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The Last Podcast On The Left covers all the horrors our world has to offer both imagined and real, from demons and slashers to cults and serial killers, The Last Podcast is guaranteed to satisfy your blood lust.

Artist The Last Podcast Network

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Release Date 1/27/23

Explicitness Explicit

Country USA


Hanna Belle's profile image

hanna_belle_8183 shared a tip "Parcast does awesome true crime, conspiracy and mystery podcasts on Spotify!"

forrest_8991 shared a tip "It's very good! I've definitely had some good laughs! Especially when they do their side stories episodes!"

Buddy Holly's profile image

buddy_holly_4231 shared a tip "The guys are great! Veryow brow at times but it grows on you. I've been listening for the last three years and I love it"

jeff_kizziah shared a tip "Best podcast ever! Funny informative and sometimes disturbing. What more can you ask for."

Sam Solano's profile image

sam_solano shared a tip "Ridiculous, Rowdy, Research"

Tyler 's profile image

tyler_718 shared a tip "If you love crime and twisted comedy this is for you p.s their book the last book on the left is pretty good too!"

Brooke Cleary's profile image

brooke_cleary shared a tip "Going to see them live this weekend!"

jonathan_flint shared a tip "Go for the UFO ones. That's where Henry gets the most excited."

Herb Voldemort's profile image

herb_voldemort shared a tip "Probably the best if you’re looking for comedy and interesting topics like serial killers, aliens, cryptoids, etc."

Ben Barreda's profile image

ben_barreda shared a tip "Hilarious banter mixed with the darkness of true crime & horror. #bingeable"

Joshua-Taylor Van Aggelen's profile image

heehee shared a tip "Pretty edgy in the first episodes, but so funny"

Bruce Pisarsky's profile image

bruce_pisarsky shared a tip "Best. Podcast. Ever."

Stephanie Dempsey's profile image

stephanie_dempsey shared a tip "I always listen when there is a bathroom nearby 'cos these guys make me laugh so hard that I need to pee."

Rachel Methvin's profile image

rachel_methvin shared a tip "One of my favorite podcasts. Funny, raunchy, interesting. I've learned so much about so many topics because of this show!!"

Danielle Spear's profile image

Erin_Daniels25 shared a tip "I believe so."

Thomas Hampton's profile image

thomas_hampton shared a tip "𝚃𝚎𝚕𝚕 𝚎𝚖' 𝚂𝚝𝚎𝚟𝚎 𝙳𝚊𝚟𝚎."

Skelly 's profile image

skelly_5978 shared a tip "Really good at deep dives into killer, aliens, and many other things along with some good satire."

Dana Montuori's profile image

dana_montuori shared a tip "Hilarious and gross in equal measure."

Cassidy Pierce's profile image

cassidy_pierce shared a tip "Original , it’s always funny, scary , and keeps my attention the whole time listening"

Catherine JWM's profile image

catherine_jwm shared a tip "Great for listening to while commuting or doing household tasks -- informative and funny!"

dani_4339 shared a tip "The humour is not for everyone but the topics are always fascinating."

Lilje 's profile image

lilje shared a tip "The guys are absolutely hilarious and make it easy to binge all day."

jocelyn_nixon_5366 shared a tip "The best true crime podcast and also the best comedy podcast. The three hosts are excellent and really do their research."

Gabrielle H.'s profile image

gabrielle_h. shared a tip "Funny"

theodore_7978 shared a tip "It’s so good. They’re really funny. I love the Donner Party episode"

courtney_fink shared a tip "It’s definitely not for everyone, but it’s one of my favorites!"

Alec Betancourt's profile image

alec_betancourt shared a tip "The primest"

Ryver shared a tip "My favorite!! They are great live too!"

Teriney Keyser's profile image

teriney_keyser shared a tip "I highly recommend these three: And That’s Why We Drink, Crime Junkie and True Crime Obsessed!"

Courtney Taylor's profile image

courtney_taylor_9827 shared a tip "I'd say so. My husband and I enjoy listening to them."

Allie 's profile image

allie_7106 shared a tip "I also really like My Favorite Murder! The girls who run it are really cool and personable"

Ahmira Smith's profile image

ahmira_smith shared a tip "I enjoy this"

mary_wallace_9533 shared a tip "Absolutely! It’s my favorite personally. If you like true crime and don’t mind a bit of dark/vulgar humor you’d probably love it!"

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