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Lifelong fans of true crime stories Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark tell each other their favorite tales of murder and hear hometown crime stories from friends and fans.

Artist Exactly Right

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Release Date 9/6/21

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thatjazzrunner shared a tip "So good for a casual true crime listen."

anna_lansky shared a tip "Hilarious. These are my people."

Katie Anderson's profile image

katie_anderson_1060 shared a tip "Comedy, true crime"

Lorelei Eurto's profile image

lorelei_eurto shared a tip "Serial is really good too."

Rachél Carroll's profile image

dukediva72 shared a tip "SSDGM....enough said😘"

Gabriela Martin's profile image

gabi_martin shared a tip "Stay Sexy and Don’t Get Murdered"

michele_valenti-mclean shared a tip "These are my kinda ladies. Lot's of fun, yet respectful to the victims and their families."

Susan Elizabeth's profile image

susan_elizabeth shared a tip "They are funny and normalize mental health"

miranda_smith_2393 shared a tip "Yes! I love it"

hunter_8758 shared a tip "Not yet just started listening to it"

brianna_gonzalez shared a tip "The best of the best ❤️ you are guaranteed to fall in love!!"

The Bratty Witch's profile image

thebrattywitch shared a tip "These wild ladies have me inappropriately laughing pretty regularly now🤣"

Debra Beattie's profile image

debra_beattie shared a tip "Love this podcast"

courtney_myers_3222 shared a tip "1-10 I’d say 6-9 depending on how much of a Straight to the point listener you are!"

Kristina Williams's profile image

kristina_williams_9061 shared a tip "Rotten mango is good"

lisa_rasmussen_2740 shared a tip "I’m listening to this over for the third time and it’s still incredible."

Briana New's profile image

briana_new shared a tip "I really enjoy it! If you’re into true crime and chitchat between hosts then it’s really good. They make me laugh!"

Hailey 6402's profile image

hailey_6402 shared a tip "this is my al time favorite podcast!!"

jayson_heim shared a tip "It’s an awesome podcast!"

Hope Clark's profile image

hope_clark_8715 shared a tip "I just go into it, my roommate suggested it but it's sooo good! 😊"

Mason Stanley's profile image

mason_stanley_1804 shared a tip "Totally! Super funny, and they genuinely care about their audience. Start from as early on as you can!"

jenna_zarzycki shared a tip "True crime & humor"

Karem Villanueva's profile image

karem_villanueva shared a tip "not exactly but i do enjoy the more earlier episodes!"

Heather Lee's profile image

heather_lee_3397 shared a tip "Unfortunately not many at the moment. Haven't had a chance to check more out yet"

Amanda Perry's profile image

amanda_perry_9750 shared a tip "Love this podcast! It’s like hanging out with friends when you listen to them!"

Crystal Raines's profile image

CaliCrys shared a tip "Whew, that's hard. I don't think I have one"

Mike McBride's profile image

mike_mcbride_6960 shared a tip "I’m the same age as Karen. My favorite part is her stories of growing up Irish Cagholic."

christina_beam shared a tip "Amazing! I feel so comforted listening to them. They always give me a good laugh."

Haleigh smith's profile image

haleigh_smith shared a tip "Listen to this podcast if you’re looking for a good laugh & a good crime podcast🤩"

Lacy Pittman's profile image

lacy_pittman shared a tip "I watch it and it is a great show"

Crystal Eldridge Higginbotham's profile image

crystal_eldridge_higginbotham shared a tip "Oh, I see it now. New to this app! Yes, I would."

Jessica Blair's profile image

jessica_blair_6909 shared a tip "They don’t do much research, but it is refreshing to hear their honest opinions!"

Amanda Brant's profile image

aherath shared a tip "Love this podcast. I am a bit obsessed with murder stories. Only downfall is the language."

kyra_wilhelms shared a tip "Some of the first episodes!"

L0L0117 's profile image

l0l0117 shared a tip "My favorite"

Marc Druart's profile image

marc_druart shared a tip "You can really pick any random one really. They’re always good."

Gina Compilli-Diaz's profile image

gina_compilli-diaz shared a tip "Love these ladies!"

Tiffany Hewitt's profile image

tiffany_hewitt_3692 shared a tip "Same!!! Paper Ghosts, Morbid, Bearbrook, The thing about Pam and Unraveled"

christa_anders shared a tip "Red Handed"

Karson H's profile image

karlybug shared a tip "oh, there are so many! most recently I enjoyed 267: Leg Show 👌🏻"

Alicia Sessions's profile image

alicia_sessions shared a tip "I just started listening and it's ok. I like straight to the story kind of thing but they can be funny"

Randy Jero's profile image

randy_jero shared a tip "I am an Original Murderino"

Victoria Martinez's profile image

victoria_martinez_4983 shared a tip "Moms & Murder, they're hilarious 😆"

Kat Kinnamon's profile image

kat_kinnamon shared a tip "My current fave is Maintenance Phase"

Lindsay Long's profile image

lindsay_long_4978 shared a tip "Crime junkies or generation why"

Maelyn Hunting's profile image

maelyn_hunting shared a tip "@robinjohnson301 Yes! I love this one! Some of my other favorites are Morbid, And That's Why We Drink, Crime Junkie, and Cold."

Cadence Murphy's profile image

cadence_murphy shared a tip "Hell and High horror is a really good podcast as well"

Melissa Fralin's profile image

melissa_fralin shared a tip "I love the stories that are told. Banter is always fun but sometimes it goes on a little too long for my liking."

Kyhn Zvre's profile image

kyhn_zvre shared a tip "Recently my favorite is 267 with the killer elevator. But the hometowns have been amazing. What about you?"

TampaTom Tom's profile image

tampatom_tom shared a tip "Completely, if you like dark humor"

TampaTom Tom's profile image

tampatom_tom shared a tip "Yes definitely"

Kim Hicks's profile image

kim_hicks_5574 shared a tip "There are way too many to choose frome! Another good one is Blood Ties"

Bobbi Benson's profile image

bobbi_benson shared a tip "My favorite is Timesuck with Dan Cummins!"

scott_lang_8568 shared a tip "It's so so. Really depends on the episode."

andrey-claude_fortin shared a tip "It’s one of the best!"

Heidi Crissman's profile image

heidi_crissman shared a tip "Yes! I've listened to a few episodes...like it a lot!"

bella_peace shared a tip "unsolved murders: True Crime Stories on Spotify"

amber_7286 shared a tip "I actually haven’t listened to it yet 😬 just have it saved, sorry!"

Megan Cornell's profile image

megan_cornell shared a tip "I have to say I like this podcast because I was a die hard fan up until last year or so. It just doesn’t have the same vibe."

Stephanie Kelly's profile image

stephanie_kelly_6010 shared a tip "I like it so far"

dave_probizanski shared a tip "I like the banter between Georgia and Karen - too many good ones"

Lydia Larson's profile image

lydia_larson_5731 shared a tip "I listened to a couple of stories from this podcast. If you like crime stories this is for you"

Richard Ramirez's profile image

richard_ramirez_5313 shared a tip "Its Good !!"

Majid Ibrahim's profile image

majid_ibrahim shared a tip "Absolutely yes, I can listen to that for hours!"

Lauren King's profile image

lauren_king_9358 shared a tip "THE BESTTTT!!"

Cailin Shurson's profile image

cailin_shurson shared a tip "No I’m not caught up."

Laurie Paul's profile image

laurie_paul shared a tip "Humorous and witty, also i formative in an informal way."

kate_sutherland_4015 shared a tip "Top 5 favourite podcasts"

meagan_buurman_6724 shared a tip "This is amazing!! I love their humour !"

tina061 shared a tip "This was my favorite. I also listened to a couple episodes of The Murder Squad with Jensen and Holes, but it wasn't as engaging."

Heather Johnson-Mcquillen's profile image

heather_johnson-mcq shared a tip "There are so many on Spotify"

bella_9942 shared a tip "LOVE them with all my heart!"

evan_hanson shared a tip "love the hosts! love true crime!"

anna_muhovich shared a tip "I like it. I listen to it when I’m commuting and it keeps me entertained."

Sam 's profile image

sami_lynn shared a tip "Defs other exactly right network podcasts! That’s messed up and tenfold more wicked should be the next ones on your list!"

Alex Minnis's profile image

alex_minnis shared a tip "All of the minisodes are great. Sometimes really funny and sometimes scary. But always entertaining"

Leian McBroom's profile image

leian_mcbroom shared a tip "Call your dad."

molly_oestreich shared a tip "Not really, they're all fabulous!"

z_n shared a tip "I enjoy listening. I like the co-hosts."

Carmen McLeod's profile image

carmen_mcleod shared a tip "Love these ladies!!!"

Jodie Hafer-White's profile image

jodie_hafer-white shared a tip "No. Not really."

anna_king_5540 shared a tip "If you enjoy true crime and comedy you will like this podcast!"

Ishan Datta's profile image

ishan_datta shared a tip "Mini episodes are the best!"

Marina Toledo's profile image

marina_toledo shared a tip "Mt favorite Podcast."

Christina Piper's profile image

christina_piper shared a tip "Don’t listen to podcasts but this seems interesting"

Sharon Jensen's profile image

sharon_jensen_8817 shared a tip "Very entertaining ladies."

alexis_stinnett shared a tip "If you love true crime this podcast is for you!!!"

Katriona Bell's profile image

katriona_bell shared a tip "Absolute favorite podcast of all time! I am a devote follower. My favorite episode to show people 248."

nikki g's profile image

nikki_g_9393 shared a tip "I like how they're on top of the information on every case. They're entertaining to listen to as well. I recommend. 💜"

bri pflug's profile image

bri_pflug shared a tip "Love MFM i binge on it when i can't find others to listen to. Highly recommended. Make sure to go in with a sense of humor."

Deborah Johnston's profile image

deborah_johnston shared a tip "@jayde_5691 true crime obsessed and crime junkie are also really good!"

Edith Alonso's profile image

edith_alonso shared a tip "I really like this pod cast it’s fun and makes you aware off the gritty details of the murders they talk about in every episode."

Marion Littlewolfe's profile image

marion_littlewolfe shared a tip "I like the serial killer ones"

Stephanie Glenewinkel's profile image

stephanie_glenewink shared a tip "Theyre my people."

Lexie Aydt's profile image

lexie_aydt shared a tip "Pretty often, I listen to podcasts while I drive long distance!"

Deleted User Deleted User's profile image

deleted_user_1616187799082 shared a tip "They're hilarious and most of their stories are in hometowns. Usually their stories I haven't heard before."

Meg Robbins's profile image

meg_robbins shared a tip "These 2 ladies are very good. Enjoy their content a bunch!"

Gabriela VanWingerden's profile image

gabriela_vanwingerd shared a tip "Female Criminals! That one is great!"

kelly_belew shared a tip "I like it!!"

jode_brown shared a tip "So good just so good. An original before a lot of the others! They also share their personal@lives and are authentically weird."

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