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A dark psychological crime drama starring Idris Elba as Luther, a man struggling with his own terrible demons, who might be as dangerous as the depraved murderers he hunts.

Parental GuideTV-14

Status Ended

First Air Date 2010-05-04

Last Air Date 2019-01-04

Seasons 5

Episodes 20


TMDB 7.8


Larry Cohen's profile image

Larry.Cohen shared a tip "If you liked The Wire you will LOVE Luther. Idris Elba at his best!"

Arleisha Strauder's profile image

arleisha_strauder shared a tip "Yes!"

Joshua Smith's profile image

joshua_smith_3234 shared a tip "Love this series, just not long enough."

Pj Donald's profile image

Tante143 shared a tip "Late to the Party! LOVE LUTHER (oh I never thought of Idris as Bond but I can now!!!"

Pamela Holman's profile image

pamela_holman shared a tip "Fantastic!!! Could not stop watching."

shauna_9884 shared a tip "Wish there were more seasons."

Gary Brown's profile image

gary_brown_8296 shared a tip "A sleek, straight to the point thriller!"

Paris Hutchison's profile image

paris_hutchison shared a tip "Yes, it’s a very good show."

Emma 's profile image

emma_4886 shared a tip "Absolutely! Every episode has you on the edge of your seat. Idris Elba is fantastic in this."

brandon_cotton shared a tip "An absolute masterclass of acting from Idris Elba. I would watch this man read a phone book."

jennifer turner's profile image

jennifer_turner_756 shared a tip "Theeeee best!!"

Jeff Houston's profile image

jeff_houston shared a tip "Too few episodes in a season, too short of a run. Loved this series!"

Marcus Manthey's profile image

Oldgray shared a tip "Idris Elba amazes."

James 's profile image

james_9089 shared a tip "Hadn’t seen this show in years...still outstanding!"

Emily Heisler's profile image

emily_heisler shared a tip "One of the best series out there"

carrie_nygard shared a tip "Idris - nothing more to say"

heidi_walz shared a tip "Idris Elba."

Gillian Pearson Tattersall's profile image

gillian_pearson_tattersall shared a tip "Luther is a Brilliant show"

mel_w. shared a tip "Dark, thrilling & deep!"

sharon_flinn shared a tip "I love this series. Though a few years old, it is timely. The main character is well-portrayed by Idris Elba."

Rae Schroder's profile image

rae_schroder shared a tip "My first Idris Elba sighting, he is so good in this."

Eric Bickmann's profile image

eric_bickmann shared a tip "Good detective kind of show. 👍🏻"

Raven Young's profile image

raven_young shared a tip "Great show! Seasons are short but worth watching"

iver_drake shared a tip "I like season two."

Kim Lewis's profile image

kim_lewis_3430 shared a tip "Idris Elba and Ruth Wilson (from The Affair) made seasons 1 and 2 unforgettable."

Mitchell Welch's profile image

mitchell_welch shared a tip "I agree. Acting is amazing"

Alex Ruiz's profile image

musicismylife shared a tip "Why can't American TV have shows this good?"

janet_hall_3719 shared a tip "Best first 15 seconds of any tv show!"

donna_igo shared a tip "The first seasons are my fav"

eric_holloway_2774 shared a tip "From the 1st episode you'll be hooked that's a guarantee #getyourpopcornready"

veronique_sandefer shared a tip "unpredictable, interesting and great acting by all"

renee_dalziel shared a tip "I loved this show! (Could be I loved it so much because of the Idris eye candy) ❤️"

Jennifer Muchler's profile image

jennifer_muchler shared a tip "Crime in a way you would never believe..."

Kayren Horvath's profile image

kayren_horvath shared a tip "British Detective Series, well written, great story! And the amazing acting!"

Drew Jennings's profile image

drew_jennings shared a tip "Awesome brit crime series"

Brent McFarland's profile image

brent_mcfarland shared a tip ""

Hollie Kirkwood's profile image

hollie_kirkwood shared a tip "Similar to Dexter in that the main character pushes boundaries and the line between right and wrong."

Hendre Forest Leblanc's profile image

Wigglywag shared a tip "cops is badass"

Destiney Chavez's profile image

Diamond_love shared a tip "love this show"

Niki Dupre's profile image

niki_dupre shared a tip "I love binge watching this"

Jermaine Walker's profile image

stateofjermaine shared a tip "Idris Elba. That's it. That's the reason."

Shayne Landon's profile image

shayne_landon shared a tip "A great series."

jay_browder shared a tip "Great series but didn’t like the way it ended."

Shirleyismyprisonname 's profile image

shirleyismyprisonna shared a tip "Definitely one of the best shows ever!"

Tori Allen's profile image

tori_allen_2033 shared a tip "Such an intriguing series HIGHLY RECCOMEND if you want some good crime."

Rick Banawis's profile image

rick_banawis shared a tip "Absolutely"

Michael Hudson's profile image

michael_hudson shared a tip "Some of the most intense story lines in any cop show. Idris Elba is fantastic!"

Garry Robinson's profile image

garry_robinson shared a tip "Really love it"

Shay Lindsey's profile image

shay_lindsey shared a tip "My favorite of all time"

Gary Brown's profile image

gary_brown shared a tip "A sharp hard-hitting drama, U.K. style!"

Lauren Stephens's profile image

lauren_stephens shared a tip "Fantastic. Love Luther’s interactions with people. Wish there was more."

Cindy 's profile image

cynnndee shared a tip "Idris Elba is phenomenal!"

Kimberly Bowlin's profile image

kasb2020 shared a tip "The whole series excellent!"

دل شكاو's profile image

awesome_user_214573 shared a tip "moviespirit - movie maker pro"

DeMarda Williams's profile image

demarda_williams shared a tip "Great show!!."

Jordan Freeman's profile image

jordan_freeman_9963 shared a tip "Amazing"

alayne_4549 shared a tip "Edris Elba is amazing and gorgeous."

Veronica Ruiz's profile image

veronica_ruiz shared a tip "Amazing, season 1 is the best."

Noah Sobeck's profile image

noah_sobeck shared a tip "If you like complicated and tormented main characters Luther is for you."

Kay Chan's profile image

kay_chan shared a tip "Perfect show to binge watch ... especially when every season is sadly short"

David Yew's profile image

david_yew shared a tip "Perfect British crime"

Cassandra Pangelinan's profile image

cassandra_pangelinan shared a tip "Idris Elba as Luther is DEVASTATING"

Jason Fleury's profile image

jason_fleury shared a tip "Need to pay attention, but a great british cop show"

robert_kennedy shared a tip "Great characters"

Tim Sarah Ginter's profile image

tim_sarah_ginter shared a tip "Idris Elba with an incredible cast being his badass self. What more could you want?"

Althea Gray's profile image

althea_gray_9679 shared a tip "Brilliant acting. Brilliant stories."

tetchjan_simpson shared a tip "Very well written. Immediately addictive"

Sarah Strzalkowski's profile image

sarah_strzalkowski shared a tip "I have a crush on Idris Elba so yes lol... But my boyfriend liked it too."

sharon_lunzmann shared a tip "I just came across it a couple of months ago. Wish I'd found ît sooner!"

paul_8465 shared a tip "Brilliant writing"

Ebony Vines's profile image

ebony_vines shared a tip "One of the most compelling crime dramas ice ever seen!"

Janice Gauthier's profile image

janice_gauthier shared a tip "All of the Harlan Corben short series on Netflix. Safe, The Stranger, etc."

tawnya_israel shared a tip "Really excellent."

Ashley Carper Dickson's profile image

ashley_carper_dicks shared a tip "It's fantastic! I only wish they'd make more seasons =)"

jennifer baxter's profile image

jennifer_baxter shared a tip "One of my favs!"

jennifer baxter's profile image

jennifer_baxter shared a tip "One of my favs!"

debbie_6363 shared a tip "Just the best. Worth re-watching"

Rob Hoff's profile image

rob_hoff shared a tip "Excellent story"

scott_8374 shared a tip "I loved this show. It had a cop working with a murderer which reminded me of Silence of the Lambs."

lalolo shared a tip "The last season was a bit under cooked but in terms of deep psychological thrills, this show is unbeaten. Absolutely loved."

Natalie Baker's profile image

natalie_baker_1771 shared a tip "The best series I've seen in a while. Great cast"

Tony Orecchio's profile image

tony_orecchio shared a tip "Entertaining,great storyline, subtle characters , good acting"

Stephanie Plyler's profile image

stephanie_plyler shared a tip "So good!! Yes"

pat_byrnes shared a tip "Definitely"

Erin Perkins's profile image

erin_perkins shared a tip "Hello Mr. Elba! And the series is great!"

Caleb Indenbaum's profile image

caleb_indenbaum shared a tip "The best!"

Stacy Lacy's profile image

stacy_lacy shared a tip "This series was good. I still can't decide whether he's a good guy or a bad guy."

Jhanae Renee's profile image

jhanae_renee shared a tip "Very good but I see that you like anime so you watch castlevania it’s a very good"

1985Inc shared a tip "Love love love it. Wish there was more!"

Rosie De La Cruz's profile image

rosie_de_la_cruz shared a tip "100%!!"

Jessica Romero's profile image

jessica_romero_183 shared a tip "Amazing! I've watched it at least 3 times"

flora_marchmain shared a tip "Amazing performances & plotlines!"

Alisa Antonioli's profile image

alisa_antonioli shared a tip "It’s VERY engrossing!"

amanda_daoust shared a tip "It's a perfect show to binge watch!"

jared_marshall shared a tip "Season 1 is BRILLIANT"

Kathleen Simons's profile image

kathleen_simons shared a tip "Brilliant show. Idris is amazing in it. Wish they'd do more of them."

Jaime Guzman's profile image

jaime_guzman shared a tip "Idris Elba is amazing in this BBC series and highly recommended!"

beth_currie shared a tip "I love Idris"

beth_currie shared a tip "I love Idris Elba!!!"

Anthony Wilson's profile image

anthony_wilson_3804 shared a tip "This is one of the best things I have ever seen on television. Brilliant in every way. An all time favorite!!"

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