip "I LOVED this show"

rachelle_birdsong shared a tip "Great show!"

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gabriella_forrester shared a tip "I like the storyline and the acting is good. It is too violent for me and gave me nightmares and put me in a bad mood."

joy_herfurth shared a tip "Come on."

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riley_winchester shared a tip "So ******* good"

Debbie Pekar Saballos's profile image

debbie_pekar_saball shared a tip "Binge watched this! Excellent!"

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michaela_eshoo shared a tip "Loved every episode of this series and can’t wait for future seasons!! Just watch it, you won’t regret it. :)"

shakieya_mckinney shared a tip "10/10 would recommend. Full of action and just as good as the movies, if not better."

deronda_hale shared a tip "Great show and follows the book better."

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samantha_wyatt shared a tip "Loved this...."

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kristine_hancock shared a tip "Just like the books. Excellent casting!"

martha_brick shared a tip "Fantastic"

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