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This thriller and coming-of-age drama follows the journey of an extraordinary young girl as she evades the relentless pursuit of an off-book CIA agent and tries to unearth the truth behind who she is. Based on the 2011 Joe Wright film.

Parental GuideTV-MA

Status Ended

First Air Date 2019-03-28

Last Air Date 2021-11-23

Seasons 3

Episodes 22


TMDB 7.5


cory_long_160 shared a tip "10/10. Amazing from start to finish"

James Bailey's profile image

james_bailey_808 shared a tip "I liked the way it was put together. I hope another season is coming."

Luanna Williams 🌟's profile image

luanna shared a tip "Good watch!! Loved season 1, liked season 2, looking forward to where season 3 takes me."

Akhand Singh's profile image

akhand_singh shared a tip "Amazon original series"

Makeda Ahava's profile image

makeda_ahava shared a tip "Amazing! Great acting and I just enjoy how bad*ss the main characters are."

Franciska Bakker Sephton's profile image

franciska_bakker_sephton shared a tip "Joel Kinnaman is the best. Watch anything he is in"

catherine_altman shared a tip "Awesome"

Nick Arena's profile image

nicknaz49 shared a tip "Both Seasons recommended"

iBeTheSHOOTER 's profile image

ibetheshooter shared a tip "Good series with solid action. Haven't watched season 3 yet"

Dia Roberts's profile image

dia_roberts shared a tip "Hands down, one of the best series I've watched in a while!"

Cliff Caporale's profile image

cliff_caporale shared a tip "Watched first season. Gonna look into second soon. Maybe... ;)"

skytra lol's profile image

skyesaige shared a tip "The show is WAY better then the movie much more interesting and intense"

Aaliyah  Mcbroom's profile image

aaliyah_mcbroom shared a tip "Simply Amazing!!!"

K The Grey's profile image

k_the_grey shared a tip "Good action."

Ivan Segura's profile image

ivan_segura shared a tip "She is awesome! Great series. I stayed up all night watching. Couldn't stop."

ruth_g_2995 shared a tip "Amazing action and story line."

Nascent Ancient's profile image

nascent_ancient shared a tip "Excellent execution. Satisfying action. Badassery on all sides!"

steve_smith_3480 shared a tip "Can’t wait for season 2"

Antonio Juarez's profile image

antonio_juarez_2586 shared a tip "It gets a bit slow at times,but the fighting scenes make up for it."

se_1738 shared a tip "Educational series for young women. Looking forward to rewatch it with my kid when she's 6 year old."

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PhoenixDragon shared a tip "A great adventure series to binge!"

Michaela Cronin's profile image

michaela_cronin shared a tip "Its a badass drama suspense thriller😊😊"

Ginger Passarelli's profile image

ginger_passarelli shared a tip "TV show way better than the movie!"

Alan Eager's profile image

alan_eager shared a tip "Really good series and can’t wait for the 3rd one"

Chris Ross's profile image

chris_ross_9688 shared a tip "I didn't expect to like it this much... but I do. Great scenery, great acting. Storyline keeps you drawn in."

nachiket bhatia's profile image

nachiket_bhatia shared a tip "Give it 3 episodes. Gets way better"

andrew_1004 shared a tip "Impressive movie with a few unexpected turns!"

XxGachaLavenderxX 's profile image

IdunnowhyIlikethisapp shared a tip "HIGHLY recommend this show!Rewatched it Multiple times,"

Okello Hemmings's profile image

okello_hemmings shared a tip "This series is amazing 👏"

bruce_grenfell shared a tip "No not yet"

deb_olson shared a tip "I think so . I re- watched season 1 in a few days and then watched season 2 in 2 days. So wish there had been more episodes!"

Felipe Beta's profile image

felipe_beta shared a tip "Hanna I'm hooked with this serie its realy good it keep me in suspense"

Arthur Ray 's profile image

arthur_ray_ shared a tip "I love this show."

David Nice's profile image

david_nice shared a tip "Enjoyable. Sometimes slow"

Raymond Johnson's profile image

raymond_johnson_691 shared a tip "Action all up'n'thru 😉"

Kimberly Fowler's profile image

fowlerok shared a tip "Outstanding show!!!"

Rhonda Laughlin's profile image

rhonda_laughlin_9865 shared a tip "Great movie if you like survivalist shows, women as heroes and child heroes."

nathan_bruley shared a tip "Loved this! If you like Jack Ryan, but want a little More action, this show is great!"

JC Jennings's profile image

jc_jennings shared a tip "1st series was as good as the movie."

Crystal Tonelli's profile image

crystal_tonelli shared a tip "Awesome show intense and intriguing story! I love the main character’s perseverance and strength."

Jennifer Brisebois's profile image

jennifer_brisebois shared a tip "Loved both seasons so far!"

j_k_5033 shared a tip "Absorbing drama! Definitely binge worthy!"

chuck_harrison shared a tip "Good show"

Michael Draper's profile image

michael_draper shared a tip "How many seasons?"

dotio lol's profile image

dotio_lol shared a tip "Last of first season."

sam_southernca shared a tip "Suspense. Great direction. Greta story"

Pamela Green's profile image

pamela_green_1209 shared a tip "It's the perfect show to binge watch! So we'll done cannot wait for the next season!"

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elle_4409 shared a tip "If you like marvel and thriller mystery this is for you #action_and_adventure #drama"

Mayu Wilderman's profile image

mayu_wilderman shared a tip "right now is probably MacGyver"

jocy c's profile image

jocy_c shared a tip "#action #suspense"

Chrystal Kain's profile image

chrystal_kain shared a tip "Thriller, action, relatable, teen, spy"

Maisha Barnett's profile image

maisha_barnett shared a tip "So much drama! The whole plot was wonderful!"

Hailey Lascell's profile image

hailey_lascell shared a tip "Got me into psychology actually. 10/10"

Mark Schlageter's profile image

mark_schlageter shared a tip "Personally liked season 1. Haven’t seen the most recent but have not been disappointed by any of them."

A B's profile image

a_b_3436 shared a tip "7.5"

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