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Flight attendant Cassandra Bowden wakes in her hotel room hungover from the night before in Dubai with a dead body lying next to her. Afraid to call the police, she continues her morning as if nothing happened. In New York, she is met by FBI agents who question her about her recent layover in Bangko

Parental GuideTV-MA

Status Returning Series

First Air Date 2020-11-26

Last Air Date 2020-12-17

Seasons 1

Episodes 8


TMDB 7.6


hannah mae:)'s profile image

hannah shared a tip "went into it pretty skeptical but I was super impressed! fast paced and interesting overall"

Greg Martinez's profile image

Greg.Martinez shared a tip "I really liked this. It’s fun and ridiculous with a side of serious.@ian"

Ava Spencer's profile image

thegalwithpluck shared a tip "So friggin’ good!!! Think funny mystery!"

Josh Elman's profile image

josh_elman shared a tip "Mystery unfolds in a fun romp of a story. Kaley Cuoco is a great star. Worth the binge"

Ryan Miller's profile image

rsjm shared a tip "Picked up at the end"

Heather 's profile image

heather_stevens shared a tip "So pleasantly surprised! Kaley is a fantastic actress...this made me love her even more!"

Kelly 's profile image

kelly_8263 shared a tip "Amazing take on addiction and psychological thriller"

Hendrik Pape's profile image

hendrik_pape shared a tip "You have to make it passed episode 2, after that it’ll have you hook, line and sinker!"

Kenton 's profile image

kentongewecke shared a tip "Had low expectations. Great binge. Kaley was actually great and didn't annoy me one bit. Loved the supporting cast, too."

Brenda Hurley's profile image

brenda_hurley shared a tip "Loved it"

Charmion Schroeder's profile image

charmion_schroeder shared a tip "Don’t watch this one unless you have time for binging it!! It is so good you won’t want to stop"

kim_hasty shared a tip "She is such a ditz. Really liked it."

Kamie Henderson's profile image

kamie_henderson shared a tip "Def binge worthy!"

Mima Alemar's profile image

mima_alemar shared a tip "I hope they Make a season two"

Molly Moloney's profile image

molly_moloney shared a tip "Love, comedy and mystery all in one. Very good."

Jhon Maestre's profile image

jhon_maestre shared a tip "i like"

AJ Verhappen's profile image

aj_verhappen shared a tip "Old school style thriller with plot driven suspense."

Sofia Levin's profile image

sofia_levin shared a tip "Really liked this. Much better than the book."

Brando Mach's profile image

brando_mach shared a tip "excellente"

Edward Dube's profile image

edward_dube shared a tip "very goo"

dex tex's profile image

dex_tex shared a tip "Kaley cuoco is the best."

mikew shared a tip "One of the best things on HBO Max."

Susan Randlett's profile image

susan_randlett shared a tip "Loved this one"

Kelly Mace's profile image

kelly_mace shared a tip "Great story with acting. Really enjoyed how they portrayed her alcohol infused delusions. It’s a great trip!"

Victoria 's profile image

VixLe shared a tip "@sarahlong21"

M S's profile image

m_s_2645 shared a tip "Surprisingly good"

robert_johnson_8269 shared a tip "Great show."

Rebekka Haze's profile image

rebekka_haze shared a tip "Amazing! Reallllly gets you questioning things lol!! Absolutely a good choice if ya wanna get sucked in a bit"

Frank Richards's profile image

frank_richards shared a tip "Very good. Kaley Cuoco (The Big Bang) is excellent."

Pan Witchy's profile image

pan_witchy shared a tip "Penny can act! My new favorite must watch show!"

judith_glewwe shared a tip "Outstanding twists and turns"

Victoria De Leon 's profile image

jeterfan1205 shared a tip "Great show 8/10"

Mary Kate Tormey's profile image

mary_kate_tormey shared a tip "Such a good binge watch and exciting from start to finish!"

susan_phillips_9329 shared a tip "Odd, but enjoyable. 🙂"

Shahanaz Bhuiyan's profile image

shahanaz_bhuiyan shared a tip "Such a fun and crazy show! #comedy #crime #darkcomedy"

jennifer_davidson_8771 shared a tip "It was quirky and very watchable"

rowland_afraizh_ham shared a tip "1st episode was awesome. Lost steam."

cheri_flodell shared a tip "Crazy but fun!"

Rhonda Griffin's profile image

rhonda_griffin shared a tip "Style, acting"

Laura White's profile image

laura_white_3267 shared a tip "Way better than expected!"

Jen Nadler's profile image

jen_nadler shared a tip "Really good!"

Joanna Moore's profile image

joanna_moore_654 shared a tip "EXCELLENT"

amie.9 shared a tip "Romantic thriller, alcoholism, party, night life, international life, surrealness."

Jessica Olmos's profile image

jessica_olmos shared a tip "Love this modern mystery! For those into You, or Dead to me. This is a must."

Craig Frazier's profile image

craig_frazier shared a tip "Great start to a show, hope it finishes strong."

Jenny Cariño's profile image

jenny_cario shared a tip "This show is addicting! #gimmemore"

Jamie Burnett's profile image

jamie_burnett shared a tip "Crazy! You laugh even though you know you’re not supposed to!"

Shancel Mohammed's profile image

shancel_mohammed shared a tip "The first episode had me captivated! I just finished episode 5 and cannot wait for more. #amazing"

Autumn Moore's profile image

autumn_moore_9308 shared a tip "I really enjoyed this series. It's funny and the chatacters' responses are so genuine."

Beatrice Chavez's profile image

beatrice_chavez shared a tip "I recommend it. It’s funny but dramatic at well."

Jessica Burgess's profile image

jessica_burgess_7713 shared a tip "This was so good!"

Megan Fisher's profile image

MegItHappen shared a tip "Do not start late at night because you will want to finish it!"

Megan Fisher's profile image

MegItHappen shared a tip "Yes! The story is so good!"

Gina Grace's profile image

gina_grace shared a tip "I can’t wait for season 2!"

leighannleann shared a tip "Perfection"

nakyah_vaughan shared a tip "Omg yes, I loved this show"

Lorelei Marsh's profile image

lorelei_marsh shared a tip "Loved every second of this show!"

Micki ✨'s profile image

roughneptune shared a tip "I’ve recently watched You on Netflix and Big Sky on Hulu. If you like crime and psychological thrillers, look into those too!"

Andrew Cooper's profile image

andrew_cooper shared a tip "Fun and suspenseful"

Ro R's profile image

ro_r shared a tip "Entertaining"

Krystian 's profile image

not_a_christian shared a tip "Cassandra is a hot damn mess but I can’t get enough of her!"

Kathryn McCartney's profile image

kathryn_mccartney shared a tip "I was at work for the 3rd and couldn't entirely hear it but it looked crazy good... But we'll see tonight if they can out do it"

Dakota Doody's profile image

dakota_doody shared a tip "Very good"

ivy_scher shared a tip "Great show, many surprises"

Kyle Rottkamp's profile image

kyle_rottkamp shared a tip "A great holiday binge!"

Sean Manning's profile image

sean_manning shared a tip "I thought Kaley C. played her character extremely well. Loved the plot twists and how the show was oddly upbeat."

lisa_knutson shared a tip "Great ending?"

lisa_knutson shared a tip "Good ending!"

Emily K-L's profile image

emily_k-l shared a tip "It's bouncy and colourful but not trivial at all. High energy, kept me rooting for the characters, satisfying. Very well done!"

Alisha Stireman-Beyer's profile image

alisha_stireman-bey shared a tip "Really very engaging. I binged it in one sitting."

Diane Koska's profile image

diane_koska shared a tip "Quirky murder mystery"

Abbie Aulds's profile image

abbie_aulds shared a tip "Wow! So thrilling and all around amazing. Kaley Cuoco is incredible. A must watch! #thriller #gimmemore"

Marcia Volpe's profile image

marcia_volpe shared a tip "Light and funny series to spend time."

Missy LaBorde's profile image

missy_laborde shared a tip "Really good. Great ending."

Tracy Timmerman's profile image

tracy_timmerman shared a tip "Really loved this. Very good."

Cassandra-Lynne Cowley's profile image

cassandra-lynne_cow shared a tip "This book was to predictable and very boring to read ! I personally do not recommend"

ken_m_2947 shared a tip "Clever writing. Albeit the main character has made some obvious bad choices which cause you to facepalm."

Lee-ann Buchanan's profile image

lee-ann_buchanan shared a tip "They are all good but the funeral was really good"

Kaytlynn Sanford's profile image

kaytlynn_sanford shared a tip "I have never seen it."

Chrystle King's profile image

chrystle_king shared a tip "Well since there have only been three.... the first episode where she wakes up next to him was shocking!"

Arthur Zards's profile image

arthur_zards shared a tip "Not yet, just started! Great show!"

Moraine Chef's profile image

moraine_chef shared a tip "Its pretty good so far! Two more episodes this week and it done."

jason_leblanc_8997 shared a tip "Enjoyable. Not award worthy but enjoyable."

Sean East's profile image

sean_east shared a tip "Biting, sureal, silly fun."

Bobbi Gaillard's profile image

bobbi_gaillard shared a tip "Looooooove it!!!!!"

Maria Vélez's profile image

maria_vlez shared a tip "Fun!"

kiera_smithson shared a tip "One of the best shows this year!"

Amanda Birchard's profile image

amanda_birchard shared a tip "Just started but am addicted already!!!!"

melissa_markfort shared a tip "Perfect for binge watchers!"

Felicia Stroup's profile image

felicia_stroup shared a tip "Quirky and weird true crime fiction, watched the whole series in over the holidays."

jonathan_chaney shared a tip "Not yet :( I still have 3 episodes"

Nia Johnson's profile image

nia_johnson_9043 shared a tip "This wss wonderful, i loved every minute of this"

neek 's profile image

loveminho shared a tip "i loved watching this series, they are making more seasons so i cannot wait to watch. very good"

Charlotte Redbrook's profile image

charlotte_redbrook shared a tip "Keeps you on edge. Lots of twists and turns."

Travis Blass's profile image

travis_blass shared a tip "Funny and physiologically thrilling"

Erin Reza's profile image

erin_reza shared a tip "Weird, thrilling & wonderful! #watchit"

Kacie McDaniel's profile image

kacie_mcdaniel shared a tip "Fast paced thriller that kept you guessing with each episode!"

Sophie Sarazin's profile image

sophie_sarazin shared a tip "It keeps you on your toes. Great show. #thriller it’s a Murder mystery . Love!!"

Laura-Anne Robinson's profile image

laura-anne_robinson shared a tip "Great show"

Stephanie Hunter's profile image

stephanie_hunter shared a tip "Fun show to watch"

Jo Kelley's profile image

jo_kelley shared a tip "Looooooooved ut and can't wait for season two! Totally pulled me in and had my jumping in and out of my seat!"

brianna_kirby shared a tip "I enjoyed the book as a whole but feel it starts kind of slow"

caroline_gilliam shared a tip "Entertaining"

Jeff Howard's profile image

jeff_howard shared a tip "Cuoco is a way better actor than I ever realized."

Kimberly Kennedy's profile image

kimberly_kennedy_529 shared a tip "Absolutely loved this series. Hoping they'll do a season 2."

victoria_glynn shared a tip "It was really good. I'd say yes it's worth the watch!"

victoria_glynn shared a tip "Yeah I really liked it. It's definitely worth a watch!"

Sonja Lukin-Beck's profile image

sonja_lukin-beck shared a tip "Well acted, funny and suspenseful."

Cheryl Renée's profile image

cheryl_rene shared a tip "Comedy mixed with a thriller. Easy binge watch and kept my attention!"

desiree_marian shared a tip "cliffhangers every episode"

Robyn Lanoue's profile image

robyn_lanoue shared a tip "It’s a good psychological thriller. Main character is flawed which make the show very enjoyable!"

Chantel Matty's profile image

chantel_matty shared a tip "It's a great show to binge watch! Loved the development along the way."

tania_gomez_8369 shared a tip "Actress did phenomenal job"

Ariel Davis-Foskey's profile image

ariel_davis-foskey shared a tip "Eh, it was ok. Loved the humor though"

Rumini Nanthakumar's profile image

rumini_nanthakumar shared a tip "On the edge of your seat till the last episode."

heather_hartmann shared a tip "Funny and absurd and suspenseful with characters you can both love and hate at the same time."

Valerie Pighin's profile image

valerie_pighin shared a tip "This was one messed-up but addictive show! Really enjoyed Kaye Cuoco in this role. 👍🏽"

Anne Davis's profile image

anne_davis_209 shared a tip "The humour and the unexpected twist"

Francy Duncan's profile image

francy_duncan shared a tip "Original, creative and exhilarating."

Megan Graves's profile image

megan_graves_4080 shared a tip "Dark, funny, and quirky. Kept me engaged and entertained the whole time"

Shelli Dievendorff's profile image

shelli_dievendorff shared a tip "Its extremely good. Ive recommended this show numerous rimes. I would recommend it 100x's more."

Sydney Starck's profile image

sydney_starck shared a tip "thoroughly impressed with cuoco's acting. probably in my top three favorite shows. binged it all in just a few nights."

laurel mccurry's profile image

laurel_mccurry shared a tip "Awesome, intriguing and crazy all at the same time! A must watch!!"

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