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Lifelong fans of true crime stories Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark tell each other their favorite tales of murder and hear hometown crime stories from friends and fans.

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Release Date 5/16/22

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anna_lansky shared a tip "Hilarious. These are my people."

thatjazzrunner shared a tip "So good for a casual true crime listen."

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alice_5622 shared a tip "things i shouldn’t listen to at night:"

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dukediva72 shared a tip "SSDGM....enough said😘"

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gabi_martin shared a tip "Stay Sexy and Don’t Get Murdered"

michele_valenti-mclean shared a tip "These are my kinda ladies. Lot's of fun, yet respectful to the victims and their families."

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thebrattywitch shared a tip "These wild ladies have me inappropriately laughing pretty regularly now🤣"

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susan_elizabeth shared a tip "They are funny and normalize mental health"

leigh_ann_weathers shared a tip "Crime Junkie and Morbid are also great true crime podcasts!"

hunter_8758 shared a tip "Not yet just started listening to it"

brianna_gonzalez shared a tip "The best of the best ❤️ you are guaranteed to fall in love!!"

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debra_beattie shared a tip "Love this podcast"

courtney_myers_3222 shared a tip "1-10 I’d say 6-9 depending on how much of a Straight to the point listener you are!"

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rae_schroder shared a tip "Love the banter and lighthearted take on telling of true crime. Like sitting with my best friend talking and laughing."

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CaliCrys shared a tip "Whew, that's hard. I don't think I have one"

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mike_mcbride_6960 shared a tip "I’m the same age as Karen. My favorite part is her stories of growing up Irish Cagholic."

christina_beam shared a tip "Amazing! I feel so comforted listening to them. They always give me a good laugh."

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haleigh_smith shared a tip "Listen to this podcast if you’re looking for a good laugh & a good crime podcast🤩"

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lacy_pittman shared a tip "I watch it and it is a great show"

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crystal_eldridge_higginbotham shared a tip "Oh, I see it now. New to this app! Yes, I would."

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jessica_blair_6909 shared a tip "They don’t do much research, but it is refreshing to hear their honest opinions!"

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aherath shared a tip "Love this podcast. I am a bit obsessed with murder stories. Only downfall is the language."

kyra_wilhelms shared a tip "Some of the first episodes!"

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l0l0117 shared a tip "My favorite"

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marc_druart shared a tip "You can really pick any random one really. They’re always good."

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gina_compilli-diaz shared a tip "Love these ladies!"

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katie_anderson_1060 shared a tip "Comedy, true crime"

miranda_smith_2393 shared a tip "Yes! I love it"

jenna_zarzycki shared a tip "True crime & humor"

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stephanie_kelly_6010 shared a tip "I like it so far"

misty_thrasher shared a tip "Right now I’m listening to The Real Killer. It’s pretty good!"

abby_weighell shared a tip "Ten Fold More Wicked! It’s historical true crime!"

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TheVeeGees shared a tip "There’s nothing not to love. Listen and you’ll become addicted in no time."

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michelle_sitterly shared a tip "Yes! I love these ladies!"

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ela_vojinovic shared a tip "Ferariboy654321"